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My Mum Says…

My mum made me laugh my socks off last night with her new blog post. Reading her stuff is like being inside someone’s head who has interior Tourette’s. If there is such a thing. When I got to the end and read “Must go as this has taken me over an hour and my hips have set” I spat red wine out all over my computer screen. Go, read, leave a comment, just say hi…

My Mum Says…Why are my lips getting bigger? 


  1. Love it! Your mom is quite the character ;)

  2. I almost did the same. She cracks me up and I only wish she’d write more frequently!

  3. Your mum is hilarious! Now I know where you get it from :) Her ‘About’ page craked me up!

  4. Haha definitely see where you got your sense of humor :P

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