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The Off-Duty Model Look

Off Duty model look

I messed up with this video and managed to post it under the Budget Beauty Buys piece last week! That’s because my brain is like a sieve at the moment. If I’m not writing about “Unreliable Narrators” then I’m just not properly paying attention, I’m afraid. Anyway, my deadline for my MA stuff is tomorrow so after that I’m all yours again!

You can probably tell by my hair colour that I filmed this a while back – it was actually a test-run for a third-party project and so it might seem a little more….formal than usual. Nevertheless, I like the look and I love the products that I’ve chosen, so I hope that you’ll find it useful and enjoyable to watch.

This is my typical “off-duty” look – natural, barely-there makeup that takes no effort at all. Hurrah! It kind of relies on skin being in reasonably good condition, but you can always up the coverage to a foundation if you need to.

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Laura Mercier Radiance Primer: http://tidd.ly/12db6d88

NARS Tinted Moisturiser in Alaska: http://tidd.ly/7c6444f5

Estee Lauder Smoothing Concealer shade Light: http://tidd.ly/3c675a72

Dior Eye Gloss in Tan: http://tidd.ly/3cce3b87

Neal’s Yard Remedies Shadow in Hibiscus: http://tidd.ly/dba9ed3c

l”Oreal Telescopic False Lash Mascara: http://tidd.ly/f294e587

Urban Decay Cream Blush in Indecent: http://tidd.ly/72fe7954

YSL Volupte Candy in 02, Dewy Papaya: http://tidd.ly/52c50f75

Carmex Tinted Balm: http://tidd.ly/e3706875

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  1. Hello Ruth, I wish you great success with your thesis! Keep your pecker up ;)

  2. I have to admit, I never watched videos like that before, I kept thinking, they are boring.
    But once I watched one of yours (because someone posted a link on a German beauty blog and I was curious), you got me. I could listen hours to your wonderful accent ;-)
    But the content is more important of course, this one I like very much. Thanks a lot for showing your routine for “no makeup makeup”.

    Munich says hi :-)

  3. Heya Ruth!! Keep going with your thesis, I can tell you that I was utterly relieved when I submitted my undergraduate dissertation (10,000 + words) and you’d feel so great afterwards, knowing that all your hard work has paid off. Just remember to get Mr AMR to buy a bottle of bubbly to celebrate later!

    I really enjoyed watching these videos, so keep them coming! Think I gravitate towards the looks that you go for aswell, groomed, polished but nothing scary at all. xx

  4. I love tinted moisturizers! I’m using Jouer at the moment. Should I try NARS? Which one is your favorite?

  5. Hi, I just wanted to comment again and point out that the nars tinted moisturizer contains BHT which is a preservative that you can find in lower end makeup brands like nyx..that ate made in china! I can’t believe they would do that! At least there are no parabens but why bother putting preservatives that are cheap in a high end product that is supposed to be good for your skin?!!!

  6. Hi Ruth,
    I hope all is going well with you graduate work. Good luck :)! I noticed that you have been using the Sisley powder in a few of your tutorials and have decided for that reason that I must now have it. There are two translucents though, matte and irisee (which I imagine to mean glowing). Which do you have? Also, I am considering throwing the eye mask in as well. Currently, I have the elemis one but it is running low. If you were me, would you repurchase the elemis or go for the Sisley? Thanks!!


    • I find the Sisley to be far more effective than the Elemis – powder wise, I have both but I think it’s the matte I use on video. xx

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