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I Can Shop for Fashion Anywhere…

pink adidas hoody

Who’d have thought I’d find something to wear in Costco? Not I! Usually it’s full of jeans in dowdy styles and fleeces in odd pastel colours! Sometimes they have Converse there, but again, in weird pastel colours. Now and then they’ll get some OK lingerie in from Calvin Klein – sleeping shorts and ribbed vests and the like – but mostly it’s fleeces and weird onesies and plastic clogs.

Until last month, that is, when I popped in to buy my usual 10kg tub of Basmati rice (£6!) and saw a whole shipment of Adidas hoodies and trackpants… I’m a sucker for Adidas, I just love the stripes. When I was growing up, all of the teenagers had Adidas tops and I was never allowed one. Mum called them “Market Stall” tops! Anyhoo, now I’m all grown up and I can wear what I choose, I absolutely adore buying Adidas. The tackier the better, which is why this grey number with hot pink detailing appealed to me so much! I may have to even do some kind of makeup look based around these colours – what a combo! My Mum will have an absolute conniption fit next time she comes to visit – I might even try to find some matching bottoms. (Incidentally, I forced Mr AMR to buy some grey marl bottoms with black go-faster stripes: he doesn’t look convinced..)

I think this top was £22.95, I’ll have to check with Mr AMR, who is the Costco Card Holder and looks after all of the receipts. Look out for the Market Stall Makeup Tutorial!


  1. Ruth, nothing wrong with that Adidas, hoody.. as long, your planning to hang around, terrorising old ladies.. :P As for make up, I don’t think it would be too market stall with a nice grey eye, and that bold pink funky lip.. Just, don’t get too comfy in the trackkie’s.. as its murder to wear real clothes after. They feel so constricting.. XX

  2. Off topic as I can’t figure out where to place this comment.

    CONGRATS on your Burberry video in the Telegraph fashion section. (I hope this Yank got the wording correct!) It is absolutely fantastic!!! And swiping the “before and after”: absolutely addictive. I’m embarrassed to say how long I played with that. Great explanation and showing of makeup application. Woo Hoo! Go Ruth! :)

  3. Oooh let’s wear Adidas, listen to The Prodigy and jump about!! I think there should be a national day of “doing things you weren’t allowed to do and have gained massive significance as a result”.

  4. Ruth, you need an ASBO to go with your new hoody! xx

  5. Ok…I give up. Which Burberry Trench foundation did you go with? Help! I can only purchase online. Thanks.

    • The one I used in the vid is the velvet, but I actually think the Glow is nicer. Ssshh. Better still is the new Dior one. Ssshhhh. x

  6. The new Dior? I was wondering what it is like?
    Is is nice and sheer?

  7. *market stall* such a mum thing. Good on you for living the dream :) when I was about 11 I found 10quid whilst rummaging around in my Mum’s cupboard, this was a fortune so I spent it on a number of things including: a veggie Chinese take away, sherbet based sweets, a carbonated drink (all things I was not allowed) I knew what freedom tasted like :) wear your Branded leisure/lounge attire with pride x x

  8. hahahaha this cracked me up! I too gre up craving Adidas jackets; my dream was to have a red one, with white stripes. Very simple and classic. I still haven’t made it come true but perhaps it’s not too late :)

  9. Love this website and congratulations on the Telegraph work! xxx

  10. What does “market Stall” mean?

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