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Tibetan Shower Cream with Rhubarb

Wanted to pop up this photo because I thought that it came out rather well, considering it was taken on an iPhone. Thank goodness for Instagram, which makes every picture look about seventy times better than the original! And so much easier than having to fiddle about with the exposure and the contrast and all of those other bits and pieces that you have to do with “proper” photography. Mind you, I have to do that with all of my videos, which takes a lot longer, so…sigh.

This lovely bottle of shower cream is by Coloniali, step-brother of I, Claudius. (Boom-boom.) Once the outer cardboard sleeve is removed, it’s quite a masculine bottle, and I think that the fragrance is quite manly too. At any rate, Mr AMR seems to have moved it gradually towards his “part of the shelf”, so I’m guessing it’s a hit.

£14 from Marks and Spencer


  1. Ruth! Just saw your Telegraph video! I wanted to say congratulations on your success and fabulous job on the look! Keep up the amazing work! Be sure to update us on here of your videos on Telegraph because I’d love to watch them! And keep the monthly favorites coming! Your skin is absolutely flawless and I am waiting to settle down a bit before I go out and purchase the Alpha H Liquid Gold – have you changed anything in your skincare routine? I cannot stop watching your videos because you are genuinely so breath-taking without anything on it’s ridiculous! All the best and congrats again!

    • Thank you!!! Actually my skin has been weird recently, very temperamental. I’ve still been using Liquid Gold but actually the serum more often as it has Salicylic as well, which is good for blemishes! x

  2. Ha, my dad was given the Shower Oil of this, but didn’t get that you were still meant to use it IN the shower (it foams up but is a rich oil to begin with), so slapped it all on after his shower and then kept commenting that his skin felt ‘really sticky’ and that the oil wasn’t sinking in!
    Needless to say he abandoned it and I nabbed it, it’s gorgeous! x

    • Also, unrelated question if I may?
      I’m getting married abroad next year and plan to do my own make-up. I’m already quite in to my make-up and know the basics of how to apply etc, but I thought I would get myself a lesson to make sure I know what to do and have all the right products. Do you have anywhere / anyone you would recommend for a lesson in the London area?
      Many thanks! x

    • Hahahaha!!!! Brilliant! x

  3. this looks lovely, though there’s a hint of Ab Fab about the name ;-)

  4. LOL! Thanks for the photo tips! Now if I could only figure out why Instagram won’t accept my user name and password, saying I don’t have an account but when I try to re-register, they say I already have an account. Agh! Technology! ;) I’m green with envy with all who can fool around with Instagram…but only in a NICE way, I assure you! ;)

  5. It’s not often you see “Tibet” and “rhubarb” in the same sentence… There’s something a bit bit Benny Hill about it.

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