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Exciting News: Ruth Crilly at The Telegraph

A Model Recommends can now be found at The Telegraph! Yes, I will be providing my beauty tips and tricks for the brilliant fashion section on The Telegraph website! I have been dying to tell you for months now, but I had to wait until the first lot of filming was in the bag. Which it is. So now I can get all excited and do little screams at random moments throughout the day.

 The first video went up on Friday and it’s an Autumn-Winter 2012 Trend; the Burberry Nude. I hope that you’ll enjoy these videos – I’ll either link to them or embed them here on the site, haven’t quite worked out how I’ll do it yet! But for now, have a look at my lovely welcome from The Telegraph:

Meet Ruth Crilly, Telegraph Fashion’s new beauty vlogger

and if you want to jump straight to the first video, then click here: Burberry Nude

Please do leave a comment, say hello, whatever you like. I am checking back now and then to answer questions. Hurray!

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  1. Congratulations on such an achievement! Very proud!! Also, what are your thoughts on the new range from HealGel that have been release? I know your a fan of the original! xxx

  2. Well done Ruth, in a quality newspaper! xx

  3. Really enjoyed your Burberry vlog! It’s a makeup shopping today, I have my eye on the Clarins product! :)

  4. well done, Ruth !

  5. Grats on the new job! Am thrilled for you. Video looks great and happy that more ppl will get to see it now.

  6. Amazing! Well done Ruth!!! x

  7. Congrats on your new job, loved the video. what do you think of the burberry velvet foundation? good for an oily skin? and by the way, tried the telescopic ‘false lash’ mascara on your recommendation, and i love it! didn’t get on with the original at all, but this one is great so cheers!

  8. I am so happy for you Ruth! I love watching your videos and look forward to seeing you on the Telegraph website. I have to thank you for getting me on to Alpha H – my skin has never looked better xx

  9. congrats ruth, fab video! was just wondering what the nail varnish is that you were wearing in it. its the perfect nude colour! thanks x

  10. An older man’s perspective……………
    First of all, congrats Ruth on the new job. I just happened to click the link on the Telegraph Burberry Nude item yesterday and was quite taken aback as the cursor moved across the image to reveal what you look like with and without the makeover.
    The natural facial resembled, in a very uncanny way, my partner first thing in the morning after stepping out of the shower. On watching the video, the result looked fabulous but I was even more amused by how simple you made the whole makeover look and how infectious your personality comes over.
    Well done. I’m sure you are going to have many followers.

  11. Congratulations!!! Keep up the amazing work! And keep us updated on here if you have any new videos with Telegraph! Gooooo Ruth!

  12. Loved your Telegraph Video! Exciting news! Whats your favorite daily, under-makeup, facial sunscreen??

  13. Congratulations Ruth. I absolutely love the burberry nude look. I think this is my favorite look you did so far, this is so elegant and you look gorgeous with this look.
    Great work!

  14. Congratulations Ruth! I’m so happy for you, you so deserve it. Looking forward those new videos. XX

  15. Congratulations, Ruth!

  16. Hi Ruth, LOVE your blog and congrats on the new gig…Love the look . I am wondering what brand and were you got that amazing grey sweater you wear in the video? I need it. Thanks for always sharing ..

  17. Woohoo, well done Ruth! This is amazing! You’re such a natural in front of the camera (naturally!) and I know I shall certainly be keeping a close eye on future posts. So impressive to be in The Telegraph…..congratulations!! xxx

  18. well done ruth and good luck. i am sure you will do great. can you please share where from is that greyish jumper you was wearing in the video? xx

  19. Oooh well done, think ill pop over and have a look just now! x

  20. Well done on this! I saw the announcement via my Facebook as I follow your page from there too, and headed over to leave a comment on The Telegraph website, what a great gig to have scooped and the video was very comprehensive to follow : ) x x

  21. Hi Ruth, congratulations! Very well done! You make everything look so amazingly easy in your videos.

  22. Wow, congratulations!!! I really love your first video of the Burberry look! Looking forward to new films!

  23. Congrats, Ruth! So polished! Your skin looks AMAZING in the video!

  24. Congrats on working with the Telegraph! I love the video you did. The look was cic and easy. Keep up the good work.

  25. Congratulation Ruth!! I always been a fan of your videos and, because of your videos, i have less acne than before. Thank you and I wish you the best! XD

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