How to Pose for a Photograph

How to pose for a photograph

I made a quick little video the other day whilst taking some self-portraits with my new camera. I had to send some pics off for a press pack and had about fifteen minutes to take them, crop them and email them, so the pressure was on!

In this video I’ve just run through some common “posing” errors, some general fears that people tend to have and some definite “face-angle” no-nos. Hopefully it’ll be helpful for a few people – it’s meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek. (Do NOT have your tongue in your cheek when someone takes a photo: rule 1. You can have that one for free.)

I’d like to add to my points in the video the following: do not chew gum during photo-taking time, it looks odd and a bit crass; avoid the camera at all costs if you are drunk. You know that those photos will be all over Facebook the next day – it might seem funny at the time, but as your boss is flicking through twenty images of you with no top on being sick into a traffic cone… Well. Just saying.

If you can’t see the video then click HERE

In this video my top is from Maje, the eyeliner is a Smashbox waterproof one, smudged about with the smudge-stick end and the face-base is NARS tinted moisturiser.


  1. Loved this. Thanks for the tips :)

  2. Great tips Ruth. Just came across your site last week and have watched loads of your videos now and picked up lots of tips. Keep them coming please. I’m really enjoying them. I’m the mother of a special needs child which is quite hard work but I really like to keep up with my beauty routine as it is something for me. Xxxx

  3. Such great tips that I’ve forwarded this on to a few of my friends. Thanks!

  4. Hi Ruth, just wanted to ask how you did your hair like that, it looks fab x

  5. I liked the last photo in your video a lot. I just like when hands are in the picture too :)

  6. Ruth,
    Great tips! I will give these a whirl…as I am ALWAYS asking, or really forcing my sister to delete photos she takes of me, because I do not like the end product.

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