Giveaway! Manuka Doctor Repairing Skin Creams

Manuka Doctor Skin Repairing Cream

I’ve heaped praise on the Manuka Doctor Bee Venom mask, I’ve worshipped the Manuka Doctor ApiClear serum; now please be upstanding for the Manuka Doctor Repairing Skin Cream. This uses the same key ingredients as the rest of the range (bee venom and Manuka honey) to moisturise the skin and help stimulate collagen production. It’s an extremely light gel-cream that doesn’t have any kind of residue whatsoever – no heaviness and no greasy after-effect. I have FIVE bottles of the Repairing Skin Cream to give away!

Usual rules apply; one entry per person and you MUST be signed up to A Model Recommends: Exclusive to enter any giveaway on this site. You can sign up by popping your details into the form below:

Then just leave a comment on this post, which must include the word “BEE”. You can just write the word “BEE” if you like, but make sure you say it somewhere, or I’ll cry. That’s how much I like the word “bee”. All entries by Monday at noon, pretty please, or they won’t bee counted.

Ruth CrillyGiveaway! Manuka Doctor Repairing Skin Creams

300 Comments on “Giveaway! Manuka Doctor Repairing Skin Creams”

  1. Clever

    Ruth!!! Superdrug are now going this range and have an introductory offer of buy one get one half price, if that isn’t good enough news the bee venom is only £33!

  2. Helen Tonkin

    Could the results that are supposed come after the application of this mask really bee true?? Would love to try it… as a freebee….

  3. Itsaso

    Bee! I’d love to try this cream, sounds lovely and i’ve heard very good things about the brand. My skin is in serious need of some good cream right now..

  4. Tabitha

    There’s a buzz buzz buzz in the meadow,
    There’s a buzz buzz buzz in the trees,
    There’s a buzz buzz buzz in the flowers,
    We’re so busy being buzzy bees!!!! disney junior The Hive!

  5. sqrandomly

    my uncle is a BEE keeper on the side and i get terrified to go outside when im at their house and he places them in the valley nearby not in the backyard

  6. Saskia

    A bee is never as busy as it seems; it’s just that it can’t buzz any slower! This cream sounds amazing :)

  7. Pip

    I’d love to get my grubby little paws on this BEEcause at 28 weeks pregnant with twins i need something to take my mind off the impending lack of sleep!

  8. Sophie

    Why did the BEE go to the dermatologist? BEE-cause he had hives… ho ho ho. Hopefully not with this product anyway!

  9. Irina Iosef

    Oh, Ruth, you BEE-autiful giveaway fairy! Will you let it BEE me the one who repairs my skin with your help and that of Doctor Manuka?

  10. julie

    I would love to BEE in with a chance of winning… this is a BEEautiful giveaway (ho ho), thanks Ruth! x

  11. Nathan

    Hm, I’ve not heard of this brand BEEfore (see what I did there? Oh how I make myself laugh…) and I’d certainly BEE interested in trying it!

    Thanks for the giveaway and best of luck to everyone!

  12. Ani

    Isn’t it funny
    How a bear likes honey?
    Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!
    I wonder why he does?
    I know its about a bear, but its got more than one BEE character in it!
    Ani x

  13. Lucy Senior

    Ruth i hope you dont end up hating the word BEE after all of this, because that would BEE awful! (the latter use of the word bee wasn’t intentional i swear, but then it felt like a crime not to run with it…)

  14. stina

    a bee is a Biene in german, and i absolutely love them for causing lovely blooms to get even even lovelier fruits. And a girl like you would be called in german Flotte Biene, something like ‘hot girl’ (i guess)

  15. fatima

    I was stung by 5 bees at once in my neck when I was a little girl, it hurt like hell! Now it s payback time, bees! Give me the skin cream and we’re even :) karma ‘s a bee :)! X Fatima
    (sorry i wrongly posted my last message wasnt finished yet)

  16. Flo Harris

    There is a BEE-g fat spider trapping me and my laptop in the lounge so I am distracting myself with your blog, until someone comes to rescue me. So thank you for that :)

  17. Jenny

    Ive BEEn thinking but can not think of anything wittier or funnier than those that have BEEn before. But I would still love to BEE a winner.
    So BEE sure you pick me !!!
    X x

  18. Sam

    Oh, Ruth, you need only cry if ever you are stunned by a BEE. Well, I hope there is a winner in this very sincere worker BEE. :)

  19. joana

    I’ll refrain from language tricks which I’m not very good at…
    I was watching the video in their website about how they collect the bee venom and it’s really fascinating. I was comforted to know that their procedures are bee friendly :)

  20. Guest

    I would be beeyond (1 ;-)) excited to get to try this as I have (adult) acne prone and very t-zone oily skin. I feel that this would be my perfect bee-travel companion (2 ;-))!!! xx

  21. kimjones

    So I’m guessing this would BEE one of your favorite skincare lines ;) Therefore, please enter me! I’m gonna have to try that mask now too!

  22. Zoe 'AMR addict' Pyrah

    B..b…buzzy BEE quote from Winnie the pooh!

    Winnie the Pooh: Christopher Robin, I think the bees S-U-S-P-E-C-T something.
    Christopher Robin: Perhaps they think you’re after their honey.
    Winnie the Pooh: Well, it may be that. You never can tell with bees.

    @–>– (flower)


  23. Eugene

    I love bees and all the useful things that come out of them! Honey, propolis and now bee venom! I’ve heard that Manuka Doctor’s products are really the bee’s knees but can hardly afford their honey let alone their skin care products at the moment! I’m intrigued by the concept though and hopefully this would be my lucky chance to try something off their range before xmas! Thanks Ruth for the crimbo prezzzie inspiration! Xx

  24. Labeauteobsession

    Okay where do I BEEgin? This cream sounds like the BEEsiness, as I BEElieve the Manuka Honey will BEE so BEEneficial for my skin. I would BEE buzzing and BEEming with joy if I won. Thanks! ;D

  25. Lara

    I have no idea if someone else has said this as there are too many comments to read through…but here goes…. Ruth Crilly BEE the BEEst BEEauty BEElogger ever!! xo

  26. Anna G.

    How you manage to come across fabulous,apparently,product from brands I’ve never even heard BEEfore in my life is truly BEEyond me!It must BEE some sort of super-power O.O Excuse the blatant obviousness(is that a word?).Anyway,great giveaway as always!You’re a sweetheart,Ruth!!

  27. Sarah-jo

    Would love to win. You’re such a wonderful bee-nafactor! (Groan)!

    It would also help reimburse the small fortune I spent on the French skincare sale!

  28. Cat Graves

    Wow! I would love the chance to try this! I get my daily fix from across the pond and learn so much in podunk West Texas. Hmmm, does an English bee buzz with an accent? Does a Texan bee have a drawl? Brains and beauty…Ruth, whatcha think?

  29. Clare @ The Blossom Shed

    I have a secret yearning to raise bees – even though they make me quite nervous in general. I think it’s the stylish veiled beekeeper’s hat that appeals to me most!

  30. Sihouette

    Hey Ruth,
    as I have a really tough time right now finishing my studies, I would BEE more than thrilled to win your giveaway and pamper my skin! Need to get rid of all that stress… Like: No worries, BEE happy!

  31. Ella

    I’d love to try this, since I always seem to love whatever you recommend. Keep BEEing who you are. Haha, a bit cheesy maybe.

  32. Julie

    There once was a bee-queen named Ruth
    Who thought making food was uncouth.
    “Let’s all focus dearums
    On producing fine serums
    And reducing our wrinkles, forsooth!”

  33. Jo

    All the comments so far are so creative and wonderfully punny! So I’ll just type bee, thank you very much. :)

  34. Madii

    I was amazed to learn that – true fact – if bees stopped existing, so would our planet! And apparently, they are dying out. Bees carry pollen thereby sowing new trees and flowers, which make oxygen, which we need to breath! Bees are our life givers :)

  35. julia_vm

    Winnie the Pooh: That buzzing noise means something. Now, the only reason for making a buzzing noise that I know of is because you are… a BEE! And the only reason for being a BEE is to make honey. And the only reason for making honey is so I can eat it.

  36. Kelly Ann

    I’d love to make a joke about the word bee, but it seems everyone else already has. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Chris

    It might BEE time for me to repair some sun damage on my face!!

    Thanks for hosting all these great giveaways Ruth. So much fun!

  38. Rachel

    I would BEE as happy as a BEE BEEing happy if I were to BEE a winner. I’ll buzz off now :) Love you Ruth!

  39. lil-bee

    Well this seems appropriate given that my name is lil-BEE! xD it would be great to put this on, I’ve been using Liquid Gold (which has been amazing, thanks for the recommendation!) and this could help with the dryness the day after :)

  40. Saara

    Would love to BEE one of the winners! Sorry, i can’ be more creative- my minds too tired from studying medicine :)

  41. Anna G

    I am currently writing a dissertation on the conservation of BEEs. A poor student with very stressed out skin in need! :) xx

  42. Upa

    Since I’d like to look bee-utiful I’d love to challenge this lovely product because of the wonderful and sweet bee! :)

  43. Dominika

    Your posts are always so informative and interesting and I get to know many new skin care products. Thanks!

  44. Naomi

    AMR always recommends products that make me feel BEE-u-tiful and I BEE-lieve you know what you are talking about! Thanks Ruth!

  45. Lisa

    I have bee-n down this road bee-fore, but I never win a thing! :) But, count me in on the drawing! Thanks! Love your work.

  46. Ziloa

    When I was a teenager I used to write “bee-zoooo” in my text messages, which meant “bisous” in french (kisses) but with a funny spelling. Anyway, it would be nice to win this pretty bottle!

  47. Jools

    Oh, I would bee soooo happy to win one of these … perhaps it would give me beeutiful skin like beeonce …. x

  48. Guest

    I’m a happy little bumble bee,
    buzz, buzz, buzz you can’t catch me,
    Making honey for your tea,
    busy busy busy little bumble bee.

  49. Katie

    I’m a happy little bumble bee,
    buzz, buzz, buzz you can’t catch me,
    Making honey for your tea,
    busy busy busy little bumble bee.

  50. Adele

    wow theres a buzz around this post, it would be great if the winner could bee me, otherwise i think i might break out in hives. You’re a real queen bee and i really like reading your posts – i get a sting of jealousy every time, well… i wont keep flying around in circles, lets bee friends? Thanks!!!

  51. Alice

    All the creative uses for the word Bee seem to have BEEn used so I’m afraid that’ll have to do!! xxx

  52. Venus

    Alright. Here you go: beeeeeeeeeee. lol Hope it doesn’t smell too honey like. =.= beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  53. Micha

    Please, Queen of BEEZZZ! Let it BEE me who get’s to BEEcome the winner of this unBEElievable BEEauty cream with BEE venom.

  54. Brielle

    What a lovely idea for you to host a givaeaway! I have been wanting to trying this out for a long while…your blog is the best by the way!!! LOVE it.
    Please enter me in the BEE drawing. :) thank you!

  55. Bernadine

    I’d love the irony of a Manuka Dr product made with lots of bee love to be mine…considering manuka is a New Zealand native plant ;)

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