Manuka Doctor Skin Repairing Cream

Manuka Doctor Skin Repairing Cream


  1. I would hate to BEE the cause of you shedding tears, but would love to win this prize!

  2. to ‘bee’or not te ‘bee’.xxx

  3. Deborah means ‘Bee’ afterall :)

  4. I hope it will BEE me!

  5. This cream would be perfect for a busy BEE like me!

  6. I would BEE very happy to BEE using this product :)

  7. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. It would bee an honor to win the Manuka Doctor. Have a bee-you-tiful day!!

  8. Ive BEEn using apiclear cleanser & moisturisor since reading/watching your first review of Manuka Doctor. The products are effective and suit my skin perfectly!! I love them&use them daily!
    Oh pleeaase let the winner BEE me!

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