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Lancome Advent Calendar – Ding Dong.

Lancome Advent Calendar

Oh yes please. An advent calendar stuffed full of perfectly formed Lancome miniatures? This beats the chocolate-filled versions hands down! What’s not to like? I particularly need/want/like the La Vie Est Belle miniature; it makes me grit my teeth with longing. Why do I have this ridiculous obsession with tiny samples of things? I still have that gigantic box full of them on top of ... Read More »

Backstage at Mark Fast – Push it Real Good!

TIGI Nick Irwin Wig Mark Fast

I tend to do a bit of a hiding act when London Fashion Week (or any other fashion week, for that matter) comes around. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the buzz, the excitement, the sheer energy that goes into producing these shows; I’m just a grumpy hermit crab who hates excess noise and any kind of unnecessary stress, and ... Read More »

My Pick of the Autumn Lipsticks

ruth crilly face makeup blog model

I have to be honest here and say that the “Autumn” collections are always my least favourite. It’s always the same old blah blah blah, dark lipsticks and eyeshadows in varying shades of “leaves turning orange, then brown, then falling from the tree as the sun sets over the mountains.” Give me strength. I actually love those kinds of eyeshadow shades, but ... Read More »

August Beauty Favourites

a model recommends

Fashionably late with these beauty favourites for August. It’s quite a random old selection, too, sorry about that! Some brilliant little bits and pieces though; I know I’ve mentioned the Garnier BB Cream before, but I have been using it loads so it deserved another mention. I have tried zillions of these BB Creams now and MUST do a video ... Read More »

Some Eye Creams with SPF…

best spf eye creams face beauty

I’m not sure that it’s entirely necessary to use an eye cream with SPF. Not in the UK, anyway. Most of us, if we are out in “normal” daylight, will be wearing some kind of concealer or foundation that contains an SPF. If it’s very hot, then we’ll usually have taken our face sunscreen around the eye area anyway. Between ... Read More »

Exciting News: Ruth Crilly at The Telegraph

Ruth Crilly at Telegraph Beauty

A Model Recommends can now be found at The Telegraph! Yes, I will be providing my beauty tips and tricks for the brilliant fashion section on The Telegraph website! I have been dying to tell you for months now, but I had to wait until the first lot of filming was in the bag. Which it is. So now I ... Read More »

New Commenting System and “Mini Forums”


You may have noticed (hopefully it’s up and running by now!) that there’s a new commenting system here on A Model Recommends. It’s a lot more efficient and interactive than the old one and so I hope, once you’ve used it a couple of times, that you like it. Instead of having to leave a whole load of information every time ... Read More »

Desk Essential: Dr Organic Royal Jelly Hand Cream

Dr Organic Royal Jelly Hand Cream

In permanent residence upon my desk; the Dr Organic Royal Jelly Anti-Aging Hand & Nail Cream. It’s a great budget buy – the tube is much bigger than a standard hand cream and comes in at a rather pleasing £6.19. It absorbs quickly but does take a minute or so for the slippery residue to disappear – ingredients include Royal ... Read More »

Tibetan Shower Cream with Rhubarb

Tibetan Shower Cream with Rhubarb

Wanted to pop up this photo because I thought that it came out rather well, considering it was taken on an iPhone. Thank goodness for Instagram, which makes every picture look about seventy times better than the original! And so much easier than having to fiddle about with the exposure and the contrast and all of those other bits and ... Read More »

I Can Shop for Fashion Anywhere…

pink adidas hoody

Who’d have thought I’d find something to wear in Costco? Not I! Usually it’s full of jeans in dowdy styles and fleeces in odd pastel colours! Sometimes they have Converse there, but again, in weird pastel colours. Now and then they’ll get some OK lingerie in from Calvin Klein – sleeping shorts and ribbed vests and the like – but ... Read More »