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l’Occitane Honey Candle – 100% for Charity

There’s nothing bad I can say about this candle, nothing bad at all. It smells absolutely amazing – the sweetest, warmest honey – and 100% of the proceeds from the sale go to the RNIB to provide professional training for blind and partially-sighted people across the UK.

100% of the proceeds, people.  No faffing around with “5% of profits” or “12p in every £10”, l’Occitane just go in with a nice, full-on, quibble-free one-hundred-percent. I like that a lot, it’s refreshing. I could easily launch into a rant about some of the humungous beauty giants who don’t donate all proceeds from their “charity products” (sometimes donating less than ten percent!) but I won’t. I might save that for another day.

In the meantime: honey candles are IT! I love the simple, clean packaging of l’Occitane’s tinned candles and think that they make great gifts. And actually, if you’re looking for a way to fragrance your room but don’t want to pay through the nose for swish ceramic packaging with bows and bells on, these are a very good option. The limited edition honey one is a good pick if you’re looking for a scent to ease you gently into autumn – it still has hints of a lazy summer but it’s warming and cozy. I told you this candle could do no wrong!

l’Occitane’s Honey Candle is £13 (full proceeds to charity – did I mention that?) from l’Occitane stores and online

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  1. Zoe 'AMR addict' Pyrah

    A honey candle and you didn’t mention the word ‘bee’ once! Sounds gorgeous! X

  2. So impressed by the 100%. l’Occitane is making a true donation from its bottom line not using a cause to “raise awareness” but really to make money. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Bee-autiful! (I also love bees. Something about their fuzzy bodies is comforting. They are like flying teddies. I have one of those Alex Monroe bee necklaces and wearing it cheers me up.) Mxox

  3. That is amazingly generous of L’Occitane, very commendable. When you say 100% of proceed (sorry dumb question coming up), do they mean 100% of £13 or 100% of the profit out of the £13 I.e. minus manufacturing costs? Either way is amazing of them. I’ve never know a company do this before!

  4. Hi PamperedPrince – L’Occitane donates the full £13 from each candle to RNIB (a real 100% of the sale – not just the profits).

  5. Fantastic idea! Will look for it this weekend!!

  6. This, THIS is actually my fave L’Occitane candle! I treated myself to one a few years ago, back in the days when I actually had money lol. I love it. It’s one I burn sparingly as a treat, in fact I treated myself to an hour last week, it has a comforting aroma and really lingers in the air.

    The last time I was in store I was told it had been discontinued as I went looking for another, so was really sad and burned my one and only even less. So i am delighted to see your post, Ruth, two-fold – knowing it’s back and for a totally charitable course too. That is really cool : ) xx

  7. I wish I could just go to john lewis or so and buy it. Are there stores in london? I really like that all the money goes to charity, it’s so annoying when they only donate 5p of so! x

  8. Rita the parachutist

    Hello? Who am I? Sorry for this nonsense, just have to check if I’m really back as Rita since the new commenting system forces me to use Internet Explorer.. Firefox won’t let me comment on your site anymore – at all. Boooo!!!
    Enough of this not so gay banter, let me just say that the idea with this candle is amazing, I’m going to try to get one :)

  9. we have this at home, or a honey one they did before, amazzzing candle, such a true honey smell!

  10. I had their green tea candle before. Also lovely!!

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