NUDE News! (Giveaway CLOSED)

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Giveaway winners: Hannah (Sickanstone@xxx), Deborah Mercer, Mel Parkin, Sophiabencks, Helen (contraversiaster@xxx). Well done y’all! Emails have been sent.

Some NUDE news for you – I know there are quite a few die-hard fans of the brand reading! Firstly, NUDE has relaunched its entire skincare range. Visually, the changes are very subtle, but inside those pale lilac bottles and jars the formulas have been supercharged. The newest generation of NUDE skincare contains “n-probiotic”, a cell nutrient that works inside the cells to trigger regeneration and stimulate the production of anti-ageing ingredients. If you’re into your skincare you’ll be familiar with the idea of products “stimulating” the skin rather than just “sitting on the surface” – it’s all about encouraging the skin to produce its own collagen rather than try and apply it topically – produce its own hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

The original NUDE range was fantastic so I’m looking forward to having a proper play with the new one. If you’re looking for high-end skincare that’s free from just about anything you could possibly be worried about, yet contains all of the ingredients you’re hankering after, then NUDE is a brilliant option. The cleansing oil is a bit of a hero product and one that I’ve purchased repeatedly in the past, the Cellular Renewal serum is a beautifully light fluid that really does produce fast results and tighter, brighter skin. If you want to read more about the product range you can do so on their website here.

If you’re in London anytime between now and the 10th, make sure you pop to Selfridges on Oxford Street. NUDE have set up a Skin Nutrition Bar where you can have a full skin “health check” followed by a luxurious mini-facial. There’s also a “shots” bar, but they’re shots of the healthy kind, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on which way you swing. If you’re not in London to take advantage of this little Skin Health Oasis, then fear not: I have five of NUDE’s hero beauty product to give away. The ProGenius treatment oil is an intensive, nutrient-packed skin oil containing potent forms of Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. Used before moisturiser in the morning it gives a gorgeous dewy glow, but you can use it as an overnight treatment or mix a few drops into your face mask, tinted moisturiser or foundation. It’s truly multi-purpose!

To enter, you must be signed up to A Model Recommends: Exclusive – you can do that by entering your email into the sign-up form below and then activating the link that will land in your inbox. Then just leave a comment on this post, which must contain the word “nude” – be as creative as you want, I always have a good laugh at the entries! Five winners will be picked next Saturday at noon – that’s October 13th. Winners will be announced in the following day’s Sunday Tittle Tattle. Only one entry each, please, or I’ll have to cry. (P.S. winners of the previous giveaway will be announced in tomorrow’s Tittle Tattle. That’s how we roll these days.)


156 Responses to "NUDE News! (Giveaway CLOSED)"
  1. lets get nude with beauty

  2. Sara says:

    I Nude you would pick me <3

  3. Szappanbubi says:

    the purrfect nude – NUDLI so I’m getting hungry (it means noodle covered with bread-crumbs and cinnamon, yumm)

  4. Mary Petrakakos says:

    To have skin that is glowing because it’s nude? Sounds lovely!

  5. Lisa says:

    Would be rude not to want NUDE….pick me!pick me!pick me!

  6. Sandra says:

    If I won this, it would forever remind me of my nudist flat mate. He was definitely the nudest of the three of us living there and it was indeed quite traumatizing. Thank God for the grubby bath robe he used to wear when in the living room…
    I am sure this oil is gorgeous though and I would love to try it!

  7. Emilie says:

    I hope I am not denude in this giveaway….?

  8. Alex says:

    Hiya Ruth- I don’t mean to be ‘nude’ about this competition but its much bloody harder to be imaginative than I anticipated. x

  9. Malesa says:

    Everybody needs some nude.

  10. Hannah says:

    If you give me your Nude, I’ll be happy to get nude (because I’ll have such great skin…. not because I’m a big perv…)

  11. Ashley Bernier says:

    Please Jesus let me get nude and “stimulated”

  12. Magda says:

    Ruth I’m going to be pathetic and beg. I’ve tried so many times to win any kind of competitions just because I honestly don’t have the money to ever afford anything better than Nivea, Garnier etc. I’ve never ever won and I’m at my wits end, whenever I manage to save up a bit of money I have a million other more important things other than myself to pay for. I would just like to, once, try something which is GOOD. And here in Poland it’s so hard to buy something which is in pounds because our currency is much weaker. This NUDE brand sounds very interesting and I would honestly be so grateful and overjoyed to be able to try something proper for once!

  13. Susan Schaefer says:

    Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease pickmepickmepickmepickmepickme! I NUDE to be able to brag that I have won this giveaway xoxo

  14. clever says:


  15. ash says:

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  16. Kassia Karr says:

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  17. KK says:

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  19. Annie Wong says:

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  20. Joana says:

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  21. Mon says:

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  22. Claire says:

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  23. Lisa h says:

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  24. Kimberly says:

    Fact: The “Get Naked Bikini” is high-tech bikini that dissolves in water leaving the person stark NUDE. Instead of being water-water-reisistant, it’s water soluble… weird

  25. Ina Iosef says:

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  26. Alison says:

    It’s a brand nude day and a brand nude contest from AMR!

  27. Etoile says:

    Nude, the only way to be!

  28. Daisy P says:

    Delighted to find that you’re having a-NUDE-er giveaway :)

  29. Alison_H says:

    If I start using it on my bum, will it give me back my bare-faced cheek?

    Ali x

  30. Samantha Rodes says:

    Here is a funny story:
    My father is a car enthusiast, with a passionate love for French luxury cars known as Facel Vegas. One day, he was helping out a fellow enthusiast by driving him to a community complex where said friend was going to test out and possibly buy a Facel. Well, while the two were heading toward the building, the friend received a call from the owner of the Facel. To his horror, the owner was a nudist. And the complex was a nudist colony. Both men were shocked at the prospect of meeting a man walking about in the nude. However, upon arriving, they were relieved to find the owner greeting them wearing a simple robe. They conducted their business, and avoided entering the building at all costs. At the end of the day, both men were still shocked, but had at least conquered their Facel find.
    My father loves telling this story to anyone inclined to hearing an odd, quirky tale for a good laugh.

  31. Steff says:

    I’d be afraid to go nude, but given the beauty properties of Nude it might just give me the brave attitude to be nude of cheek. Oh dear that’s the best I’ve got! :-)

  32. Jacquie Carey says:

    I love being nude , but not so much since my lovely neighbour caught me! but I would love to put ‘nude ‘ on my face ;o)

  33. Deborah Mercer says:

    I’ve always taught my son to be polite, and he is forever correcting me for saying “naughty” words, well I was telling my son that I got the Naked 2 palette at Debenhams, and he gasped and said “What has 2 NUDE people have to do with make up mummy, isn’t make up about being colourful? And you really shouldn’t say naked you know it’s a bit rude! Say nude instead!” If you heard him say it in his own little way, it’d be cute! :)

  34. Jorgelina Vega says:

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  35. Amanda Chaffin Reddy says:

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  36. ELF says:

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  37. Emma Jane says:

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  38. Melissa says:

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  39. Sheila says:

    oooo something else to try and pray that it may help my current skin woes, and let me again go nude and barefaced without wanting to hide my head neath my armpit……….

  40. Micha says:

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  41. Samantha says:

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  42. Claire Creagh says:

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  43. Caroline says:

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  44. Southy says:

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  45. melaniebrixton says:

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  46. jamie says:

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  47. Nicole says:

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  48. Jayne Becca says:

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  49. Tabitha says:

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  50. rose says:

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  53. Idoia says:

    A giveaway!! If I win this time, no problem to go Nude to the hospital (I’m studying medicine)…haha

  54. Nikita says:

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  55. Daiana says:

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  56. Ina says:

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  57. Melisa says:

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  61. Stephanie says:

    My mom and/or I would love to have our/my skin reNUDE by this serum :)

  62. Nicolina says:

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  63. Michele Charlier says:

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  64. Smizzles says:

    I would be tempted to say that I would go nude,
    Apart from the chance that you would find me lewd,
    Instead I shall say I have always liked a nice oily treat…
    Especially when its something I don’t ‘accidentally’ eat!
    :) x

  65. Natasha Howells says:

    A time to lose my inhibitions and go NUDE :)

  66. Denise says:

    I really would like to win a giveaway this time, nude for instance.

  67. Asma says:

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  68. Mel Parkin says:

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  69. Martina says:

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  71. Sarah adams says:

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  72. Venus says:

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  73. Raquel says:

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  75. beautyrx1 says:

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  76. Sophie says:

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  77. Mia says:

    It’s a first for me. It’s my first NUDE comment!

  78. Sara says:

    Thanks ruth

  79. Aoife says:

    I am typing my comment from bed so I’m almost nude myself. . Perhaps a little TMI… :)

  80. Andrea says:

    All of a sudden, Bear’s wishing he didn’t have quite so much fur, but had a nude spot just for NUDE oil.

  81. Sihouette says:

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  82. Emily Paterson says:

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  83. Louise says:

    Oh yes, when I win this it will be a Nude-ay, new skin for me!

  84. Kate says:

    Both me and my skin will feel re-nude if I win! XXX

  85. Sarah Eming says:

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  86. Lauren Scott says:

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  87. Samarajane says:

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  88. Silvia says:

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  89. zhabysko says:

    Sounds like license to go nude — Oh what joy would I exude!

  90. They re-nude their skincare range? I would love to re-nude my skin too! xx

  91. Yesim says:

    What would I NUDE without your blog posts? xx

  92. Marie says:

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  93. Ashley says:

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  96. Mary Newman says:

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  97. Sophiabencks says:

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  98. ana says:

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  104. beautynthebrains says:

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  105. Suz Angel says:

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  107. sam says:

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  108. Claudia says:

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  110. lauriemcmullen says:

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  111. jasmine says:

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  112. Richelle says:

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  113. itziaracosta says:

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  114. Claire says:

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  115. Cheryl M says:

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  116. Gaya says:

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  117. Luke says:

    I’d love to try these Nude products out because I can’t get them where I live and the “free from just about anything you could possibly be worried about” part sounds very promising!

  118. Bea says:

    I would love to win this hero product. I’m sure it will make my skin look amazing in the nude!!! Lots of love xxxxx

  119. Li says:

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  120. Jo says:

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  121. Trine says:

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  122. Diana says:

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  123. judi_coven says:

    I find that nude is best for most things… except the school run.

  124. Tracy Troughton says:

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  143. irmita says:

    nude is definetly one of the best brands i’ve tried. i’m eager to try out their new progenious oil. i’ve read that some are not satisfied with reformulated advanced serum so i’m eager to read your review on it

  144. kokoreece says:

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  145. Teff Beeson says:

    Would love some ‘nude’ action!! Theses sound like absolute beauty must haves x

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  149. Hannah says:

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  150. I guess I own about 15-20 Nude Lipsticks… Every morning I chose one the question is “Which nude barely- there, hardly-noticeable will I chose today?” I don’t know why but some men just don’t understand the importance of nuances.

    I’d love to take a look at the Nude Products… I have been tempted with them for some time now…Oh and by the way: Been using the pai skincare BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil for about 7 weeks now. Amazing. A Keeper! My skin has never been better. Thank you for the advice.

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