Sunday Tittle Tattle

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Sunday Tittle Tattle (noun?): everything from the week that I have forgotten to post about, in easy brunch-sized chunks…

Sorry that this Sunday Tittle Tattle is late; I’ve had my sister staying with me and we’ve been having ever so much fun! Here we go with this week’s news…

1) It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and this year it’s the 20th Anniversary of the campaign. Estée Lauder are always very proactive in their support for BCA and this year is no different – as well as a gorgeous range of “pink products” (including a beautiful face powder compact, above), campaign ambassador and spokesperson Elizabeth Hurley is making two special appearances in London and Manchester this week. You can see her at Selfridges Oxford Street on Monday 8th from 1-2pm and at the Manchester Trafford Centre on Thursday 11th from 1-2pm and she’ll be signing limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness purchases.

2) Winners of the Manuka Recovery Cream giveaway are: Samantha Ellis, Nathan (njmoore@XXXXX), Tracy Troughton, Jeni Red and Kirsten Ralley. Well done you lot – an email will bee winging its way to you all shortly!

3) On the subject of Giveaways, have you entered yesterday’s one for the NUDE ProGenius oils? This oil is fabulous – a real all-in-one skin-saver. You can open that post in a new window and enter the giveaway HERE.

4) Can I get a show of hands on something? Cooking, health and diet posts: likey or no likey? I’d love to know.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday – I’m about to go and catch the last ten minutes of Dragons’ Den!

45 Responses to "Sunday Tittle Tattle"
  1. Kate Harris says:

    I would especially like to know what you eat/don’t eat prior and during shoots to remain slim but energized!!

  2. Kate Harris says:

    More diet/recipe posts please!!!!!!

  3. Guest says:

    Everybody needs some nude!

  4. Hannah says:

    Definitely more posts on health and diet! I need all the help I can get with staying motivated and not stuffing my face!

  5. Southy says:

    @ tittle tattle number 4), BIG LIKELY!! Also Ruth, could you do a post on nails? You always have such beautifully manicured nails, how do you get your polish to last even one day without smudging, cracking or peeling?? I would be ever so grateful for tips on shape, how to apply and how to get it to last!!

  6. Jayne Becca says:

    I love your healthy eating/ cooking/ diet/ fitness posts & videos! Something I am passionate about myself!

  7. DucthFashionFreak says:

    Show of hands on Cooking, health and diet posts. Here it is!!! Honestly, I love most healthy foods, I am addicted to veggies. But if only chocolate, sugar, sweets ,cheese butter and alcohol was healthy… Life would be so much simpler. So please, keep those healthy choices, recipes and diet vids coming. I need all the inspiration I can get to keep on track. Hugs from Holland!

  8. Jennifer says:

    *waves hands* More cooking, health and diet-related posts, please! Perhaps you could film one w/your sis; I’d love to see that! Just a thought :-) Oh, and that EL heart compact above is so beautiful, WOW!

  9. jo says:

    yea healthy recipes are great xx

  10. Rita the parachutist says:

    I’d love to see another cooking/diet/health post, preferably about healthy breakfast! I’ve always been struggling with breakfast (not hungry in the morning/in a hurry), so we often ended up on the kitchen floor. haha. ha.
    Seriously though, that would be interesting! x

  11. zahra says:

    More yummy ruthellissima recipes pls. xx

  12. Cher says:

    Diet! Diet! Diet!

  13. Choufleure says:

    Cooking, health and diet posts? Me likely very much : ]

  14. Helen says:

    I think you should perhaps consider doing a desserts video? We brits LOVE a good pudding but would really like to make something that is easy, delicious which doesn’t equat to 2000 calories per spoonful! That would be a very interesting video. Also, how about some books you’ve read recently? That could also be a nice post :) xx

  15. KatBak says:

    Outfit, beauty and cooking videos are my favourite posts!

  16. Yvonne says:

    I love the cooking posts, more of those please.

  17. Lorna Grech Fonk says:

    ruth! i absolutely love the work outs and cooking videos! any tips that can help us would be great! also, workout gear is really interesting, what do you like to work out in? and any more good home dvd’s? did you finish the 30day shred? i got the ‘perfect pilates bum’ its ok but not fantastic i think. good for a sunday night stretch but not on its own for sure. Lorna xxx

  18. Denise says:

    I’d really enjoy a post about a classical work-out at the gym. x

  19. Rebecca says:

    Yes to the cooking/ health posts! x

  20. Asma says:

    Videos with other models and their tips on health or beauty, would be good. I remember that you did that once.

  21. pheobe says:

    the food, fitness and health videos are really good!!!

  22. Love the cooking, health, and fitness stuff, please do more of this.

  23. konsti says:

    Oh yes please some more of your funny workout(shred ………)healthy breakfast and what Do models Snack during the Day?!!!

  24. MissB says:

    Oh just wanted to say that I really like the cooking posts, I am HOPELESS in the kitchen and find them super useful, so thanks and please continue :).

  25. Kostromitskaia Julia says:

    I would like to see a recipe or two from the cooking school you attended. Thanks

  26. Spudluver says:

    love the cooking posts and second the fitness (no fitness) regime! x

  27. debsfk says:

    Cooking and diet posts – me likey!

  28. I actually made your eggplant/pasta dish, loved it! So heck yes to the cooking videos :) <3

  29. Silvia Ruru says:

    I love love love your cooking videos,health and diet posts! I’d also like to see more of your fitnes(no fitnes?) regime :))

  30. Andrea says:

    Yes please on the cooking, health and diet posts, love these? Could I be really cheeky and ask when the next quarterly newsletter will be sent? Or have I missed it?!xx

  31. Elle says:

    YES! I love your cooking, health and diet posts! Please do more Ruth xx

  32. Cait says:

    Yes definitely to cooking and health videos. They are some of my fave ones to watch!

  33. Rita says:

    Yes please more health and food videos!! We’ve tried 2 of your recipes and they were fresh and delicious, I really like your down to earth attitude to diet and eating… cooking at home instead of having stodgy takeaways, not getting uptight about a bit of carb or dairy etc.
    My sister and I have just done 90 days 90 salads, and I’m hoping we’ll do another 90. We’ve been posting a photo each day of a salad we’ve eaten, sometimes feeling lazy I’ll make a fruit salad or just chop up some vege sticks, and she’s been ordering salads when she eats out. It’s been a fun way to up the fruit and vege intake, and to keep in touch as we live in different cities (in NZ).Loving your blog, thank you!!!

  34. Sihouette says:

    Hey Ruth!
    The cooking videos are great! Have tried two recipes so far and they were very very delicious! (The one with the mackerel and the eggplant pasta) So I’d love to get to know more recipes from you!

  35. Alexa Hobday says:

    I loveee the cooking posts/videos!

  36. alice says:

    yes for health, cooking and diet posts! now that it’s coming into fall can you do a favourite bath/body products too or something along that line?

  37. Alessandra says:

    Yes! Loved your spinach and prawn curry! Really basic, great staple go-to dinner, and delicious, my husband loved it, too! A wifey’s dream!!

    • Alessandra says:

      Also, took advantage of your PAIEYE deal, thank you very much! Also x2, I’d written a post n your Polo makeup video asking which Givenchy prisme you’d used. I bought #8, ‘Fancy Coffee’ and after much online research and colour comparing (many windows open!) I think you used #9 Modish Brown(?)… Anyway after all that, the one I had grew on me so I think I’ll be keeping the ‘Coffee’! :) Have fun with your sister, yay!

      • RuthCrilly says:

        Yes, I think I have both! I just used 9 in a Telegraph video that’s about to go up, so it could well have been 9 that I used for the Polo too.. xx

  38. Beauty becky says:

    I love reading your healthy food posts! They’re great :) x

  39. cooking, health and diet posts: likey

  40. Beth says:

    Cooking for sure!

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