Autumn Style: Layering Knitwear

HUSH knitwear cardigan coat

Here’s the knitwear layering video, as promised. In the photograph above (taken from the video intro) I am wearing my two favourite clothing items of the moment: the Hush Cardigan Coat and my Whistles animal print sweater. You know when you buy something and you just think, YES! This is what I have been searching for!? That. That is how I feel at the moment. I have made some stonkingly great purchases recently and they make me feel quite warm inside!

Take, for example, the Donna Karan dress that you’ll see in the video. Absolutely brilliant for winter; long sleeves, a chic, drapey top and a short, tight skirt. A total classic. Reduced from (I think) seven-hundred-ish, down to about one-fifty. You can really feel the quality, though I’m not sure I’d have paid full price for it! Take, also, my new Paige Verdugo black overdye jeans. Not featured in the video, because they were in the wash, but they are just fantastic. Soft, stretchy, comfy if you’ve overdone it at dinnertime, yet so structured and fitted around the bottom and legs. A triumph in cut and fit – you can still get them at Donna Ida HERE. I really feel like this Autumn is going to be a good, one, sartorially speaking!

Right then, on with the video. I hope you like my chosen setting – the dinosaur park at Crystal Palace! I didn’t even know that this existed until last weekend when my sister mentioned it. What a lovely park – and a lovely little south London area. Leafy and quiet. I have wanted to film a knitwear video for ages, but this is the first weekend that it’s really been cold enough to do it. In the end, it turned out to be quite changeable on Sunday, but such is the beauty of knitwear layering – if you get too warm you just peel off the top layer! Cosy dressing at its best.

Those who can’t see the video pane can click HERE to watch – you’ll find all of the outfit details below.

Amazing Blue/Grey Cardigan Coat:

Whistles Animal Print Sweater

Red Hush Sweater:

J-Brand Black Jeans:

Belstaff Trialmaster Boots – if you can ever find these, buy them! Amazing boots.

Donna Karan Dress – Net-a-Porter Sale

Grey Legging, Topshop (2010)

Long Black Socks, Falke

Long Dark Cardigan (over DK Dress):

Michael Stars Vest Top 2003!

Levis Jeggings, ASOS

YSL Boots, circa 2005


  1. Lovely video, not sure I could get away with quite as many layers as you but love the DK dress/layered leggings and socks with boots look in particular and also the Levi’s jeggings appeal to me, although haven’t had much luck with jeggings until now, they always seem to fall down on me! But maybe a quality pair would be better.

  2. Probably your single best video, for me. I REALLY needed this! Lovely setting, too.

  3. Love the big jumper coat. How did you manage to get changed in the park ??!! Very brave.

  4. I love the cardigan coat just a shame about the price its a bit much for me to spend :0(

  5. Very cool video. Please keep em coming, I particularly enjoy the fashion related ones.
    Have a great day!

  6. I am really enjoying the fashion based posts at the moment :) and weirdly quite enjoying the colder weather, I think it’s because I have an excuse to wear my beloved Alice by Temperley blue tiger scarf to death again…x

  7. love your sweater!!!

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