Mr Bear the Cat: First Ever Interview

mr bear british shorthair cat

Yes, I do realise that Mr Bear is a cat and cannot, in fact, answer interview questions. I’m not crazy. Yet. But I thought you might like to see a little video interview that I did with Pets Pyjamas, a luxury online store for posh pet products! I must say that Mr Bear was extremely well-behaved throughout the interview and all of the setting-up that preceded it – I may have to start lending him out for commercials and film-work. But only if they send a helicopter. And Ryan Gosling. And champagne. Oh, sorry, those things are for me – Mr Bear will just have some whitebait and a little chunk of fruitcake.

By the way, I have a discount code for PetsPyjamas should any of you want to browse for your furry friends; you can get 10% off with PPLOVESAMR. Check out my interview here: Ruth & Mr Bear


  1. Hey Ruth that shirt is really sweet the color looks great on you. My cat is too much of a brat for me to buy her such nice things! Maybe its because i named her Smasher…she definitely lives up to it!

  2. I have watched your interview video about 10 times to see Mr Bear! He is amazing…

  3. Hahaha!! I start laughing after you mentioned Ryan Gosling! Does everybody has a crush on him? Gosh he’s hot : ) xxx

  4. SO CUTE!!! Sometimes I think I like seeing bloggers’ pets more than their outfits… I have an indoor cat too, but I don’t think she’d perform for people wielding cameras (except me!)

  5. Whenever he’s on instagram I always try to say what he’s thinking and post it. We have two cats and it’s always fun to try and say what they are thinking. Your interview could be a weekly spot seeing how his week has gone!!!

  6. HAHAHA!! You are hilarious!!

  7. lol @ the Ryan Gosling remark. You crack me up, Ruth! xoxo

  8. i love mr Bear!! he’s so adorable and you look so cute together! i loved the video too!!! why doesn’t he meow? xx

  9. The photos of you and mr bear are so beautiful! He has to be the cutest cat ever!! Where was your dress from in the video? Lots of love xxxx

  10. Where did you get him a fountain? My kitten wants one :)

  11. Hi Ruth, I really like Mr Bear and I wouldn’t consider myself a cat
    person! Can you tell me where you got your cat? Don’t know who I can
    trust to get an actual pedigree! And is it a good indoor cat? Thanks so

  12. I love mr bear! he is so full of character and always looks ever so slightly bemused. you are so sweet together, he obviously adores you too, as he’s always popping in your videos! bless! thanks for sharing this its, perked up my very grey raining thurs morning!

  13. I miss having a pussycat :(
    Mr Bear can be my virtual pet. He is lovely. Looks really squashy!

  14. Ryan Gosling is a thing?! LOL

  15. A lovely post for a rainy Thursday. Thanks, Ruth! May I ask, is Mr Bear an indoor cat and is he ok with that? (I’d love a cat but am not sure an outdoor one would be the best thing for a London flat) Also, would you say the scratching post eliminates him scratching other things or just limits it? Sorry, v specific questions. You can tell I’ve been thinking about this a lot. :) Mxox

    • Yes, he’s indoor but we have a very large house with lots of stairs! He goes on the roof terrace but it’s too high to jump down from. And every cat in the neighbourhood gets run over! x

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