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Mr Bear the Cat: First Ever Interview

mr bear british shorthair cat

Yes, I do realise that Mr Bear is a cat and cannot, in fact, answer interview questions. I’m not crazy. Yet. But I thought you might like to see a little video interview that I did with Pets Pyjamas, a luxury online store for posh pet products! I must say that Mr Bear was extremely well-behaved throughout the interview and all of the setting-up that preceded it – I may have to start lending him out for commercials and film-work. But only if they send a helicopter. And Ryan Gosling. And champagne. Oh, sorry, those things are for me – Mr Bear will just have some whitebait and a little chunk of fruitcake.

By the way, I have a discount code for PetsPyjamas should any of you want to browse for your furry friends; you can get 10% off with PPLOVESAMR. Check out my interview here: Ruth & Mr Bear


  1. Hey Ruth that shirt is really sweet the color looks great on you. My cat is too much of a brat for me to buy her such nice things! Maybe its because i named her Smasher…she definitely lives up to it!

  2. I have watched your interview video about 10 times to see Mr Bear! He is amazing…

  3. Hahaha!! I start laughing after you mentioned Ryan Gosling! Does everybody has a crush on him? Gosh he’s hot : ) xxx

  4. SO CUTE!!! Sometimes I think I like seeing bloggers’ pets more than their outfits… I have an indoor cat too, but I don’t think she’d perform for people wielding cameras (except me!)

  5. Whenever he’s on instagram I always try to say what he’s thinking and post it. We have two cats and it’s always fun to try and say what they are thinking. Your interview could be a weekly spot seeing how his week has gone!!!

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