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Amazing Autumn Fragrances

Do you change your fragrance according to the season? I think that I do, subconsciously. When it’s warm, I go for lighter, fruitier scents – or even quite twee little florals and colognes. I feel as though you can get away with more in the summer; wafting around in floaty dresses and lazing on the beach. (Or, if you live in the UK, stomping around in wellies and lumbering along in five layers of clothing.)

The colder the months, the more I feel drawn towards cosy, warm scents. I’m not sure how to describe them any better than that, and I’m sure that we all have our own opinion on which fragrance notes constitute “warm and cosy”, but I hope you know what I’m getting at. Deeper, more exotic, spicier. It’s difficult to talk about perfumes without resorting to worn clichés, so I think the best thing to do is have a little perfume session next time you’re in town and let me know what you think! I’m always absolutely intrigued to know what other people think of certain perfumes – it’s such a personal, subjective thing. I saw a woman in Harrods the other day and she was wearing about twenty thousand pounds worth of accessories. (Just my quick calculation on her bag, scarf and watch alone.) Her perfume was FOUL! No doubt it was some ridiculously expensive fragrance by a world famous “nose”, but jeez. I had to move away. Now, this woman likes her scent. She must do. So it’s interesting, is it not, that we all have such different tastes?

Have a little watch of the video, let me know your fragrant thoughts. My favourite of the moment is Terry de Gunzburg’s Flagrant Délice, it’s just divine. Deep, figgy, amazing. Terry is the very same Terry of the By Terry fame, so I knew her perfumes would be corkers too. They have only just recently landed at Harrods – there’s a link below the video pane.

One more important thing for those who can’t be bothered to watch the video (I know who you are, you ‘orrible lot!) and that’s the gorgeous Jimmy Choo shoe case. Free with every purchase of 60ml or over (the Eau de Parfum is a UK bestseller), it’s a pretty little shoe case that reminds me so much of the ballet cases we carried when I was a child. Get in there quick if you want one – I think that most big department stores are carrying them.

Okey dokey people, here’s the vid! If you can’t see the box that plays it, you can simply click HERE to load it up!

Fragrances in the Video:

Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum: (online: http://tidd.ly/751e0b46 but no free gift)
Gift Shoe Case is free with 60ml or over purchase in selected department stores. Check your local one!

Lancome La Vie Est Belle: http://tidd.ly/62ef4cf

Chanel Coco Noir: http://tidd.ly/8130b9a1

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir: http://tidd.ly/54689b01

Jo Malone Vlevet Rose & Oud: OMG! Has gone. If you find this in a store, get it – it’s amazing!

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay: http://tidd.ly/5502a3b6

Terry de Gunzburg Flagrant Delice: http://goo.gl/y5jcf

Liz Earle Botanical No 15: http://goo.gl/YfeaY

Van Cleef First Intense: http://tidd.ly/61239e3e

Van Cleef Un Air de First: http://tidd.ly/2190b65f

Nail Polish is Killer Colours in “Quicksand”: http://tidd.ly/c6abe383


  1. I totally agree! I smelt light blue for the first time in the winter and it was horrible, I literally backed away from the tester strip it had been sprayed on but I tried it again in the summer and loved it.

  2. Dear Ruth, I was wondering if you have a review about YSL Parisienne and
    Korres Pepper Jasmine & Gaiac Wood? They are on my wish list! Nice video
    btw xx

  3. I love love love Korres’ jasmine, pepper + gaiac wood fragrance – rich and spicy, plus free of a lot of chemicals that tend to irritate me. The only downside is it’s lasting power!

  4. I’m into wearing heavily fragranced oils instead…I love Neals Yard Jasmine body oil, so moisturising.

  5. Just what we need on a Monday morning, perfect Ruth :) Jo Malone’s Velvet Rose & Oud is like a rich liqueur, beautiful for winter, love it as well. Also Jo’s own, new brand JO LOVES has just launched Pink Vetiver – it’s a different twist on Vetiver with Pink Peppercorns, Cardamom, Ginger, etc and also warming for autumn. Jo has a new Jo Loves showroom near Sloane Sq, London SW1 which is on my must-visit list before Christmas! Fi x

  6. I’m not much a fragrance girl.. I can’t wear alot for work, as a beauty therapist, just incase someone doesn’t like, or is allergic (gives them headache). So takes me ages to use them.. I know what I like though, and some are quite old.. I love Opium, for winter, its such a warming spicy smell. In the summer citrus and florals.. Although I love the zingy, yet warming smell of orange. My all time fragrance is DKNY its fresh, but kind of undescribable. Hard to talk fragrance isn’t it, they are so personal, but at the same time they transport you to places or people.. xx

  7. I love Jo Malone, her Orange Blossom is one of my favourite summer scents. I would love to try these ones. Have you tried the Miller Harris for Marks and Spencer? I would be really interested to know what they are like and if they live up to her other scents.
    My favourite of the moment is Tom Ford’s Violet Blonde. It is heavenly.

  8. Great video Ruth. I love Coco Noir and like you had taken a break from coco mademoiselle to find a more rare scent. I love warm scents, sweetish (gourmand I guess) but not too sickly sweet like some Gourmand fragrances. Guerlain’s Angelique Noire ( available at Guerlain boutiques is a lovely smooth vanilla-ish scent but not OTT. For something warm , I also like Musc Ravageur, a Frederic Malle collection fragrance ( get at Holt Renfrew in Toronto), and I believe at Liberty in London. Portrait of a Lady from Frederic Malle is fab too- difficult to explain but very warm and mysterious. Neither of these fragrances are shy ones and they are definitely a splurge but I constantly get compliments when wearing them.

  9. chene by serge lutens

  10. Hello Ruth, my best winter fragrances are Amethyst by Lalique and Mulholland by Keiko Mecheri.many questions when I wear these …
    Grüsse aus Deutschland

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