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Adult Acne Skin Woes!

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This was a little video update on the state of my skin, but actually, I’m rather late in posting it here on the website. The worst of my skin problems seem to have passed for the moment (touch wood) and I have the breakouts under control! Woohoo. I’m going to do another post and video this week with the final “routine” that I stuck to in an attempt to clear up my complexion and also go through some of the products that were entirely ineffective. I hope to God that Mr AMR doesn’t read this, but I have to admit that I used my skin as a bit of a guinea pig at first, using the breakouts as an opportunity to test out things that had previously been unsuited to my skin. (Him: “You’re not trying out loads of crap on your skin, are you? That’ll make it worse!” Me: (angry face) “Of course not! I’m not stupid you know!)

All in the name of research.

Anyway, it seems ironic that earlier this year I was struggling to properly review things for my Teen Skin series and then BAM! Spots a-plenty. I think that my skin problems have actually been stress-related, or that stress affected my hormones, because all is fine and dandy on the health front, and now that I have my new “zen” attitude towards life (ie, have cut my working hours to under 70 per week) my body seems to be getting on with me again.

 (Thank you man in the sky, whoever you are.)

Do enjoy my scary skin close-ups! This was actually not filmed in the worst part of my Bad Skin Season, because that would have been entirely gross. Pustules a-go-go. But enjoy nevertheless! Those who can’t see the video pane can click HERE. PS – soft-veil-glow effect on my skin is the Clarins powder foundation, see info below!

I  hope that this video is useful to some of you. I have always had very good, blemish-free skin until recently and I’m convinced that my spots were caused by stress and poor diet during the time running up to my MA submission deadline! Trying to reduce your stress levels is difficult, but it’s quite simple to cut out excess sugar from your diet and pare back your skincare routine so that it’s simple but effective. I’ll let you know an update soon!

Products Used:


Melvita Purifying Mask: http://tidd.ly/db376f4d

Liquid Gold: http://tidd.ly/b75aac2e

Liquid Gold Serum: http://tidd.ly/2774800d

NUXE Creme Fraiche de Beaute Light: http://tidd.ly/6fad959

Elemental Herbology Moisture Milk: http://tidd.ly/9be59628

Clarisonic Mia: http://tidd.ly/cc2234f

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser: http://tidd.ly/74fc5a21

Decleor Fresh Purifying Gel: http://tidd.ly/ddd16af7

No7 Tinted Moisturiser (Fair/Medium): Boots

Clarins Powder Foundation in Sand: http://tidd.ly/e977af


  1. Really great video Ruth. I suffer with the same type of breakouts every now again and swear by returning to alpha h to help calm my skin down. Great to see you being so honest it’s very reassuring for the rest of us!

  2. Kostromitskaia Julia

    Hi Ruth! Thanks for the update. Have u heard or tried Glytone exfoliating lotion? They have a 17% AHA lotion.

  3. Anyone who has had bad breakouts, and their skin is left with those marks from the spots.. I can recommend a natural skin peel. Sr Schrammeka, Green Peel, is an all natural, herbal skin peel.. that can peel away the old skin, for the newer to be revealed. Its from Germany and it does work. If you have it, it does mean planning your week.. as your skin will peel away. The peel is done at a salon, but you have an aftercare programme of products to use. So, don’t despair people.. skin care is improving for all our needs

  4. Hi Ruth,

    It’s so funny you’ve posted about this as a couple of weeks ago I posted a few posts (promise to try and stop using the word “post” now) about my long-term skin battles (which I document quite a lot on my blog) and how I’ve come to the realisation that we can throw the absolute best skincare at our problem skin but if we’re not at least acknowledging what’s going on internally then skincare alone isn’t going to work. Therefore I’ve started trying to cut down on sugar and dairy with the hope that it’ll help.

    Man I wish I had your skin though! Even when you were breaking out it still looks great; definitely going to look into the Clarins powder! xx

  5. Your eye makeup looks beautiful in this video, what is it please?

  6. Apart from masks and creams I always drink Weleda’s ‘Birch Juice’ whenever my skin is being a pain or just looks bad and it works quite well (after two weeks or so). Xx

  7. Ruth dear, pleeeease do a review of top Hyaluronic acid products! do you think Hydraluron is good? xx

  8. oh by the way, when I was abroad and only using Liquid Gold every day, it didnt do anything for my super clogged pores !( shock horror!) only in combination with a ton of other exfoliants/ cleansers my skin looks ok..

    • Yes, I think that BHAs are better for clogged pores, LG is better at keeping skin glowy and clear so long as you don’t have proper acne/breakouts. Anything more and you need a bit of salicylic I think! x

  9. Hi Ruth! Are you using anything in particular for the marks left behind by the spots? Would you please suggest one product? Thanks

  10. I had a horrible reaction to some cold cream earlier this year – cue three months of acne hell. It was horrid, my face just didn’t feel like my own anymore. I eventually visited the doc, and a course of antibiotics sorted my skin right out. So if anyone’s really having trouble, sometimes it is worth speaking to your doctor – it can break the cycle and give your skin a chance to recover so you can test better products. I wish I’d done it sooner. I have to be careful about the products I use now but I’m not a miserable, acne-covered girl anymore. Nice column Ruth! x

    • Hello my cousin Kristin! How lovely to see your face! I didn’t know that a reaction could trigger acne like this – I suspected, at first, that mine was from this crazy Japanese product I tested. The reaction was pretty much instantaneous.. But I thought that it must have been a different cause. Now I’m re-thinking the situation! Hmmm. We must meet up soon for wine. xx

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