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caudalie vinexpert review and giveaway

caudalie vinexpert review and giveaway


  1. I’m picking grapes on a vineyard near York this weekend!

  2. It would be GRAPE to win one of these! *ashamed of terrible grape based pun*


  3. What to hand out for halloween… Decisions, decisions… I suppose it will undoubtedly be either Hall’s cough drops, cherry flavored vitamin b12 chewables, or a handful of Grape Nuts…. poor kiddos :/ (i know this comment has nothing to do with the content of the giveaway… but it does contain the word Grape…)

  4. I thought it was too cheesy to say “grape giveaway”, until I saw I wasn’t the only one having that train of thought, so I feel like it’s ok now haha. But thank you, I love caudalie, and this is a really nice package to win! X

  5. grape soda is the best

  6. I like green grapes. Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve always been curious about the vinexpert line!

  7. There is a New Year’s tradition to eat one grape everytime the church bell chimes for the last twelve strokes of midnight. I think you should try it this year :)

  8. What a grape giveaway,Ruth! oh, lord forgive me……ha ha. I have no shame. : )

  9. I am very grapeful (pretty sure that’s not a word…lol) for the opportunity to win this giveaway! Thanks! ;)

  10. Grape things come to those who wait and wear SPF? Haha! Not sure about that one… I’m a relentless pun lover! Beautiful giveaway. Thank you!

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