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Zelens Triple Action Eye Cream

Zelens Triple Action Eye Cream

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  1. Hi Ruth,

    You totally read my mind, i was really looking for a good eye cream that would do wonders for my crows feet. I don’t have a lot, its very small but need to attend the early sings of aging. Im in my early 30’s and Im really trying to take good care of my skin, but Im getting quit obsessed with eye creams. I have tried Lancome 3x, Shiseido Benefiance which are good, but i saw faster results when i tried strivectin, which i had to stop using since it gave me allergies. But this really captured my attention, especially when you compared it with the Strivectin cream. If you where to pick a good anti wrinkle, anti-aging, fast result in early sings of wrinkles and a good prevention cream, would you recommend Zelens over Lancome, Shiseido, or even Alpha-H, which im also intrigued in trying????

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