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Top to Toe Tutorial: Cashmere and the Sultry Eye

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I have a new video format that I hope you’ll enjoy; it incorporates makeup, hair, nails and fashion in one lovely hit! It won’t replace dedicated makeup tutorials, but I do hope that you’ll find these “Top to Tow” videos more interesting and useful. I’m kind of bored of just seeing my head on screen – it makes for very monotonous editing, let me tell you!

This “Top to Toe” video is all about luxurious knitwear and a soft, sultry smoky eye. Hair is very undone and natural, styling is casual, skin is radiant (thanks to Le Teinte Touche Eclat foundation!) and nails are…..er…..mouldy. In one of my less successful nail experiments to date, I decided to give Ciaté’s new Velvet Manicure a whirl, but the response from Twitter and Instagram followers was one of utter horror. I had a good old laugh at some of the more dramatic comments! Close up of the Velvet Manicure – feel free to add your own caption!

 The manicure involves two coats of greyish polish (already kind of difficult to pull off!) and then a sprinkling of fluff that comes out of a shaker pot. It was good fun, but I’m not convinced by the effect. The Caviar Manicure from Ciaté looks a lot more successful, but I can’t imagine I’ll be giving it a go. I think that I’m firmly back to my Nude Nails only regime!

All of the products used in the video are detailed below – if you can’t see the video screen then you can open it in a new window HERE.

*Disclaimer – the cardy’s not actually cashmere, I don’t think – it just had a good ring to it!

Clear Prep FX: http://tidd.ly/7d0bb56c

NUXE Balm: http://tidd.ly/67dc7aa3

YSL Foundation, shade B30: http://tidd.ly/151fd3bf

Real Techniques Foundation Brush: http://tidd.ly/94689435

Estee Lauder Concealer Light/Medium: http://tidd.ly/6325f426

Dr Hauschka Bronzing Powder: http://tidd.ly/1084891f

Japonesque Powder Brush: http://tidd.ly/511c274d

Burberry Shadow in Midnight Brown: Harrods – out of stock online : (

Becca Eye Brush: http://tidd.ly/ad8a8421

Japonesque Eye Brush: http://tidd.ly/6f08b2c9

Pixi Endless Liner in Cocoa: http://tidd.ly/1161b614

DJV Lash Mascara: http://goo.gl/c8WaM

Estee Lauder Lipstick in Mauve Struck: http://tidd.ly/516334a6

Moroccanoil: http://tidd.ly/2f557665

Hush Cardy-Coat in Grey/Blue: http://tidd.ly/6433f64f

Nails: Ciate Velvet Manicure (I’d just go for a grey polish, the velvet came off!)

Belstaff Boots (Trialmasters)

Abercrombie Vest (circa 2001!)

Hush Long Cardy Grey: http://tidd.ly/27f462b4

Sass & Bide jeans (circa 2006!)

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  1. I really enjoyed it, many thanks and I hope to see more top to toe vids:-)
    Have a great day!

  2. Loved the top to toe video! You look lovely, as usual. Honestly, you look amazing without eye shadow as well. You have that perfect “clean” face, kind of “just woke up and I’m perfect”. I would wear it all around ;)
    Thanks so much for sharing all your tips and ideas. =)

  3. The nails remind me of the time I accidently vacuumed up a very expensive earring and went through the bag of the vacuum cleaner with wet nailpolish on my nails. Let’s just say it’s a look.

  4. Beautiful styling, Ruth, you are so gorgeous. I was watching A Model Life earlier and you were with Models 1, but weren’t you with FM in recent years? And now Models 1 again? Is it normal for models to switch agencies and things or are there reasons behind it? I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to all of this! x

    • Yes, some people move all the time! Models1 are amazing, so I went back. Each agency is slightly different, so it depends on your needs, your age, the type of work you’re suited to… x

  5. is the wet hair myth to do with getting arthritis in your neck? The washed out denim and shades of blue/grey look so fresh for Autumn. The pale mauve lipstick looks so fresh too!

  6. one slightly amateur question: why would the foundation brush have been better than the stippling brush? I have the real techniques stippling brush that you use here and use that with doublewear light and have been wondering if I also need the foundation brush. I wonder if there is a secret with respect to foundation brushes which no one has yet revealed to me?

  7. Love this new format Ruth! :)

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