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Thalgo Hyaluronic Eye Patches Review

Another month another eye patch. You know how I love my eye patches! I get really hot, uncomfortable eyes when I work at the computer all day and so I find them invaluable – so long as they’re the type that sit underneath the eye and don’t completely cover it! (I do have more than one eye, by the way – not sure why I used the singular rather than the plural. It’s working in fashion that does that, you know: “well, darling, I’d team a black shoe with a blue jean…”)

I digress. Thalgo’s Hyaluronic Eye Patch Masks are this month’s test, and they’re rather good. Really hydrating, really cooling without any stickiness or greasy residue. But the best thing about them? They are virtually invisible! I have included a photograph below – I’m actually wearing the patches! Can you see them? As they dry they become a little more noticeable, but you could get away easily with popping these on at work and having a fifteen minute eye treatment. If you’re at all self-conscious about In-Flight beauty routines, these would be a great addition to your travel bag. I answered the front door in mine and the postman didn’t bat an eyelid. (Mind you, the things I’ve answered the door in..)

My most sincere apologies for this photograph, by the way – I didn’t make any effort whatsoever. I know that I should probably perpetuate some kind of idea that I’m 24/7 glamorous, but it’s too much like hard work! Also, because you can’t see my hairline in this photo, do you not think that my head looks a bit like a potato?

Thalgo Hyaluronic Patches cost £34 for eight treatments (8 pairs of masks) so they’re not cheap, but they really are an instant moisture-injection. They take about twenty minutes to fully dry up, so you could easily put them on in the bath as your main face mask gets to work. I actually fell asleep in some too – no problem at all, as they just shrivelled up and dropped off when they had dried! Nice! You can find them at SalonSkincare.com

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  1. My first ever facial was a Thalgo for men facial many moons ago. I’ve never actually owned any of their products but I remember the facial being very nice.

    As for the picture, you’re a pretty hot potato (why with the bad puns again!). You can rarely see my hairline in photos, generally because my hairline keeps getting further and further back. Although I’ve never wondered if I look like a potato before. I shall review my next photo for any signs of spud-head lol

  2. Funny post to read as I am about to go to sleep (at after 5AM local time). I think I definitely need some of those hyaluronic eye patches! I was actually doing some research on them earlier in the evening. Good leads, Ruth. Thanks!

  3. Did you try the Carita ones ? And what about Thalgo compared to the Sisley eye mask ? But I’ll try them btw !

  4. Clare @ The Blossom Shed

    Have you tried the Klorane eye patches? They look cheap and soothing, so I wanted to see if you had an expert verdict – I know you love their makeup remover…

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