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The Monday Miaow

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Browsing ASOS this weekend (I spend a lot of time browsing ASOS. It’s an illness) I spotted this gorgeous little kitten cosmetics bag by Paul & Joe. It’s actually free with their hand cream, which makes it even more gorgeous. I need it in my life! The pot of hand cream is very dressing table-worthy, as are all Paul & Joe beauty products, but the cute cat print bag makes it even more so!

This would make a lovely little stocking filler, don’t you think? It’s exclusive to ASOS and costs £11.50


  1. Hi! I hope Mr Bear is feeling better? Sending godd wishes to him! I have two cats myself which I love very much…

  2. Hi Ruth! Any idea what the fragrance of the hand cream might be? Thanks!

  3. So excited for tomorrow’s event with Wayne, etc!

  4. super cute! and i was looking for new hand cream :) xx Lorna

  5. Ooo lovely! Going to have to get this for my mumma! We love cats!

  6. Ruth please I beg you do a review on Guerlain meteorites!!!

  7. It is just so darn cute. I really need to get more. This is JUST the best stocking stuffer – hope you got more than one or two!

  8. Zoe 'AMR addict' pyrah

    Awww!! That’s gorgeous..they’re gonna sell out SO quick!
    Zoe Xx

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