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Browsing ASOS this weekend (I spend a lot of time browsing ASOS. It’s an illness) I spotted this gorgeous little kitten cosmetics bag by Paul & Joe. It’s actually free with their hand cream, which makes it even more gorgeous. I need it in my life! The pot of hand cream is very dressing table-worthy, as are all Paul & Joe beauty products, but the cute cat print bag makes it even more so!

This would make a lovely little stocking filler, don’t you think? It’s exclusive to ASOS and costs £11.50

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8 Responses to The Monday Miaow

  1. spoiledcat says:

    Hi! I hope Mr Bear is feeling better? Sending godd wishes to him! I have two cats myself which I love very much…

  2. Heather says:

    Hi Ruth! Any idea what the fragrance of the hand cream might be? Thanks!

  3. MakeUpNaive says:

    So excited for tomorrow’s event with Wayne, etc!

  4. Lorna says:

    super cute! and i was looking for new hand cream :) xx Lorna

  5. MariaWellstead says:

    Ooo lovely! Going to have to get this for my mumma! We love cats!

  6. Darina says:

    Ruth please I beg you do a review on Guerlain meteorites!!!

  7. Upa says:

    It is just so darn cute. I really need to get more. This is JUST the best stocking stuffer – hope you got more than one or two!

  8. Zoe 'AMR addict' pyrah says:

    Awww!! That’s gorgeous..they’re gonna sell out SO quick!
    Zoe Xx

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