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Selexir Peace Balm for Extremely Dry Skin

I don’t have eczema and I have never suffered with it, but when I heard the story behind new treatment product Selexir I was really quite moved. (I’ve mentioned my predisposition for crying, have I not?) I was sat face to face with Elena and Mirella, the founders of the brand, and Elena was describing how she had been absolutely disfigured by her eczema, which for many years had made the skin on her face red, itchy, swollen and flaky. She still seemed genuinely distraught about that period of her life, and I felt my throat aching a bit and had to stare quite hard at a point just beyond her head! (Old trick. Only works if you think about tax bills or pasta recipes at the same time – seems to neutralise emotion, for some reason.)

Elena went through hundreds of different creams before deciding to create her own and then, when friends and family started begging her to produce it, she joined up with her best friend, Mirella, and they set about turning it into a viable, sellable product. The clinical trial results were amazing – you can see some of the facts here – with skin left smooth, soothed and hydrated. Many of the volunteers had, like Elena, tried loads of different treatments for their severe skin dryness and in 100% of them there was a marked improvement. Good news for those at the end of their tether with flaky, itchy skin!

I have been testing Selexir on two zones (check me out with my scientific research!): chapped nose-skin and a deep graze on the back of my hand. Both areas reacted very well to the balm – the graze didn’t go through that itchy, scabby phase and it healed up really quickly! The flaky skin around my nose was gone in under two days. I couldn’t use this on my face “proper” as it would probably be far too rich (it’s a thick, thick balm, not a cream – think the texture of Eight Hour Cream, but it doesn’t stink and it’s not sticky) but those with eczema or tight, dry skin will want to slather it all over!

I have three 75ml tubes of Selexir Peace Balm for my readers to try – they are worth £99 each and will last for absolutely ages. I’d love for these balms to go to readers who genuinely suffer from eczema or very dry, itchy skin, so please be honest if you leave a comment below registering your interest. I’d also very much appreciate it if the readers who receive the balms write a short (or long!) post with their feedback and results. So, entry requirements: genuine eczema or very dry skin sufferer, willing to write me some feedback. Leave me a comment below before Saturday at noon (that’s the 3rd of November) and please only leave one comment each.

If you want to find out more about Selexir or ask Elena or Mirella any questions, you can tweet them @Selexir or find them on Facebook here.


  1. Dear Ruth,

    I’ve tried so many creams for my extremely dry skin but nothing seems to work. I have extreme bad eczema also and have been giving a-z creams to cure it from GP but nothing seems to work so well. Like your product, I’ve tried new ones but they were just…..failure….I don’t know why I seem to think your one will not work either but then my heart says I should try it anyway, in the hope of finding something that will help me overcome this horrible problem I’ve had for ages. My skin is so dry that no makeup makes it better…..please let me try your product and I hope this is the one. May God bless you for thinking beyond the glamorous looks.

  2. Ruth, this cream sounds like a miracle cure. I don’t have eczema but I suffer from extremely dry everything. My skin cracks and bleeds every winter, I have to wear those moisturising gloves at night so my hands don’t crack open while I sleep. I use prescription eye drops because (like my skin) my eyes can’t stay hydrated. It’s made even tougher because I work in records so all day, every day I work with paper and it takes all the moisture from my hands. I’ve tried £60 hand cream, I’ve been prescribed creams, nothing actually forms a barrier around my skin so I can retain all the moisture I should gain from the 2.5L of water I drink daily. It’s probably a side effect of my autoimmune disease or the medication I take daily but when the alternative is being in a care home at 28 because I refuse to take medications…I’m just forever hopeful of finding products to make my life a bit better, it’s one of the reasons I indulge on makeup, to cover the signs and make myself feel pretty. It’s just hard to hide red and bloody skin :(.

  3. Hi Ruth, I’m 24 and have battled with eczema all my life. As a child I used to have it all over my body, but now it only remains on my face (I would rather it be anywhere else – you can’t cover up your face after all!).

    It can be really difficult to buy makeup and beauty products as I never know whether they will cause a breakout which could take weeks (maybe even months) to clear.

    I have tried so many creams, from prescription to high street to luxury brands, and nothing is moisturising enough. I currently have to apply cream literally about 10-15 times a day as nothing is nourishing enough. This does create odd looks in meetings at work when I have to whip out the eczema cream! It would be wonderful to find a product that reduces the amount of times I have to apply it.

    I’m dreading the winter months as this is the time it gets really bad. It would be wonderful to try something new and I think it’s fabulous that you are giving people this opportunity. I feel like eczema is a condition that gets forgotten about so often!


  4. JessicaGettingCheeky

    Hello Ruth! I’m 24 and have spent most of my life battling eczema and psoriasis. Though you wouldn’t necessarily know by looking at my beauty blog (I photograph mostly my face) my arms or legs are often either suffering with one of the two conditions or in a various stage of healing. I also tend to have very painful eczema breakouts around my mouth. Though I like to think it’s relatively minor, it’s still quite uncomfortable particularly in the cold climate where i live! I’d love the opportunity to try this balm and write about it as I’m always looking for something that will truly do the job.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Hi, I am am 20 and have had Psoriasis for over 7 years now. I have tried every cream going and various other treatments all with no affect. I understand this could not necessarily help with my condition but of course having this means I can get very dry skin which may not worsen but does not get helped. My face has been very prone to dry skin now we are in the colder months, leaving dry, flaky, sore patches on my skin, of course leading make up to look awful. Like I said I have had this condition for 7 years with no let up from it, I do not get occasional flare ups I have had this constantly. Having this through my teen years and now early adulthood it has had a major effect on my confidence. My skin has become increasingly itchy these last couple of months in the cold and feel this could possibly help me. Thank you.

  6. dear ruth,

    I too am prone to eczema (I have dry sensitve skin) and it tends to flare up in stressful times, and also when the weather gets colder and windy (inside heating and air conditioning is a big no-no too). I had a really bad patch in my early twenties (terribly itchy flaky areas on my face), The worst is the itching, although obviously it’s not very pretty either.

    Now I’m in my thirties, it seems to have calmed down. I do my best to keep it at bay, eat healthy with plenty of omega 3 oils. Porridge also seems to be doing a world of good (apparently it’s an anti-inflammatory) and I make sure I never miss out on my breakfast. At any rate, whenever my skin gets cranky, I have been using a Zinc cream from Uriage (bought in French pharmacy) but I would be delighted to try out a new product, especially now that the cold season seems to be settling in.
    Really enjoy reading your posts, and watching your vids (was even prompted to get the whisles cheetah jumper after seeing you wearing it in recent posts).

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