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Selexir Peace Balm for Extremely Dry Skin

I don’t have eczema and I have never suffered with it, but when I heard the story behind new treatment product Selexir I was really quite moved. (I’ve mentioned my predisposition for crying, have I not?) I was sat face to face with Elena and Mirella, the founders of the brand, and Elena was describing how she had been absolutely disfigured by her eczema, which for many years had made the skin on her face red, itchy, swollen and flaky. She still seemed genuinely distraught about that period of her life, and I felt my throat aching a bit and had to stare quite hard at a point just beyond her head! (Old trick. Only works if you think about tax bills or pasta recipes at the same time – seems to neutralise emotion, for some reason.)

Elena went through hundreds of different creams before deciding to create her own and then, when friends and family started begging her to produce it, she joined up with her best friend, Mirella, and they set about turning it into a viable, sellable product. The clinical trial results were amazing – you can see some of the facts here – with skin left smooth, soothed and hydrated. Many of the volunteers had, like Elena, tried loads of different treatments for their severe skin dryness and in 100% of them there was a marked improvement. Good news for those at the end of their tether with flaky, itchy skin!

I have been testing Selexir on two zones (check me out with my scientific research!): chapped nose-skin and a deep graze on the back of my hand. Both areas reacted very well to the balm – the graze didn’t go through that itchy, scabby phase and it healed up really quickly! The flaky skin around my nose was gone in under two days. I couldn’t use this on my face “proper” as it would probably be far too rich (it’s a thick, thick balm, not a cream – think the texture of Eight Hour Cream, but it doesn’t stink and it’s not sticky) but those with eczema or tight, dry skin will want to slather it all over!

I have three 75ml tubes of Selexir Peace Balm for my readers to try – they are worth £99 each and will last for absolutely ages. I’d love for these balms to go to readers who genuinely suffer from eczema or very dry, itchy skin, so please be honest if you leave a comment below registering your interest. I’d also very much appreciate it if the readers who receive the balms write a short (or long!) post with their feedback and results. So, entry requirements: genuine eczema or very dry skin sufferer, willing to write me some feedback. Leave me a comment below before Saturday at noon (that’s the 3rd of November) and please only leave one comment each.

If you want to find out more about Selexir or ask Elena or Mirella any questions, you can tweet them @Selexir or find them on Facebook here.

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  1. I’ve had extremely dry skin all my life, with a couple of small particularly dry and flaky and sore patches on my face (one under my left eye and the other between my eyebrows). On an occasional very good day my foundation looks ‘OK’ but usually I can’t wear foundation or tinted moisturiser as it sticks to the dry patches and looks hideous. This combined with generally sensitive skin and red patches my face (and body in general) is a big dry flaky sore thing…
    I’d love to be able to trial the Selexir balm!

  2. Hi Ruth, fortunately I haven’t suffered from the effects of eczema, however my mummy, for the past twenty eight years has. It interrupted family life for us quite significantly as she was hospitalised and literally looked like a mummy with bandages covering her body. I remember as a young teenager sitting at home covering her in cream and bandages, even between her toes, it was horrendous. Eventually they found she was allergic to certain things, the main one being parabens, which at the time was in everything – even now every product I look at from hair dye to medication I check the ingredients first. Thankfully with this knowledge it is more under control, however, we are constantly on the lookout for something new to try and give hydrationmand would really appreciate a chance to trial the balm for you. Thank you.

  3. Natalie McDermott

    Since I was 18 I’ve suffered with flare ups of dry skin under my eye but the main problem has been a patch under my nose. Long story short, it began with a spell of glandular fever which left me very run down and despite some hydrocortisone cream helping to tame it somewhat, for the last 11 years my skin has never returned to normal. Colds and allergies always aggravate and dry the area so I’ve looked like Rudolph for so long now I’ve kinda given up hope. Maybe this would be the miracle cure? Fingers crossed!

    Well done to all the people who get to try it. I hope it changed your skin ( and maybe your life) for the better!

  4. I’ve got clinically dry skin and severe keratosis pilaris (such bad scarring that I am only just starting to wear short sleeves after years of long ones), so I’m always looking for ways to get extra moisture into my skin. And for purposes of blog testing I’d probably decant half of this to give to my friend who really does have bad excema which has gotten worse since she’s moved back east!

  5. Earlier this year I treated myself with a series in spa facials that involve a new treatment designed to boost collagen. Rather than coming away with gorgeous skin I ended up after the first treament with all the tissue under my eyes in the peri orbital area being burned away. the top layer was still there but other epidermis layers were compromised. Now I have the slow recovery process of waiting for that skin to regenerate and the skin depressions that I was left with to fill out and for the layers of unburned skin to reveal themseleves. I need to keep the area hydrated in order to prevent scarring. Selexir sounds like it might just do the trick.

  6. I got really excited when I read this post, i’ve tried countless numbers of creams & none of which I found really helped. I’m 22 & got ezcema on both of my hands and I HATE it. I think I would burst into tears if it was on my face! I would love so much to try this cream! Xx

  7. I dont know if this balm is suitable for children??? but if so my 7 year old neice suffers with really bad eczema and recently other children have been commenting ( kids can be so cruel ) and she has very little confidence as a result. If this is suitable for children i would love to be able to pass it on to her, esp as at that price its not something they would normally be able to afford. Jo.

  8. This balm sounds so Fab…I’ve been struggling with my skin since being diagnosed with Lupus in 2010, and combined with the dangerous drugs that I’m forced to take to try to convince my immune system to stop attacking my own body and our moving to Las Vegas for my husband’s career, my skin apparently hates me! I’m on steroids right now, as well, and I’m unable to go outside in the sun from 11AM – 5PM. I have been using coconut oil with some success, however, but I would love to try anything! Xox

  9. Although I do have the odd dry patch of ezcema, I am entering this completion so I could pass it to my sister who is plagued head to foot with ezcema. She has suffered her whole life and it seems to be getting worse recently. She has tried all sorts of therapies and creams, both prescribed and not and nothing has made much of a difference. I know how much if affects her and my young nephews are now starting to develop ezcema too, so hopefully we can find a cream that helps them before they have years of discomfort!!! Thanks for running such excellent competitions!

  10. Please ,please,please let me try some for my daughter. She has to use harsh damaging creams from doctors. I’ll write as much as you like for website. It sounds perfect!

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