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SriVectin EV Reader Review

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I keep meaning to post this up and forgetting – it’s a feedback email from Hannah, who was one of the winners of the StriVectin giveaway held earlier this year. I like reader feedback from giveaways – I think it’s very valuable for many reasons, but mostly because that person has been chosen at random [...]

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Model Diets, Breakfasts and Orange Juice.

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I’ve always had lots of questions asked of me regarding my diet and eating habits – people do tend to assume that there’s some kind of secret formula that models follow that keeps them slim! There is, and it’s called, simply, eating a reasonably healthy and balanced diet. Plus a bit of exercise… And yes, [...]

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Goldsmith Membership Review

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A month or so ago I took the plunge and upgraded my Mr & Mrs Smith membership to a Goldsmith account. Mr & Mrs Smith is a brilliant, brilliant hotel booking service that handpicks the best and coolest hotels in the world. I have booked my travels through them for years, now, and I’ve also [...]

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NEW: Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

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I’ve been itching to tell you about this cute little “mini Naked” palette from Urban Decay! It’s not actually a “mini” version of the Naked palette at all, though it is much, much smaller; it’s actually something of a matte version. If you have either of the original Naked palettes then you’ll know that they’re chock-full of [...]

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Paul & Joe Loveliness Overload.

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 Oh my goodness, would you just look at this! A pelican-print washbag with a selection of Paul & Joe Beauté products – I need it in my life! I must not buy it for myself, I have about three thousand makeup bags! I’m trying to think of someone I like enough to sacrifice it to, but it’s [...]

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Christmas Gift Guide: Big Beauty!

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OK, here it is folks! The first Christmas Gift Guide. I’m only doing a few this year – Luxury, which is this one, Mini, which is coming up (smaller gifts and stocking fillers) and then one on the Christmas cosmetic collections and fragrances. The last two aren’t really gift guides, I suppose, more beauty videos [...]

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Sunday Tittle Tattle

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1) Thank you all so much for going over to Keep Calm and Shop – it took many man hours to get the site going again so I really appreciate it! From Monday there will be at least one new idea every day so do please keep checking back! Should I add an email update [...]

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The Travalo – Build Your Own Aircraft

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  I won’t lie; these Travalo perfume atomisers could do with being a bit cheaper – especially if you want to have a few of them for different scents – but they are brilliant for people who travel a lot. Even for people who don’t travel a lot, actually, because they are the best way I’ve found for carrying [...]