Dolly Skincare for Grown Up Girls!

How utterly, utterly adorable is this mini skincare set from Benefit? The products look like the solid plastic ones that you’d get as a child in those “play at being a grown-up” sets! They are so brilliantly retro, I love everything about them. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Packaging Pervert and this set just really tickles my fancy!

I’ve never actually tried Benefit’s skincare range, so I have no idea what to expect from these. To be quite honest, I’m loathe to even open them up – I want to keep them forever preserved in their current state! You can find this six-piece starter kit on – it contains a cleanser, scrub, toner, eye cream, face cream and an SPF moisturising emulsion. Pretty comprehensive selection and you get about 50ml of skincare in total, all for £10! This will be going into my Christmas Gift Guide as a stocking filler, but I couldn’t resist posting about it sooner. It’s Dolly Beauty for adults!

b.right starter kit


  1. I bought the toner because I was told it was “moisturising” but it ended up really really drying my face out! And I have a very oily skin :/

    On the other hand, the cream is great!! :)

  2. That looks awesome! My mom has the Triple Performing mousturizer and she loves it! She has quite dry mature skin though…

  3. I got a sample of the moisturiser a couple of months ago at sephora and I found it very greasy :s stear clear if you’re oily-skinned

  4. I love Benefit’s products and have used the B Right range. The eye cream is especially good. I didn’t know they had made a travel size and at that price, what a bargain.


  5. I love these bottles too – great for traveling – slight bug-bear though is that its a pain to get the cream out of the glass bottle. You have to stand it upside down and let gravity get to work, much like a bottle of ketchup!

  6. Be warned, the Foamingly Clean face wash is like paint stripper, so drying, I can’t use it! Haven’t tried any of the other products though.

  7. Love them! and all my favourites too :)

  8. I saw these at Ulta the other day and thought the same thing! I love the thought that some companies put into their packaging, it makes it look so much nicer sitting on my vanity.

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