Melvita Eye Makeup Remover: Firm but Gentle

Face Makeup Remover Sensitive

I have a big old post planned for my favourite eye makeup removers – over the last year I’ve been testing a whole load of them, and I’ve placed all of the best ones into a box. Said box is waiting to be taken off the shelf and into my “still life” area to be photographed in an artistic and pleasing way, but we all know how long that wait could be so Ive popped a little pre-review in!

I have used this eye make-up remover from Melvita a lot recently. It’s a really, really great dual-phase cleanser. Effective but extremely gentle – not quite as gentle as the Klorane Cornflower, but getting there. This actually has a little more cleansing power than the Klorane version, thanks to the oily layer that sits above the liquidy layer. As with all dual-phase or bi-phase cleansers, you need to shake the bottle to wake the taste (little retro Orangina reference there) and you may find that you like a little rinse after you’ve finished your makeup removal, just to remove any last residue. I’d always recommend cleansing twice when you’re removing makeup, anyway, as you need one go (at least) to get the muck off and another go to really get into the nitty gritty of the matter.

This eye makeup remover is all I can ask for, really: effective, gentle. I’m down to my last dregs and it’s a definite repurchase kind of situation, which is pretty good considering that I have around twenty other removers to get through. It costs £13 and you can get it at good old with free delivery to all the corners of the earth.


  1. I’m so glad I found Melvita through this site – a lot of their stuff is really lovely.

    Instead of separate eye MU removers, I’ve gone back to using Pre-Cleanse by Dermalogica, because I’m just really lazy. You get a good, thorough first cleanse of your face AND it gets rid of mascara, eyeliner etc. Two birds one stone! And no faffing about with cloths/cotton pads etc.

    Also, it smells sooo nice and it’s a big plus to use something that’s “pretty” ‘cos all my cleaners are clay etc. Damn you combination skin. Damn you!

  2. The guinot eye makeup remover is fantastic.cheapsmells have it in stock at the moment.

  3. I wear A LOT of eye makeup and have found this to be one of the only really effective eye makeup removers… It’s amazing! LUSH Ultrabland is also pretty good but very rich and heavy

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