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Brilliant Givenchy Fluid Foundation. Just Brilliant.

This week’s favourite makeup routine? The warm, natural look with a hint of gold around the eyes. Believe it or not, the makeup in the photograph was applied twelve hours before – I did eight hours of filming outside in the freezing cold before cosying up in this picture! The Givenchy Eclat Matissime foundation is just astounding, in my opinion – it stays matte for the entire day, it’s not drying, it’s just…perfect. It suits my skin so well, and I don’t feel as though I’m missing out on any radiance or moisture. Those with dry skin might not like it quite so much, but then I have no idea why you’d be wanting to mattify your face if you had dry skin! You can see that there’s a slight sheen on my forehead, but I’ll stress that this is after twelve hours and I hadn’t powdered once!

Here’s a list of the products I used to get this warm, natural look – it’s not particularly adventurous, granted, but I just had to share my news about the Givenchy base. It’s quite a recent discovery for me, as I usually go for very dewy textures – not something I can do so much with the Devil’s Own Pustules threatening to jump back out at any minute! They seem to be disappeared for now, but who knows? They are revelling in surprising me this year, the nasty little bar-stewards!

Few more points to make on the Givenchy foundation; it comes in a really nifty bottle with flip-up lid, it has an SPF20 (UVA and UVB protection) and it costs £32. It glides right on, so you don’t need too much, but obviously it’s Givenchy, so we’re not talking about bargain buys here! Worth every single little penny, in my opinion – it’s made it into the hallowed depths of my “main” makeup bag.

Givenchy Fluid Foundation, shade 4. HouseofFraser

Dior Night Golds Palette – lightest shade applied around inner corners of the eyes to add brightness and life! Free delivery at FeelUnique.com

Givenchy Medieval Cannonball Mascara, find it at HouseofFraser

Dior Nude Tan Healthy Glow in shade 002. One of the best, best bronzers EVER. Escentual.com

No concealer – probably could have done with a touch, to be fair, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Had I used some, it would most definitely have been my Urban Decay pencil which is brilliant, but I can’t find a big sharpener to fit it, so it’s sat on my desk, sad and blunted.

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  1. did it break you out?

    • The Givenchy? No. The Estee Lauder Light was, though, I think. I might be allergic to one of the ingredients! x

      • it might be bismuth oxychloride — same happened to me! also used bare minerals powder for quite a while & had breakout after breakout. i tried everything i could think of skin care-wise, but it wasn’t til i cut out the products containing bismuth oxychloride that those breakouts completely stopped.

  2. Oh dear, it’s going to be another rush out and buy product. I did the same with the fabulous Estée Lauder matte primer and it’s now in my everyday makeup bag…along with most things you review!
    Whenever you review something mattifying it tends to work for me so rush out and buy I must for fear of a sellout…global scale lol.
    I’ve also bought Clarins skin illusion (powder) on your recommendation and love it as a quick everyday foundation so thanks again!

  3. Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice!!! Love it! I think I’m getting rather tired of see smokey eyes on non-Asians. This is so refreshing!
    Ooo… I must share with you: I received my first 100ml of JoMalone’s Red Roses! It will be my signature perfume… Thanks to your recommendation! <3

  4. I love the Urban Decay concealer pencil too! The only sharpner the right size is the Urban Decay sharpner, the one I have is double one with a regualr sized slot for eye pencils and a bigger slot for the concealer pencil, hope that helps. xo

  5. Urban Decay do their own pencil sharpener for big pencils and huuggeee pencils, I think it’s about £7 – it looks a bit naff but is brilliant!

  6. If you get another wave of brake outs you should try an lms system. Wayne Goss, you’re dailymix pall, made a video on it. It’s sold in boots, but I god mine of feelunique. I’ve had great results with it. It feels like doing nothing to your skin but the result are great. Wayne did a review and a non sponsored giveaway on it on his channel. You should check it out!

  7. DANG IT!!! This was in my Sephora cart for the VIB sale but at the last minute, I backed out because I figured I would try the Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation instead. Now I am really regretting that decision…

  8. Hi Ruth

    I don’t really do this sort of thing, but I just wanted to drop you a comment and say how much I’ve enjoyed your videos and website – the skincare in particular. I’m a very busy 23 year old with sensitive skin, prone to breakouts, and I find it difficult to find the time (or the inclination) to go through the bumf in order to find products of worth. Your videos have been really enlightening, and I like that they’re quality products, not influenced by hype or dubious-sounding chemicals. In particular I enjoyed your cleansing video – I use Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser religiously, but have always used the muslin flat, not folded – I tried the folded way yesterday and today, and much prefer it, so thanks!

    If you’re looking for any video suggestions, one I’d be interested in is beauty boxes. I understand Amarya do a good one, and it appeals to me as a way to be introduced to new products without shelling out for whole tubes etc. It’d be nice to know what you thought of them, any companies you’d recommend, etc.

    Anyway, I really never message anyone to say that I enjoyed their site etc, feels a bit odd, but I know if someone really appreciated my work (though as a project manager that never happens!) I’d like it if they let me know.

    Amy x

  9. I really wanted to try this foundation but I kept hearing it broke people out?? Have you experienced this yet??

  10. Not sure exactly how big the Urban Decay concealer pencil is, but I bought a seemingly rubbish pink Barry M sharpener from the stand at Topshop Oxford Circus for 99p that has a small + big hole, the latter of which was actually a tad too big for some of my chunkier eye pencil/crayons. Maybe worth a look? Mine has held out pretty well, surprisingly! x

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