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The Best Pyjama Bottoms Ever

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A while back, I bought you the best thong ever.

(For those who have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing one, a thong is a god-awful bit of narrow fabric that lingerie designers think you’ll want to have between your bottom cheeks, like some kind of ornate, lacy cheese-wire.) (If you want to know where to find the best skinny jeans ever, then have a look at Paige Verdugo on Donna Ida. The black overdyed version are so comfy and flattering.)

Now, I bring you the world’s best pyjama bottoms.

You’d think that designing a pyjama bottom would be easy, yet so many brands get it wrong! I just cannot abide a badly designed pyjama – it’s supposed to be the most comfortable thing you can put on, for crying out loud! Either they are too “close” in the crotch (you know what I mean – it’s cheese-wire all over again), or the waistband is too tight, or too loose. The fabric is wrong; shiny, sweaty, too furry, too silky. The cut of the leg is off – too tapered, too flared, too narrow. The pattern is ridiculous – who wants to look like a five-year old in cartoon elephants?! Or the style is ageing – lacy satin edging, anyone?

No, the perfect pyjama is an art, and I present to you the HUSH pyjama. Straight, wide leg that hangs from the hips just so; subdued yet pretty fabric patterns that look neither too chintzy nor too juvenile; lots of room in the ahem area without looking too “MC Hammer”… Can this design be improved upon? I think not. Unless they could please make a few more patterns in dark fabrics, as pale colours aren’t always practical for us ladies all the month round!

What do you reckon? Can you find better? I hope not, as I’m about to order another three pairs! Let me know in the comments box, please. If you want to have a browse around the HUSH collection, click here. The pyjama bottoms are £30/£45 each – mine are the “antique floral”. You’ll see them again in Friday’s post, but I can’t tell you why, not yet. Let’s just say you’ll really want to get home quickly on Friday night!

(So many of you asking about the oversized knit blankets and cushions – you can find them here:  http://goo.gl/77fHk

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  1. They look so comfy and those socks! Yummy. What about the top you’re wearing? Looks like a sweat shirt, where is it from?

  2. Would love to know whether the pyjama sets are any good too?!

  3. Love your writing! Hmm… cheese wire. I learned something new today!
    I wear shorts all year round though…

  4. Wow they look amazing! May I ask if you picked up size XS or S/M? Am not sure which one to choose, and I am a european size 36. Thank you! And very lovely and cozy picture :)

  5. Yes they are very comfy and warm (I even bought them for my husband!), though Gap ones are pretty good too. I LOVE your cushions and bed spread, where are they from?

  6. naturalbeautycabinet.com

    Hi Ruth, My beef with the perfect pyjama bottom is that they’re always too short, giving me that attractive ‘half-mast’ look, as if I had a growth spurt overnight. Can you let me know the inner leg measurement for the Hush ones? I can’t see any info on the website. Thanks,

    Faye x

  7. Oh gosh, the quest for PJ bottoms… I wear soft grey men’s XS jogging bottoms at the moment (very cold up North at present!) and they’re good for not being … cheese-wire-esque, and not being half-masts. My most common problem with PJ bottoms is that they either cut into my hips or hang off them, as they rely on silly drawstring or thin elastic. I wear them with one of my skinny-fit Fruit of the Loom long sleeve tees, and it’s a very cosy combo indeed, without looking like some child/ill person/Jeremy Kyle guest…

  8. I’ve been buying from Hush for years now! Its seems they’re suddenly becoming popular!! I have a ton of their stuff including everything your wearing in the pic! I can’t even get on with your thong rec!!! Wore one for a day in Paris and ended up in Wolfords!! Cant find the Paige jeans in a size 23. The Paige black coated edgemonts are fab tho!

  9. Great post! I’m still on the search of the perfect pj bottom still…maybe i give it a try then :)…even if i always wanted to try the victorias secret ones! beside of the pj…im in love with the cushions and the throw!!!! where are they from?! thanx Ruth :)

  10. I just love your posts Ruth! Your writing is so humorous and always brightens my day!! :)

  11. Oh no! I don’t think they ship to Australia! This pains me as I buy pretty much everything you mention and these are super cute!

  12. OMG, 200 pounds for a pair of jeans? That’s insane! Maybe I’d get a pair if the average monthly income for Polish people wouldn’t be 300 pounds…

  13. Great post, my pj bottoms always seem to shrink and turn into flood pants. Not flattering at all, I don’t care if I’m not going out in them!

  14. Those PJ bottoms match Mr Bear- almost!

    Oh and Bagpuss in the background! He regularly reviews things on my blog :) (Computergirl’s Musings- Disqus seems to have lost my details and wont let me connect with blogger :( )

  15. I like to wear Patagonia or Mountain Hardwear base-layer leggings in bed. They’re for mountaineering / expeditions but are so warm and well fitting especially round the ankle (they don’t ride up). Also they come in black which is ideal for the reason you mentioned above, and you can safely answer the door in them.

  16. Only you can make pyjama trousers so interesting and funny!

  17. I’ll admit the pants do look comfy, but I’m more distracted by the AWESOME giant knit blanket!

  18. Big hello from the girls at The White Company store in Cheltenham, we’re all big fans of your blog, Ruth! Recognised our chunky knit throw straight away haha :) x

  19. such a lovely cosy picture (sitting here with broken boiler – gah) I like your wristwarmers are they also White Company? I have the White Company herringbone cashmere throw which is so well made I could wear it 24/7 (it’s wasted on a bed). But I think I prefer the texture of this chunky throw (or to combine it with the other throw). Is the chunky knit throw soft to the touch?

  20. Thanks Ruth, I’m very tempted to order some. Have you got any idea how their Ugg/Sheepskonboots are? I really need new ones.

  21. Hi Ruth, I’m a first time poster but am really loving your blog! Not sure if it’s too late to add to this article but I’m thinking about the paige jeans – can I ask if you would wear them ‘daytime’ as well (the website states they are perfect for evening?) Also, wondering if the sizing is pretty standard? Treated myself to some jbrand skinnies last year which I love but I was a size smaller than I would usually be (maybe that’s to make you feel better after spending all that money?!) Thanks!

  22. This blog post is the first result when I googled “best pyjama bottoms” – great to read it but now the link to the pyjama bottoms is broken! I’m browsing Hush’s website anyway :)

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