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Autumn Makeup Favourites

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Please be seated for my Autumn Favourites video – a little edit of some bits and pieces that I’ve been messing about with recently. It’s actually very few products compared to the usual seasonal round-ups – I always feel as though I put too much in, and so I’ve really only gone for the things that I’ve used most. Probably the best Autumn/Fall collection for me was Dior’s Golden Safari, actually, I just thought that it was so luxe and unusual. I find Autumn difficult in terms of cosmetic brand collections – I don’t really wear dark lip colours, and these are usually their focal-point. If you want to see my run-down of the best dark lip colours, though, have a look at my post with pictures.

*Note on the Double Wear Light foundation: it’s a marvellous foundation, but I have an inkling that my skin doesn’t agree with one (or more) of the ingredients. I must do some more extensive research on this before I can say for sure, but I really hope that it’s not this foundation that I don’t get on with because I LOVE it! It lasts for ages and ages – it’s like glue! The finish is beautiful and it doesn’t slide, dry-up or sit in creases and fine lines. Brilliant stuff, but I’ve had a few little blips with it, so watch this space!

*Actually, just noticed: I’ve also included Benefit’s ‘They’re Real” mascara, which isn’t really one of my favourites. It’s okay, but I don’t lurve it in a smoochy kind of way. If you pile it on all in one go it gives enormous lashes, but I don’t like the brittle wand that much – it makes my eyelids scream. So really, this video and post should just be called Autumn Makeup, rather than Autumn Makeup Favourites. Oh well.

Right then; film’s about to start. Don’t whatever you do start eating popcorn (see here), but you may have a cup of tea and a non-noisy biscuit if you absolutely require sustenance.

If you can’t see the video, click HERE

Clear Prep FX: http://tidd.ly/7d0bb56c

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light (Intensity 2.0): http://tidd.ly/efbabbf6

Smashbox Photo Set Powder: http://tidd.ly/6c3337bf

Louise Young Brushes: http://tidd.ly/5a52d7e0

Urban Decay Concealer Pencil: http://tidd.ly/19ae75a9

Clinique Bronzer (Light/Medium): oh BOO! This is an old one. : (

Dior Night Golds Palette: http://tidd.ly/7b08ffd9

Pixi Endless Liner in Cocoa: http://tidd.ly/1161b614

Benefit They’re Real Mascara: http://tidd.ly/cb193110

Dior Nude Lip Blush in 418: http://tidd.ly/be4b3ff4

Real Techniques Foundation Brush: http://tidd.ly/94689435


  1. Popcorn tastes disgusting anyway!! ;)

  2. I like the background actually. I’m pretending you’re a visiting profession at Oxford. Or something. Haha…

  3. Oh I LOVE the CoverFX ClearPrep FX primer too–it was my first ever primer and thankfully I chose a good one. I don’t use primer that often but when I do, I love that stuff! Also really want that Night Golds palette now!!

  4. Hi Ruth! I have been thinking about purchasing the alpha-h intensive night serum, and have
    been reading quite a few review of it, and some of them comment on the
    high alcohol content of the serum. I try to avoid all alcohol in my
    skincare as my skin tends to be sensitive and dehydrated, in addition to
    being combination/oily, so I was wondering what your take is on alcohol
    in skin care? Could you perhaps make a post about this? Would be really
    grateful for an answer!=)

  5. I’m fascinated to learn which ingredient/s you might be allergic to, Ruth – do keep us updated.

    I recently discovered that my skin is sensitive to Cyclopentasiloxane and Bismuth Oxychloride. They make me breakout in spots. It’s such a shame because they seem to be in a number of (otherwise wonderful) foundations.

    Sarah x

  6. I hope to hear more about brushes from you soon. Especially Japonesque et Louise Young, as there doesn’t seem to be that many reviews of these brushes online. Have a great day !

  7. Ruth, the fan brush you used at the beginning is wonderfully large and just what I’ve been looking for! Is this a Louise Young brush? Thanks in advance if you get a chance to answer! :) xx

  8. ‘They’re Real’ Mascara is a funny one for me. I loved the effect when it was applied on me in store, amazed by it in fact and really wanted to buy it, but knew I should wade through my unused stockpile at home first.

    But another time in store when I decided to get it as I was so entranced, I decided to try and apply it myself using their temp wand and to be honest found it a mare to apply! I think there is a knack to it, but mascara shouldn’t have to rely on having it.

    It just didn’t look as good and whatever I did made it worse. As a lover of tartware and as someone who’s first ever job was in beauty, that was a real turn up for the books!

  9. Do you think that foundation would work for me? I’m 49, sensitive oily skin prone to breakouts; always looking for strong coverage and wearability. Always shiney… Thanks!

  10. I have heard problems about doublewear and always make sure to cleanse really thoroughly after wearing it – it is so longwear that I think it is hard to really remove it thoroughly. I am still sticking with it but not certain if this is my long term HG foundation.

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