Christmas Gift Ideas

On Saturday I purchased this brilliant cushion from Rory Dobner. I have wanted one for ages, but they always seemed to be sold out! Now it’s winging its way to me and I am pleased as punch. It will make a brilliant focal point in my bedroom – it’s very Alice in Wonderland don’t you think? It was very expensive, but I get a permanent 20% discount at Liberty Online (see below). The total price was still rather dear, but it’s very much a collector’s item and I really think that it will be a bit of a showpiece.

(If you want a permanent 20% discount at Liberty then you need a Mr & Mrs Smith membership! Free to join, I’ve harped on about this before. I’m pretty sure you get 20% even at the entry-level Blacksmith, as well as discounts on FeelUnique, NEOM, Hush and loads of my other favourites! There’s no catch whatsoever. None that I’ve found, anyway!)

Rory Dobner Monocle Cat Cushion is at Liberty Online HERE – pop it on your Christmas Wishlist!

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5 Responses to The Monday Miaow

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  2. Oh my gosh, I love!!! I can imagine my friends despairing if I bought this, it might have just whizzed to the top of my Christmas list though!

  3. Rae says:

    Hi Ruth, I joined the Mr and Mrs Smith at free entry level ages ago when you mentioned it – but just wondering how you go about accessing the discounts with places such as Hush, Neom etc as I would love to have a discount at these websites! Many thanks X

  4. This is amazing. Now to convince the husband that we need this….

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