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At the risk of sending you all to sleep, I’m going to talk about Hibernation again! You did catch my wintery, sleepy video didn’t you? If you didn’t, the post and video are HERE. I just wanted to revisit some of the products that I included in the video; This Works deep sleep treatments. I didn’t show it in the video, but some of them were actually part of a set – the charmingly named And So To Bed. It contains a candle, a sleep balm, a bath soak and a pillow spray, all of which I find to be really very effective at inducing a state of sheer relaxation! (You must turn off your phone and remove it from your person before embarking on any kind of relaxation – it’s my new rule!)

All of these sleepy things used in combination creates a beautifully fragranced environment that just seems to evoke a sense of calm and peacefulness. If you’re a health and safety stickler like me, you won’t want to use the candle as well (I fear I’ll fall asleep with it lit) but you could always have it burning whilst you take your pre-sleep bath?

Wouldn’t this make a lovely Christmas gift? I think so. It’s supposed to be £65 but I’ve just spotted it on BeautyBay for £55! Add to your wishlist or drop some heavy hints – you’ll get at least a year’s worth of hibernations out of this lot!


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  1. Karo
    November 19, 2012 / 6:15 pm

    I’ve just ordered the body oil based on your recommendation ! I’m quite curious about the bath soak as well, I might have to make another order at Feelunique….how long do you thing one tub will last (how many baths) ?

  2. November 24, 2012 / 10:04 am

    I love this and I’m a serious insomniac! I bought it a few months ago (a set with the full size Pillow Spray and 5ml pulse point) and I actually fell asleep about 30mins later! I thought it might just be psychological but I tried it again and fell asleep infact 8/10 times when I use it I do fall asleep and sometimes I think I have sprayed it (and havn’t) and lay there thinking why am I not asleep (the ditsy moments) and then realise I havn’t sprayed it! Lol! So I actually get at least 4hrs sleep when using it which for me is a lot as for the last 2 years (due to medication I am on) I have been lucky to get 10-15hrs sleep a week and only took/take the prescribed sleeping tablets at the weekends as they make me groggy the next day for work and TBH they only manage to get me about 4-5hrs sleep! So for this to work is amazing and I am actually getting now double the hrs of sleep! TBH I can’t wait till i’m off the tablets that have caused me to get hardly any sleep I have gone a few times with no sleep for 7 days (imagine how I was then I was wobbly, shaky and when talking wasn’t making much sense! Lol) So I would say ANYONE that has problems sleeping try this it is amazing I love it and it lasts ages I have well over half a bottle left and have had it for a couple of months xxx

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