Python Print Lingerie – Racy Girl-Next-Door!

stella mccartney bra smooth python

Stella McCartney’s new-ish “Stella” lingerie is well worth a good look. Breaking free from my addiction to Calvin Klein’s Customised Lift bras (it was getting boring, I had five in different colours!) I decided to funk things up in the underwear department. I went for a python-print bra and three – yes three - pairs of laser-cut briefs. (Because you never have enough matching pants, do you?)  The briefs are a thing of wonder and I adore them. The bra comes up slightly tight around the ribs, but actually stretches out quite quickly, so you only have to endure one excruciating wear! And, if you’re intelligent, you’ll do the bra up on the outer hooks to begin with and gradually move tighter as the bra gets looser. (Common sense, apparently. I lack it.)

There are lots of gorgeous things in the Stella range – it’s quite a bit cheaper, too, than the original Stella McCartney lingerie. You can find most of it online at Net-a-Porter - check out the Supernatural bra, that’s probably my next investment.

My favourite at-home clothing combo of the moment is Python Print lingerie with my grey sweatshirt from HUSH and Paige Verdugo skinny jeans (both linked-to here). There’s something nice about having racy undies on but looking very girl-next-door and casual!

Ruth CrillyPython Print Lingerie – Racy Girl-Next-Door!

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  2. sheila

    Hi Ruth! What is the sizing like on this range? I usually take a 30E but sometimes the 32 bands work out if it’s not too stretchy. Some of Stella’s main lines are very rigid and work well but I saw that her basics line comes in a huge range of extended sizes.

  3. Lisa

    Hi Ruth! You’ve inspired me to upgrade my casual clobber! Are the blue Paige jeans as comfy as you find the black ones? Thanks! Xxx

    1. RuthCrilly

      It’s from HUSH. If you go on that link above, there will be links to HUSH. I think it’s a sloppy joe sweater? xx

  4. Antonia

    Have you ever checked out intimissimi’s range? In my opinion, they make the most great lingerie: beautiful, great quality and affordable. I can’t wait to go to London next week to buy the whole lot :) xx

  5. Chloe Elizabeth

    My favourite underwear would have to be victoria’s secret, comfy, sexy and affordable but I hate that its double the price in the UK?! So much so I refuse to shop there!

  6. Lorna Grech Fonk

    do you wear jeans when you’re staying at home? I’m always in trackie bottoms for studying, need to look a little better though i’ll admit. psychiatry is on friday, wish me luck, I’m panicking :/ xxxx

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