Paul & Joe Loveliness Overload.

luxury gift guide Oh my goodness, would you just look at this! A pelican-print washbag with a selection of Paul & Joe Beauté products – I need it in my life! I must not buy it for myself, I have about three thousand makeup bags! I’m trying to think of someone I like enough to sacrifice it to, but it’s pretty difficult. See also the cat bag:

and the blusher stick:


All are available at ASOS – the stock seems to change quite frequently though. The bag from my Monday Miaow a few weeks ago is no longer there, sadly!

Paul & Joe Beauty


  1. Random Thought: If you EVER hold a sale, I’m quite sure everything will be snapped up.

  2. That’s it for me- I am a goner. Thanks for this delightful post, Ruth. xoxo Beth in Pgh ;-)

  3. I have the blusher stick! it’s so cute!!!!!!

  4. Hi Ruth. I know its off topic but I thought you might reply in this post as opposed to me asking in the Sunday post. suffering from bad breakouts recently, I am looking to buy the La roche Posay effacler Duo after reading that it helped you a lot with your breakouts. Just wanted to know if the Duo was the only moisturiser you used or did you use another product (on top) more hydrating/nourishing for these winter months. Thanks.

    • No, I just used that! I AM starting to feel just a little dry now, but I’ve used it non-stop for a month! x

  5. The cat bag is amazing. I need something like this, it’s beautiful. (Plus, cats!)

  6. I looove Paul & Joe – I have the pearl primer, which is wonderful, and I’ve ordered their compact concealer and whale print blotting papers for my other half (who keeps stealing my makeup bag when she goes away for the weekend, grr, I ended up spending £120 on a new set of makeup and a Cath Kidston dino wash bag to stop such future instances!) anyway, love them, want all of this.

  7. Pelicans?!! OMG too cute! I NEED that bag!! (I’m sure that other stuff included in the set is good too…whatever it is :P)

  8. What do you think of Clarisonic? Could you do a review? Thanks!

  9. Oh no! I have a weakness for makeup bags. And these are absolutely gorgeous! I suppose I need to start throwing hints around!

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