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Model Diets, Breakfasts and Orange Juice.

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I’ve always had lots of questions asked of me regarding my diet and eating habits – people do tend to assume that there’s some kind of secret formula that models follow that keeps them slim! There is, and it’s called, simply, eating a reasonably healthy and balanced diet. Plus a bit of exercise… And yes, insert all of those clichés and worn old jokes about models not eating and only drinking champagne and smoking fags – there are some models who subscribe to that way of life, as there are women in any walk of life who do (I can think of at least three women, off the top of my head, who smoke and drink Diet Coke voraciously and eat very little, and non of them are models!) – but most get their honed limbs and glowing skin through good diet and some kind of exercise regime. No word of a lie – sorry to dispel any myths, there!

OK, so here’s what I tend to eat for breakfast. The easily-bored should turn away now, because it’s not that exciting in all honesty! But I wanted to do a series of videos on things that I eat regularly, just to show that there’s no secret formula and no you don’t have to live on peeled grapes in order to be slim. In my opinion, the sillier the diet, the less likely you’ll be able to stick to it.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a six-month supply of Tropicana Orange Juice, then please click through to the Youtube channel and leave a comment – you must be subscribed to the Youtube channel to enter, rules and all that! Here goes with some breakfast chat – warning: close-ups of eggs and bagels and so on. If you have any food phobias, be prepared to close your eyes. I only say this because my sister-in-law can’t look at ketchup, and a friend of mine can’t look at egg whites. So!

If you can’t see the video then please click here.

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  1. glad to know you are healthy about it! I’m not sure but my guess is that models last longer (sorry to say it like that) when they actually eat healthily instead of all the fads. You are already 12 year in the field, right? Totally loving the diversity of your blog

  2. your breakfast routines are so cute <3

  3. I agree with writer below about the diversity of your blog. I Love to open your blog in the morning to see what you are going to share wih us. Thx!

  4. Loved this post!! New follower here :) Can;t wait for your next post x

  5. Tried porridge for the first time on your recommendation. (Its not big in the states I don’t think) You’re right! Nice and filling and tasty with a bit of honey! Agree with Kel and Milewanderlust below haha The diversity of your blog is great!

  6. My breakfast : 1 Cup black coffee, 1 Cup Soya Milk Unsweetened Latte, 4 qty. Brazil Nuts ( for selenium ), 10-12 raw almonds w skin, 3 teaspoon of Oat Bran ( w/ water ) plus my various vitamin pills (…)

  7. Great video ruth, my favourite breakfast is scrambled egg with smoked salmon on granary toast. I love porridge, too. x

  8. Hi Ruth! Doesn’t Tropicana contain a lot of sugar?

    • The same as all orange juice, it doesn’t have anything added as far as I can see? I’ve compared it to the organic one I sometimes get.. x

  9. I love your hair longer :)

  10. ahhh you are so adorable! how funny- this is exactly what i eat for breakfast usually too! at least up until the bacon part. i like the idea of the big mushrooms with eggs. also yogurt and granola gives me tummy aches, so i err more on the cooked grains side. loved the video!

    and i’m not sure if i’ve got to comment on youtube to be entered, but my favorite breakfast is homemade buckwheat flour blueberry/raspberry pancakes with honey and coconut oil!

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