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Model Diets, Breakfasts and Orange Juice.

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I’ve always had lots of questions asked of me regarding my diet and eating habits – people do tend to assume that there’s some kind of secret formula that models follow that keeps them slim! There is, and it’s called, simply, eating a reasonably healthy and balanced diet. Plus a bit of exercise… And yes, insert all of those clichés and worn old jokes about models not eating and only drinking champagne and smoking fags – there are some models who subscribe to that way of life, as there are women in any walk of life who do (I can think of at least three women, off the top of my head, who smoke and drink Diet Coke voraciously and eat very little, and non of them are models!) – but most get their honed limbs and glowing skin through good diet and some kind of exercise regime. No word of a lie – sorry to dispel any myths, there!

OK, so here’s what I tend to eat for breakfast. The easily-bored should turn away now, because it’s not that exciting in all honesty! But I wanted to do a series of videos on things that I eat regularly, just to show that there’s no secret formula and no you don’t have to live on peeled grapes in order to be slim. In my opinion, the sillier the diet, the less likely you’ll be able to stick to it.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a six-month supply of Tropicana Orange Juice, then please click through to the Youtube channel and leave a comment – you must be subscribed to the Youtube channel to enter, rules and all that! Here goes with some breakfast chat – warning: close-ups of eggs and bagels and so on. If you have any food phobias, be prepared to close your eyes. I only say this because my sister-in-law can’t look at ketchup, and a friend of mine can’t look at egg whites. So!

If you can’t see the video then please click here.


  1. Ruth, i love your Mrs. mug!!! :) Where did you get it, pls pls, pls!! :)

  2. Hi,
    I’m 16 and I <3 this website, I go on it every day. Hehe.
    I'm really self disciplined when it comes to not eating things like chocolates, biscuits and sweets but I find myself craving carbohydrates really badly especially in the morning. I don't know whether this is because I'm still growing or not. But I feel I could lose more weight if I just cut down my portion sizes. Any suggestions on how to stop hunger pains without eating bigger meals? Please help!! Xx :):):)

  3. You are super inspiring Ruth! It’s so refreshing to hear about your life – I really like that you are ‘not an average model’. Lovely lady!

  4. Oh I love porridge! I have it pretty much every weekday. I make my oats with two thirds water and one third hazelnut or almond milk, with sliced banana on top. I never tire of it! Weekends I have toast or a bagel with some variety of topping, and sometimes eggs; I love poached eggs on spinach and wholemeal muffins when I have the time. Bliss. Breakfast is brilliant, I really don’t get it when people say they skip it. I’d be unconscious in a heap on the floor by 10 am!

    Love your videos, would be great to have more foodie/healthy lifestyle ones! The more the merrier! x

  5. I make the best porridge! I liven it up with a dash of cinnamon and a handful of seeds and raisins : ) I just count tablespoons of oats into the saucepans, no need to weigh it,, Ruth. And yes, eggs rock. I don’t eat meat so enjoy them, free range all the way, such versatile food. x

  6. I love the look of the smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel- that’s on my shopping list now ;)..I might even try a chive cream cheese. I would love to say that I eat porridge every day but I don’t- I start the day with a warm glass of orange juice (half juice, half water) and for breakfast I have 2 slices of wholegrain toast with crunchy peanut butter and a milky coffee. Watching this has really encouraged me to mix it up a bit though- if I had a nutty cereal I would get my unsaturated fats. I have eggs every weekend (we get them from the Saturday farmers market) and love them poached or scrambled especially. Loved this post- the subject matter was so simple but it was so helpful and interesting :)

  7. Do you drink anything hot in the morning? Coffee or tea?

  8. Great video Ruth! Nice to see a model eating heathy, varied foods, I think this is a great message for younger girls especially. I was curious what your thoughts are on caffeine/coffee/tea etc, do you think they are bad for the skin? Try as I might I can’t give up coffee in the morning.

  9. Hi Ruth

    Love hearing about your ideas on food and definately agree variety is the key. Being Coeliac has somewhat limited some of my choices I would have had in the past but for a healthy breakfast I have fruit and a bowl of porridge.
    For a very naughty treat (once in a blue moon) I make american sweet and salty pancakes (using my special flour) with a pile of strawberries and blueberries heaped on top and drizzles of maple syrup…..Mmmmmm!!

    ps, I also have orange juice with iron but take it last thing at night because of the gap you have to leave between eating, is morning time a better time to take it?

    Please keep up the blog and vlogs, I really look forward to reading them xX

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