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The Body Shop – Christmas and Memories and 50% Off!

I’ve spoken before about how intrinsically linked The Body Shop is to my memories of adolescence. It really was the only place to buy all of the Christmas presents for your friends – such variety! Such fruitily-fragranced fun! There are about ten times the amount of gifts available these days – the number of ranges when you browse the store is incredible. This year I’m doing a bit of a retro gift-giving to those who were party to the whole Body Shop friendship circle – there’s definitely going to be a bit of Dewberry going down! However, if you don’t want to follow the retro-route, there are loads of beautiful packages at every price-point. Made JUST a bit easier on the wallet by the fact that I have a 50% discount code!

It’s an online code only and it is: CHRISTMAS. (Easy enough to remember.) It’s valid until the 10th but for one purchase only, so choose wisely young Luke. (Ancient Star Wars reference.) Here’s my pick of the pressies, retro and non!

 1) The Body Shop Fruit Basket. Soap fruits, obviously – I used to LOVE these! £6 or £3 after discount here

2) Strawberry Shower Set – oh, the memories, the memories! Scrub and body butter didn’t exist, in my teenage days, but the shower gel and soap did. I once tried to eat it! This is £15 or £7.50 with the code – getting the hang of this discount thing yet?! It’s here

3) The Moringa Shower, Scrub and Soften Set (£30 or £15 with the code, here.) Moringa is a relatively recent addition to The Body Shop’s ranges and it’s really lovely. You see Moringa included as an ingredient in loads of really luxe beauty products and this selection of body treats would make a great gift. If you’re struggling to find bits and pieces in that pesky £10-£15 bracket then your dilemma has just been solved.

4) One of the best conditioners in the whole wide world, judged on scent alone. I would drink this, had I not already tried it once before and been a little bit ill. I know that the smell of a conditioner should never be the deciding factor but seriously: I want my head to smell like a banana. There is nothing more comforting to me than smelling as though my hair has been turned into a school dinner dessert. Not one to gift, perhaps, but every adult should have a bottle of this in their cabinet to cheer them up on down-days. It’s £4.50 or – COME ON CLASS? HOW MUCH WITH THE DISCOUNT? Get it here. There are loads more retro bits and pieces on the site – look for Dewberry, White Musk and the brilliant Peppermint Foot Cream!

5) I haven’t tried the Vitamin E range for ages, but readers keep on at me to give it a go! Comments and recommendations below, please, people, but for now check out this gift set. Facewash, moisturiser, night cream, eye cream, flannel. £15. Can’t do much better than that! Find it here.

What are your retro beauty products? Favourite Body Shop pressies? Did anyone else have a gift-giving circle that consisted entirely of Body Shop Dewberry sets? Do you remember the little baskets with the shredded paper that everything came in? Answers below, please!

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  1. Does anybody know if the Body Shop is doing an advent calendar this year? I know they did one last year but I didn’t get it. Now I really really want it but I can’t seem to find it on their site.. ?

  2. OMG Ruth, Dewberry was my absolute favourite!! Oh and the little baskets with the shredded paper – I thought I was soooo posh when I bought them as gifts ;) Huge thanks for the code, I’ll defo be retro gift giving! x

  3. Alexandra Jansons

    This post completely brightened my Monday morning! I remember having a fruit soap collection: an entire fruit bowl of soap!! But after a few years they went a little sticky and dusty. Ah the memories.

  4. I can vouch for the vitamin-E collection! the moisturiser and cleansing bar are seriously good… indeed the cleansing bar is just as good if not better than clinique (and i’m a beauty snob).

  5. The Vitamin E collection is AWESOME! I use it EVERYTIME! =D

  6. The Dewberry scent and Banana shampoo bring back some memories. I hope they still have the carrot moisturiser. I wanted to get that for my mum as she used that a lot in her early 20’s. x

  7. If you’re with Quidco – you can get cashback AND the 50% off one order apparently… Or so their email said this morning. Even more reason to shop!

  8. I’ve switched from Clinique to the Vitamin E range and my skin (my wallet) and I couldn’t be happier! I love the night cream, the creamy wash, the toner and the facial oil. I find the eye cream isn’t that hydrating and the daily lotion is too fragrant (it smells like roses, which I could bear on my body, just not so much on my face!)

  9. Banana conditioner – yeah! Dewberry – nooooo!

    Just the mention of Dewberry or White Musk makes me feel sick. My friends and I would visit the Body Shop, smell all the perfumes in those massive glass display bottles, and then leave with really bad headaches EVERY SATURDAY :) I don’t buy from them any longer as they were bought by L’Oreal and are therefore no longer animal friendly enough for me, but the banana conditioner is a real old fave of mine too. The old style gift baskets were such a give away weren’t they? You couldn’t wrap them in a way that camouflaged what it was!

  10. I remember my daughter and all her friends obsessed with The Body Shop products. I do believe that the Moringa set would be a perfect little surprise!

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