To Fringe or Not to Fringe

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To Fringe or Not to Fringe, that is the question. One that has been playing on my mind for – ooh – the last ten minutes. I’m at that stage of hair-boredom that’s actually quite dangerous – I could well do something silly, like have it all cut off or died an unflattering shade of mauve. Actually, colour-wise, I’m perfectly happy. John my colourist always keeps it looking fresh and sprightly, so it’s only really the cut – the “shape” that I’m bored with.

I feel as though I want to cut in a long fringe and be a bit rock ‘n roll. What do you think? Modelling-wise, a fringe isn’t ideal – it’s difficult to sweep away if the client wants a clean look to the face. Which is often, especially on beauty shoots. A fringe quite dramatically changes the look of your face, in a way, and I suppose that for beauty shoots it’s nice to see bone structure and all of that business. But I’m feeling so rebellious!

What do you think? Give me your opinions, please: fringe or no? I have included some images for your perusal. I could, of course, go for some kind of long, sweeping fringe and cut a few inches from the length – that would refresh it and I suppose lend it some kind of shape… But do we like long and luscious, or would something shorter and more stylish be a funky change?

Please bear in mind, before you comment, that I HATE high-maintenance hair. I am prepared to spend a maximum of fifteen minutes on styling it – and that’s from wet. Unless it’s a very special occasion, in which case it gives me a small nervous breakdown as I faff with rollers and burn welts into my neck with tongs.

I have included some really quite random photos so that you can see the difference between Ruth Fringe and Ruth No Fringe, but the ultimate comparison is probably in my post entitled When is your hair not your hair. Have a read, then come back and tell me your advices, dear people.


  1. If you’re looking for a quick change, I say go for the fringe. It makes your no-maintenance ponytail look a little more edgy and polished with little time invested. Plus, bangs (I mean fringe) are quicker to grow in than a full head of hair when you get tired of them.

  2. No to the fringe Ruth (IMO)… I think your hair always looks classy and stylish and is much more versatile longer. A fringe is something to go for when you have to start thinking about covering frown lines!

  3. i’ve been having this debate myself and if i had blonde hair and your cool sort of sixties-british-rock&roll-chick look (think pattie boyd/marianne faithfull/kate moss) i’d totally go for it. i’d also say keep the rest pretty long and at roughly even length. every time i see an ad with a girl with fringe i envy it and hair can always grow back (even though with fringe it can be a pain to)! you’ll look beautiful either way but while not get it while you’re young and rockin’?!

  4. Hi Ruth, first of all, thank you so much for posting all those videos! I love them. You are gorgeous and can pull off almost any look. I believe that hair is not teeth – it will grow back! I say – why not? if you feel like it – do it! Besides, I think fringe really suits you!!! Keep us updated!

    EDIT: Just read that you got it cut – yay! look forward to seeing the pics :-)

  5. Your fringe will definitely be high maintenance as you already have a slight wave in your hair. And considering the humidity in UK … any frizz trying to form will be more likely to do so. You can wear fringe, it suits you, but considering your wishes (not high maintenance) I say don’t do it. Unlike the others I do however feel that the fringe-y you looks younger though, as all fringes give that extra teen sparkle to the woman. But it will be high maintenance for sure.

  6. I think it looks better without the fringe. think you would regret it very quickly. why not just change your parting. I think that always makes you look really different without the commitment.

  7. Fringe Ruth! It’s really not that big of a commitment once your hair gets used to it’s new way. They’ll frame your face beautifully and really bring out your eyes…clip ins look fake.

  8. I was in the same hair rut as you (long, blonde) and went for the fringe and a long bob (lob I think they call it, shoulder length) rather like Kate Moss a while back. I’m happy with the out come, but in hindsight I wish I’d gone lob first w/o fringe. Less commitment and less work.

    A benefit of fringe is it gives a softness to my face when my hair is in a ponytail (which is always, I’m beyond hair lazy!!)

    I liked your fringe. It reminds me of you when I started watching your video’s ( :

  9. I looove the fringe. I think it makes you look younger and quite vogue!

  10. Toss a coin. When you get an answer you will either think ‘oh I’m glad it was heads’ or ‘I wish it was tails’ and THAT is your answer. Works for everything from hair to ‘Should I get a new job?’. You have an opinion you just don’t know it yet!

  11. Hi Ruth

    Personally, I think you really suit a fringe (I also think it makes you look younger!) There are plenty styles to choose from so there’s one out there to suit everyone. However, do whatever YOU want and what is going to make YOU feel good about yourself. I’m having my fringe trimmed tomorrow …… and having 5 or 6 inches off the length. What the heck – it’s only hair and it’ll grow back :)

    I’d also like to say that Sam Chapman is a beautiful and talented lady regardless of her hairstyle or weight!!!

  12. Your forehead is one of my favorite features of yours – don’t hide it behind a fringe. Though you look amazing with a fringe too.
    You can shorten your hair a bit, not too much. Have some more layers added.

  13. I love the fringe on you! I wouldn’t leave it too long though so it doesn’t hide your pretty face :) They grow out quickly enough if you just want a temporary change…

  14. Well, you’re a beauty, so you’d look good with a potatoe sack instead of hair. In general I think a fringe looks only good on women with really thick, straight hair, like a lot of Asians have. Your hair seems to be very fine, so IMO a fringe isn’t the ideal thing.

    What about a radical short cut a la Linda Evangelista if you’re feeling rebellious? I bet you’d look amazing.

  15. You look amazing with a fringe-I say be spontaneous and don’t be afraid of change :)

  16. hi Ruth! the fringe looks beautiful on you, but remember: mornings when you can’t manage to give it a shape and you have to wet it all down again; second day hair; in-between length. I have been thinking about a cute fringe too, but these things make me cringe. anyway, it’s a really cute look (I would love it with long hair for the winter).
    xxx elsa

  17. I think the fringe makes you look younger. However I do think you look better without the fringe. If it impacts your work negatively I would also not go for the fringe. Maybe just get it cut length wise and put some layers in?

  18. Rita the parachutist

    *breathing deeply*

    Hello fringe-haters, my name is Rita and I have a fringe. I have it since 2001 and I still don’t want to be without it! I find my hair to be very boring without it. If I temporarily want a look without fringe I can always sweep/clip it back easily. It never annoys me even though I have rather stubborn and very straight hair. Actually, it gives my look that certain something I just like. Everybody thinks that it really suits me.

    I feel like I have a snowball’s chance in hell here, but I say from the bottom of my heart:

    Ruth, just do it!!! A long fringe would suit you very well.

  19. Don’t bother with the fringe! You look so chic without and it’s such a time-wasting faff, I used to have one like yours and spent most of the time clipping the thing out of my face! It looked great for about half a day when freshly washed, but then it was a pain. I actually think you look better without one! It took forever to grow mine out too…

  20. YES!! I think a rock ‘n’ roll style fringe would really suit you! Dooooo itt………….. x

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