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To Fringe or Not to Fringe

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To Fringe or Not to Fringe, that is the question. One that has been playing on my mind for – ooh – the last ten minutes. I’m at that stage of hair-boredom that’s actually quite dangerous – I could well do something silly, like have it all cut off or died an unflattering shade of mauve. Actually, colour-wise, I’m perfectly happy. John my colourist always keeps it looking fresh and sprightly, so it’s only really the cut – the “shape” that I’m bored with.

I feel as though I want to cut in a long fringe and be a bit rock ‘n roll. What do you think? Modelling-wise, a fringe isn’t ideal – it’s difficult to sweep away if the client wants a clean look to the face. Which is often, especially on beauty shoots. A fringe quite dramatically changes the look of your face, in a way, and I suppose that for beauty shoots it’s nice to see bone structure and all of that business. But I’m feeling so rebellious!

What do you think? Give me your opinions, please: fringe or no? I have included some images for your perusal. I could, of course, go for some kind of long, sweeping fringe and cut a few inches from the length – that would refresh it and I suppose lend it some kind of shape… But do we like long and luscious, or would something shorter and more stylish be a funky change?

Please bear in mind, before you comment, that I HATE high-maintenance hair. I am prepared to spend a maximum of fifteen minutes on styling it – and that’s from wet. Unless it’s a very special occasion, in which case it gives me a small nervous breakdown as I faff with rollers and burn welts into my neck with tongs.

I have included some really quite random photos so that you can see the difference between Ruth Fringe and Ruth No Fringe, but the ultimate comparison is probably in my post entitled When is your hair not your hair. Have a read, then come back and tell me your advices, dear people.

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  1. NO!! I cut one in and its so difficult once your bored to style your hair different. I love your hair as it is x

  2. No bangs (American reader here, we call them bangs). You are right, your clients will appreciate your look without bands more. Maybe just as some layers for a new look. You are gorgeous no matter what.

  3. hi ruth! i say go for the fringe. life is too short to not have fun and try things out. and look at top models like freja beha and kate moss, their bangs or fringes as you brits call them, are almost as famous as they are! x

  4. Hi Ruth!

    I think your regular hair-do makes you look verrrry young. However, this long, “plain”, straight hair is also very model-y – which I like very much and which suits you (obviously, since it’s your profession)… I really like the fringe, though… I don’t like it on many girls but it definitely looks excellent on you and you look more mature and interesting (not that you don’t look interesting already but… you know).

    Anyways, greetings from Germany!


  5. Its a HUGE commitment Ruth! Every time i have a fringe cut in i regret it, it’s a nightmare to grow out! Maybe get one of those clip in fringes and see how you feel or get a side fringe but dont go for a blunt fringe, especially if you don’t like to spend ages on your hair.

  6. But your hair is so lovely as it is, you look so young and innocent without the fringe. I think the fringe ages you, no offence! Maybe just get a shorter layer put in? Or some feathering? :)
    *Remember when you last got a fringe, it started to drive you crazy in your vids x

  7. Haha I completely know what you mean – I am always bored with my hair and wanting to change it in some way! You look amazing with a fringe and without! I think having a long fringe can be easier because when I had a fringe and it grew it went in my eye all the time! Haha :) I absolutely love your hair in the last photo! xx

  8. You look cute with the fringe, but it’s not like you have a hideous forehead you need to hide. I’ve been wanting to have one too, but it’s always thinking of how much trouble it is that prevents me…
    So, unless you are really bored with your hair, I’d probably say no.

  9. I’m a massive fringe fan. Had one forever. Mainly because I don’t like my forehead and it also hides my frown lines. I also just look better with a fringe. However, it doesn’t impact on my work so, I don’t have that to consider. I think sometimes you just know. I think you look great with a fringe AND without. This isn’t helpful, is it? Sorry.

  10. I like the fringe look. Though I do think you look great either way.

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