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Christmas Gifts: Skincare Sets

christmas skincare sets gift guide

Cheesy photo alert! I took that with a bad back, as well… Please excuse the quite random zooming and refocusing on this video, and also the weird constant thumping noise in the background. You just can’t get the staff these days, and also I had the camera on a strange setting and also forgot to plug in the directional microphone and also set the autofocus to track something that wasn’t my face. The perils of working with a proper big camera when you have very little spare brain space.

Right! Skincare! I think there’s something here to please pretty much everyone, from teens upwards. If it’s a man you’re buying for, go for the Alpha-H (details below the video). Better than all of these sets made “especially for men” but that only differ in the way they smell! I mean, it is quite nice for them to smell all manly, I suppose, but  in terms of effectiveness, I’d go with the Liquid Gold. Or the Murad. Or the Ole Henriksen. All suitably unisex.

Link for this video, just in case you can’t see it, is here!

Gift Sets Shown*

Alpha-H: http://tidd.ly/4461d257

Emma Hardie Starter Set: http://tidd.ly/a2c5fa24

Benefit Minis: http://tidd.ly/af34c971

Murad Kit: http://tidd.ly/c9cb8482

StriVectin Kit: Harvey Nichols – store or online

Pai Rosehip Set: http://tidd.ly/3b2e9484

NUDE Starter set: http://tidd.ly/33b65ef9

Skyn Iceland: http://tidd.ly/112b297e

Elemis Freshskin: http://tidd.ly/8c258793

Darphin Intral: http://tidd.ly/b55b5e78

Decleor Wonders of Nature Soothing Kit: http://tidd.ly/90fd63bc

Clinique Repair and Lift: http://tidd.ly/8d6602f3

Ole Henriksen Sets: http://tidd.ly/9633fc62

(*Sets are mostly brand samples sent for this gift guide, apart from the Alpha-H and the Benefit!)

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  1. I have a Christmas gifts guide going live today too and I’ve picked the Pai Rosehip Set as one of my selections. Great minds & all that ;) x

  2. I love the Skyn Iceland products, tried out because of you, of course! I’m getting sold on the Decleor as you are so convincing in general and spot on in fact.

    Sorry, but I had to laugh when you said that your back hurts from sitting there doing the video and the tree doing you no favors. Then you proceeded to tell us about the state of your bedroom. By the time you said the chest of drawers was on your bed (with the bed on its side), I was nearly falling off my chair: all that moving around of furniture! Did you ever consider that THAT might have contributed to the back hurting? ;) I do hope it’s not a serious back issue, as I do know how it goes with back pain … it just hit a funny bone with me, the way you said it. :) Hope your back is doing better soon! xx

  3. You’re such a dedicated Youtuber, Ruth! Thanks for all these Christmas videos, am thoroughly enjoying them. Hope you and Mr. Model Recommends can soothe your backs very soon xxx

  4. Ruth! Have you tried Alpha-H Ultra Protector SPF 30+ Daily Moisturiser? Is it good for oily skin? :) Thx!

  5. Hello Ruth, on the beautybay website when I want to confirm my order it says: ‘Your payment method will be charged: £29.56’ do you know what that means? Do I have to pay that on top of my order?

    • I would have thought that’s just the price in total? They deliver for free, so can’t imagine it could be anything else? Drop customer service an email if you’re worried! x

      • Oh yes it’s just the price to pay in £ Thank you!! I’m so excited to try the Alpha-H set, I just ordered it :-) I’m using the Filorga sleep&peel for a month now, but I’m not really impressed…
        Happy Holidays xxx Greetings from Belgium

  6. Loving this video, esp. the Alpha – H : 5pc. set !!! Bargain, for (an almost) price of a full sized 100ml. LG bottle. Always wanted to try their moisturisers anyway. Perfect timing. I’m on layering both, Caudalie’s Vinexpert & Vinoperfect at the mo. Love all your BEST skincare suggestions, as always …

  7. Hello Ruth, i want to be a model but everyone says that i am too young (17) and too short, what should i do?

  8. Hello, Ruth!
    I was wondering: What would you recommend to substitute the Clinique 3 steps? Even if it’s a bit pricey, but since you’re mostly paying for the quality of the content than for the brand’s name. I’m truly willing to know that. Many thanks in advance.

  9. Hello Ruth !
    I was wondering if there is any good product for chin acne.
    I only have acne in chin area :( I was so stressful and I started to squeeze it with my finger and now i have 10 scars on my chin area. it’s already 6 mth and the scars doesn’t seem like its healing in this area. I don’t know what I should do. :( please help.!!

  10. Hi Ruth!
    So glad you made this video! XD
    Want to get my Mum a lovely skincare gift for xmas but I’m torn between the Alpha H and the Clinique Repair and Lift! She’s 40 years of age, which one would you recommend?

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