The Massive Alpha-H Skincare Prize! CLOSED

alpha-h giveaway

alpha-h giveaway

**UPDATED 13:00 on 19th December 2012: and the winner is….. Sophie Jane (Smith?!) email smith.sophiejane@xxxx. Well done, I am actually quite jealous! And we shall have to have another Alpha-H giveaway, I think, as this one was crazily popular!**

Oh, be still my beating heart. A whole hamper of Alpha-H skincare goodies sat there, waiting to be used. It’s pretty much my beauty dream, that, but it’s not me who’ll be digging in – it’s one of you! Yes, wonderful readers, an early Christmas gift for one extraordinarily lucky person; a consultation with the brand and then a hamper full of skincare worth £250, tailor-made to your needs!

Unless you’re very new to A Model Recommends you’ll have heard me talk a lot about Alpha-H. Concentrated skincare that actually works – I mean properly works – and that’s not concerned with pretty packaging or smelling of flowers or hiring a big movie star to do the ad campaigns. I have to quickly amend that last point, actually, because they have recently prettified their packaging a whole lot! It’s smarter and sleeker but still understated and the customer isn’t being forced to pay through the nose for the image facelift. I’ve said it before: if you’re looking for skincare that works – that really goes the whole way and more, then Alpha-H should be next on your list of things to try.

I’m currently testing out the new Rejuvenating Cream so I’ll let you know how I get on with that; I’ve been trialling it for two weeks and so far it’s pretty brilliant. Proper review to come, though, so look out for that over the Christmas period. It would make an excellent hangover cream, I’m just trying to decide whether or not it’s better than the Liquid Gold Mask! If you want to read previous reviews, then start with my ones on Liquid Gold and the Liquid Gold Night Repair Serum. If you want to browse the products then Cult Beauty are offering free worldwide delivery for A Model Recommends readers on any Alpha-H product – just click here and use the code CULTAH.

OK. Giveaway time. To enter, leave a comment below (ONE PER PERSON OR I’LL TELL SANTA!) and make sure you have done the following:

1) Signed up to the A Model Recommends: Exclusive newsletter. Takes two seconds, then you get to receive a brilliant quarterly newsletter and enter the giveaways on this site. Win-win situation. Sign up by clicking this link!

2) Tell me your favourite Christmas movie. Mine’s Home Alone, yours can be anything you want it to be. Keep it clean.

3) All entries must be in by 12 noon on Wednesday 19th December 2012 and a winner will be picked at random that day. Make sure you’ve left me a way to contact you – if you’re signed in with the Disqus system your email or Facebook name or whatever should already be available to me.

OK, good luck and off you go!

Ruth CrillyThe Massive Alpha-H Skincare Prize! CLOSED

814 Comments on “The Massive Alpha-H Skincare Prize! CLOSED”

  1. Lisa

    Hi Ruth! Sorry to be off topic, but in your opinion, where is the best place to purchase Alpha-H in Europe? I am in Germany, and ordered a renew and resurface kit off BeautyBay with absolutely horrible results (It came 23 days after the order, they sent me the Anti-Pigmentation kit instead, they haven’t responded to my e-mails sent over a week ago, and I have to pay for the return shipping myself?!). Are there any Salons to your knowledge that are authorized retailers? I have looked online but a lot of places seem to be sold out….

    I would so appreciate any tips! Thanks!

  2. Lorna Grech Fonk

    my favorite is ‘the family stone’ – its not christmas without it :) have a brilliant christmas ruth xxx

  3. Nina

    Hello Ruth, my favourite Christmas movie is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. During Christmas, he was given a gift by Dumbledore, the invisibility cloak! :)

  4. maili

    I wold have to say something that takes me back to my Christmas as a child so mine will be The Wizard of Oz! Every year without fail we would always sit and watch as a family!

  5. Michael

    Me and my housemate have had a bit of a Christmas ritual the last few years where we watch Bridgette Jones and Love Actually the night before Chrismtas eve and do face masks and general pampering, drink a bit of the sparkling stuff. Wow…. that sentence made me sound super gay! ha.

  6. Kate

    I started looking at this blog because I know NOTHING about skincare and don’t have a regime and needed some help. But actually I now just enjoy the blog and am getting less scared of trying skincare and new stuff and also it helps when looking indepartment stores with all the hard sell. My favourite Christmas movie is the Muppet’s Christmas carrol. I just love the Muppets and it always make me feel Christmassy. Thanks Kate

  7. Anne Melhus

    My favorite movie would be Three Wishes For Cinderella, a Czech movie from the seventies which is always shown on Christmas Eve in Norway :)

  8. Ipookieify

    hello my favorite Christmas film has to be The Grinch, as it shows someones heart can be made to love and enjoy Christmas!

  9. Andrea

    I’m still a sucker for animation so my favorite film/movie is Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer. Is that considered a film or movie? Anyway it’s still my favorite :)

  10. Itsaso Beunza

    Oh boy, I’d love to be more original but you just CAN’T beat Home Alone in any way, that movie is and always will be a classic!!

  11. June

    Great give away, this stuff is the best…I’ve got to say Steve Martin in Mixed Nuts is my favorite Christmas themed film!

  12. Marco M.

    Oh, gosh…I’ve been watching the “Home Alone” series (every single year!) since I was a child. No “Home Alone”, snow, hot chocolate, and comfy bed? no christmas.

  13. Elle

    Hi Ruth,

    I’m with you on Home Alone. While not strictly a ‘Christmas movie’ I’m going to put Up on at some point over the Christmas break. Have you seen it? It’s such an amazing film. There’s virtually no dialogue for the first half hour, but it’s so beautiful and compelling.

    I’d love to give Alpha H a try. I’m at

  14. Franca Pellegrini

    LOVE ACTUALLY is my all time fav Chrissy film, love it!

    I could watch it over and over again and never get bored of it.

    Merry Christmas from sunny Australia, love reading your blog every day also thanks for getting me addicted to Alpha H Liquid Gold (and its an Aussie brand Yay!!) Thanks FPx

  15. Mia L

    Ruth, Ruth, Ruth, i have to tell you the truth,
    I turn to you for beauty advice and i really believe your blog has that extra bit of ‘spice’,
    You and Mr Bear are my favourite Internet team, and watching the latest instalments of you both never fails to make me beam,
    When I spotted the Alpha H giveaway, I shouted out ‘this has to be my lucky day’,
    It is at the top of my christmas list and I worry every day that it might get accidentally missed!
    All I can do now is cross my fingers and toes and snuggle up with my favourite Christmas film to try and ease all my woes,
    ‘All I want for Christmas’ is my festive film of choice, I would recommend you try it out and I promise you that you will rejoice!
    There’s even something for Mr Bear to keep him occupied, I can guarantee that Snowball the mouse will keep him satisfied,
    So Happy Christmas to all of my friends, including you A Model Recommends!

  16. Kim Whitham

    Hi Ruth I have just got off the phone to a friend after an hour long conversation about alpha h products. She is new to the love of beauty and wanted recommendations, so naturally I directed her straight to your reviews. Favourite christmas movie is definitely home alone 1. Still makes me and my family laugh together today.

  17. Suziethecrow

    I’ve been working in Oz the past few years and this brand has been surprisingly difficult to get over there even though it’s Australian! So on a long ‘Christmas break home I decided to treat myself to a trip to Harvey Nic’s Beauty Mart only to find Liquid Gold wasn’t in stock!

    All time favourite Christmas movie- I have to say the classic ‘It’s a wonderful life’- a movie filled with heartfelt and poignant messages.

  18. Dominique

    Mine’s Love Actually… much like most other people’s! I suspect I’d quite like It’s a Wonderful Life but I have not gotten to the end yet.

    dominiquelim [at] outlook [dot] com

  19. Carrie Bishop

    E.T (the original version, not the extended version) – ELLIOTT! ET home phone – Drew Barrymore in pig tails – BMX’s saving the day and dungeons and dragons – what’s not to love?

  20. yasmine

    Hi Ruth

    What a FABULOUS Prize would Love this

    my favorite movie is home alone too i watch it yearly and never get bored of it

    I am already a follower of yours follow you on youtube, twitter and via email too

    am not a stalker i promise lol

    will you be doing another whats in my shower,loved the video with your mum in it she looks amazing like you must run in the family, the videos with you and wayne are great fun too especially the million dollar one made me laugh

    thank you

  21. Catherine

    This is such an amazing give-away! Just started using Liquid Gold on your recommendation, and have been dying to try out other products (but patiently waiting until after the holidays to buy myself anything new!).

    Can’t pick one favourite movie, but for ones have always been my favs, The Santa Clause and The Grinch are a must every year! Love Actually is also obligatory watching for me.

    My e-mail is

  22. Pollicino

    I know it may sound absolutely stupid… but my favorite Xmas movie ever is Mickey’s Christmas Carol is a Disney one but I love love love it. It make me feel Christmas in a positive way all the times.

  23. Natasha

    Amazing giveaway, my outbreak of spots would be zapped away with this lot, hopefully never to return. My fave Christmas film has got to be Elf, have watched it so many times, and it still makes me laugh :)

  24. Madii

    My fave is definitely Home Alone, 1 & 2. Never seen 3 and 4 and don’t think I ever will. Hope I get to win this! ;)

  25. Erin

    Home alone! I am pretty sure I wore out the VHS on that one. With lines like “look what you did you little jerk” and “I wouldn’t let you sleep in my room if you were growing on my blank.” Definitely all time favourite!

  26. Ana

    Hi Ruth!!!!I know it sounds boring and we all are repeating your favourite movie,but my favourite also has to be Home Alone for one simple reason and that is because that is the only movie that i have watched with christmas theme.Thanks for your amazing giveaway and i hope you will have even more of them.I wish you the best for christmas and i hope you will have a great time in miami.



  27. Missmal

    Great giveaway :) thank you for that! My favourite christmas movie is the Holiday, although i like watching all year round not just at christmas. x

  28. Jane

    Babes in Toyland starring Keanu Reeves and Drew Barrymore! Must have watched it a million times as a kid… <3

  29. Nikki Barter

    A bit cliched but it has to be The Grinch (Jim Carrey version) I just love a bit of Dr Seuss :)

  30. Hannah

    I hope you don’t mind if I leave my favourite Chanukah movie instead. I’m Jewish, so I don’t tend to watch Christmas movies. While there aren’t a lot of Chanukah movies out there, most of those that are tend to be directed towards children, I would have to choose The Hebrew Hammer. It’s an adult comedy filled almost entirely with inside jokes and it never fails to leave me laughing.

  31. 2eileen

    Hello Ruth, Mine is not a film, but an episode of the Vicar of Dibley. The christmas lunch incident.

  32. Neko Van

    I bought the Alpha-H anti aging sets after your mention. Hope it can help my horrible skin.
    My favourite christmas movie is Home alone too.

  33. Jen

    Difficult to choose only one film, but I’d have to go with Scrooged – it’s Bill Murray-tastic! Murray Christmas everyone, err – sorry, I mean Bah Humbug!

  34. Becca

    Love Actually! I actually find it quite sad and poignant, but awesome nonetheless! We Brits did good with that one :)

  35. Lorraine Tresnak

    Has to be When Harry Met Sally. I know it’s new year but the endingwwhen he tells her what he loves about her gets me every time :-)

  36. Katie

    Hi Ruth, I’m going to throw in a wild card for Christmas movies… ‘You’ve got mail’ !! It always seems to be on at Christmas when I’m doing a spot of late night present wrapping- last night was no exception either :)

    Though I will always put on Love Actually and The Holiday!

  37. Maggie

    Nine Women, a French murder mystery musical comedy thing. Sounds odd but is brilliant. Great fashiony Christmas film with loads of glam stars. Thanks for the competition! Mxox

  38. B-B

    Do the Wallace and Gromit films count? I remember watching A Grand Day Out as a child on Christmas Eve (my parents cried) and we’ve watched them every year since!.

  39. Stephanie

    My favourite Christmas movie is probably the classic “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer” animated movie with the “Abominable Bumble” (gotta love the bumble) Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve wanted to try Alpha H for so long :)

  40. deborah davis

    Hi Ruth! Happy Holidays to You & Yours! Thank You for this wonderful blog…..always brings a smile to my face with your charm and great info for us beauty addicts!! Have many faves, BUT the very corny National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is top of my list!!

  41. Baney Zhao

    The Snowman…the most touching movie I’ve watched. Also brings back a sense of nostalgia, while at the same time makes me feel old :(
    Nevertheless, it is a great Xmas movie depicting the importance of friendship :)

  42. EmilyPaterson

    My fav christmas movie has got to be The Holiday – predictable and cheesy, maybe, but a classic all the same!

  43. Rachel McDermott

    Has to be ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. Has the feel good factor! Contact me on FB (Rachel McDermott) or twitter @rachelmcder26

  44. judith

    Love Actually…..and a Nightmare Before Christmas…all mentioned before…looooove these two!
    The Rejuvenating Cream is amazing by the way!

  45. Jes030

    I think my favourite Christmas Movie has to be Home Alone, too. Every year the whole family used to watch and when there the sequel we even had to watch that one as well! Merry Christmas! It would be great to win this giveaway.

  46. Lisa

    My favourite has to be A Nightmare before Christmas, I’m really just a big kid. Have always wanted to try out Alpha H since hearing about it on your blogs/vlogs. Have a Merry Christmas BTW and a Happy New Year:D

  47. Regan

    I must be dreaming. Best giveaway ever! My favorite Christmas movie will forever be “A Christmas Story.” Hilarious and gets me in the spirit!

    My e-mail is

    Thanks for the opportunity, Ruth!

  48. cakey

    Liquid Gold is the best product I’ve ever used and I must have the hamper! My favourite Christmas films aren’t traditional but I still love watching them every year, Gremlins and Fantasia xx

  49. Ana Cristina

    It’s hard to chose just one, but for now I’ll have to go with Love Actually! Amazing giveaway, thanks x

  50. Ljubica

    OMG such a great giveaway. I bought Liquid Gold on your recommendation and it is amazing. I would love to try other products also but they are to expensive for my budget. My favorite Christmas movie is probably Love Actually

    Wish you all a great Christmas!!

  51. JJ

    Hi Ruth,
    What a great prize! After seeing one of your videos i started using Alpha-H’s Micro Cleanse and i love it. i would love to try the other products. My favourite Christmas movie has to be Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas!
    Merry Christmas! ;)

  52. Jorgelina Vega

    I think these days one of my favourite films is Love Actually. When I was younger I really loved Santa Claus, the one with Dudley Moore as an elf and Miracle on 34th Street with the girl from Matilda. :D

  53. Anne

    Dear Ruth, my favorite one Is “Love Actually”. It Will be on Tv next sunday in Pariis, again…..
    Hope to be the Lucky one this time

  54. Karo

    I know that this movie isn’t a typical ‘christmas movie’ BUT, in my country it’s always on during christmas time, and it has become a tradition with my younger sister en and older brother to watch it together: The Sound of Music ! It’s just something I look forward too, since everyone lives somewhere else these days so we don’t get too many chances to wacht movies together :)

  55. Alison Reeves

    My favourite Xmas Movie is Love Actually but I also love all the really old ones as well. Have tried the liquid gold on your recommendation and would love to try other products in the range.

  56. Bea

    Hi Ruth, what an amazing giveaway! I would soooo love to win as I have so many skin issues that I think alpha h could help to improve. My favourite Christmas movie is the holiday. Lots of love xxx

  57. Gaya

    What an amazing giveaway, thanks Ruth! My favorite Christmas movie (and one of my favorite movie period) is “Le père noël est une ordure”. Brilliant, funny, brilliant! XX

  58. Dominique Anderson

    Oooh Amazing Prize Pack. Thank you for introducing me to this brand. My skin is sensitive and also acne-fied, so I think Alpha H will be perfect. (I hope). My favourite Christmas movie is The Horse Whisperer. Not sure why, coz it’s soooo sad. :( Have a great Christmas.

  59. Heidi Philpott

    My skin has been diastrous after Effaclar Duo so this would be perfect! I love watching ” Love Actually” but my all time fave must be “Santa Claus The Movie” from the 80s!!

  60. Kelly Kitsiouli

    it’s not exactly a
    Christmas movie but I love Victor Victoria as I’m a huge musical lover. Thank you for your thoughful gift, Merry Christmas to you and your family,

  61. Anya

    Despite now being in my 30′s, it’s still not Christmas until ‘A Muppet’s Christmas Carol’ has been on telly (and Christmas Dr Who, but that doesn’t really count as a film). Twitter @anya083

  62. AnaP

    Hey Ruth! Amazing giveway. I’ve been dying to try some Alpha-H products, since you rave about them so much. My favorite xmas movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s kind of a cliché, but still true. Thanks you. xoxo

  63. Elizabeth Woods

    My favourite film is Forest Gump and i know it isn’t a classed as a Christmas film but something about it makes me feel festive:)xxx

  64. angela pole

    Its s wonderful life is my favourite Christmas film it fulfils every emotion, merry Christmas everyone xxx

  65. Kat

    Hi Ruth, my favourite Christmas movie is ‘Mary Poppins’ it just reminds me of my child hood and its such a feel good film! Great giveaway!!

  66. trinnycat

    love the giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try this for aaaages. My favourite film is the Santa Clause, I always watch it while wrapping presents on Christmas eve :)

  67. Joanne

    Hi Ruth, My favourite christmas movie has to be Elf! The putting the star on the xmas tree scene never fails to make me giggle! You introduced me to the Alpha H range and I literally can’t imagine my life without the Balancing Cleanser in it so massive thanks from me :)

  68. Emma Charlton

    Fave Christmas movie? Hmmmm it’s an oldie but probably Santa Claus The Movie with Dudley Moore. Takes me back to my childhood :)

    Twitter: @emmajanie

  69. Janelle

    Hi Ruth, this looks amazing! I think my favourite Christmas movie has to be The Grinch (the original Dr.Seuss, of course.)

  70. dounia

    hello, ruth your blog is amazing so are all your advices and especially alpha H. My favourite Xmas movie is the holiday, i love romcom and this one is just the best.

  71. Trang

    a mom for christmas. which I can’t even buy to play here in aust. :( Haven’t seen it in years. but i love home alone too. :) Hope you have a great Xmas Ruth! :D

  72. Hannah

    I don’t have a favorite Christmas movie, because I don’t observe Christmas. But great giveaway!

  73. Emma

    Oooo, I’d love to try these! Very un-originally, I’d have to say that Love Actually is my fave as well, though I admit to being a bit of a Grinch at times – Probably as I have to work Christmas Day : ( xx

  74. audrey

    This is a brilliant giveaway! I don’t usually watch christmas movies but one that I’ve actually watched and like is Love, Actually :) so romantic and heartwarming!

  75. WhyAyeMrs

    Mine is White Christmas. I think that Christmas demands a musical! I know all the words to all the songs. This is *definitely* a talent. Might put it on my CV actually…

  76. Eva

    hmmm I am probs the only one in the world to pick this but mine is Jingle All the Way (it has Arnold Schwarzenegger, so, yes, I do have impeccable taste)

  77. Jennifer Monforton

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway! Home Alone is definitley among my favourite Christmas videos, but I think Love, Actually might take the top spot :)

  78. Kay

    My favourite movie will be polar express! It’s full of magical imagination and that’s the first time I wish Santa is real!

  79. Nadia

    oooh already so envious of the person who will win this..dare I hope! im not just saying this because it is yours. but my all time favourite movie at christmas is home alone lost in new york..its perfect!! and a christmas carol:) aaah beautiful times

  80. Juliet

    Hi Ruth Fantastic giveaway, I’m 45 and I don’t recognise my skin anymore, I would love the opportunity to get some advice and good products. My all time favourite Christmas movie is Miracle on 34th Street. Richard Attenborough is the perfect Santa and the little girl has such a cute lisp. It makes me cry every time I watch it. It is the ideal movie to snuggle up to watch on a chilly December afternoon. Thanks

  81. Lalenia Tonne

    Christmas Vacation is a classic one.
    I recently wanted to try the Liquid Gold (due to your recommendation) but spent a fortune on Christmas gifts – so fingers crossed. Have a lovely Christmas with your gorgeous Mum, Ruth!

  82. Joana

    What? My favourite is Home Alone too! So perhaps I’ll say Home Alone II, I love that one as well, especially the scenes at the Plaza Hotel hehehe. My family is in Florida, I’m in New York? My family’s in Florida, I’m in New York!!!

  83. LilyM

    Home Alone (the first one)- we watch it every christmas, for as long as I can remember! It is so festive and feel good ^-^

  84. Sofie Aspeslagh

    No Joke, I’ve been saying to everyone when they tart talking about Christmas movies that it’s not Christmas without home alone….

  85. Lara Appelhans

    Oooooh, I’m in a quandary as to whether it’s Love Actually or The Holiday (Lordy, I just remembered Elf too)… I think it would be The Holiday… it’s so lovely, and who doesn’t just adore Kate Winslet!?

  86. Kim Lysette

    It has to be ‘The Holiday’ with Miss Diaz. My girlfriends and I watch it together every year now :)

  87. cetc55

    Ooh, I love Alpha-H and I love Christmas movies! Favorite is Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the 1964 one with Burl Ives as the snowman. We watch it every year :)

  88. Sara

    Hmm for some reason Disqus doesn’t recognize my email even though I always get your newsletters sent to it…anyway, my Twitter is @Sarochka87 and my favourite Christmas movie is Home Alone as well. x

  89. nienkevanderpeet

    Oh this is great, my favorite is definitely Lord of the Rings. Has become a Christmas tradition to watch those :-)

  90. Jess

    Resending since I didn’t leave my email in the last post…don’t tell santa!
    What a great early Christmas present this would be:) Favorite movie for the holiday season is Love Actually!

  91. Jess

    What a great early Christmas present this would be:) Favorite movie for the holiday season is Love Actually!

  92. Bumbleford

    Well for me it’s Love Actually. Is this a bit naff? It’s the bit at the airport I think, makes me think of all the Christmas stories unfolding all over the planet.

  93. Natasha Bain

    OMG I love Alpha H especially Liquid Gold, White Gold and the eye gel! Yum Yum! I will live in hope I win (but know I wont but if you don’t enter I defo won’t and would kick myself! Lol) My favourite Christmas movies are “A Princess for Christmas2 (it is so cheesy but so watchable and quite funny and believeable) and “Four Christmases” (I love Reece & Vince they are soooo funny) and lastly (yes I know you said one! Lol) It HAS TO BE “Bridget Jones” (it has everything and i’m sure i’m Bridget but havn’t got a man yet!!! Lol) xxx

  94. Ellie Brown

    Is this an international giveaway? I hope so! My favourite Christmas movie is Elf. Would love some Alpha-H products!

  95. gemma

    Hi Ruth

    Love love love your blog AND this giveaway!! My all time favourite christmas film just has to be The Grinch…nothing better to get me in the christmas spirit!!

    Hope you have a lovely christmas, i look forward to the products you will entice me into buying in 2013! (am loving the effacer duo-thank you for this tip, it’s saved my skin from an eternity of spottiness!)

    Gemma x

  96. Liang

    Hi Ruth, merry Christmas! My favorite movie is Amelie. Not really festive, but always warms my heart!

  97. Marijana

    I was six when I first saw A Little Princes and ever since (for 17 years) it has been my favorite, I watch it every Christmas.

    This giveaway is soooo good, it would definitely make this holiday season even more magical :)

    my email is

  98. Julie

    I swear I’m not brown nosing but my favorite is also Home Alone :) Actually it’s probably Home Alone 2 :)

  99. em

    great giveaway, though may not recover from just having to tick the 25-34 box :/ as a child it was the bfg, but watched it recently and its creepy, all time faves have to be home alone 1&2. LOVES them but to be honest anything remotely christmassy gets me. x

    twitter @littlemms

  100. Sarah

    The flint street nativity… Amazing comedy with the likes of ralf little, frank skinner, Jane horrors, Neil morrissey, the list goes on and on. Would love to win, I’ve discovered alpha-h this year with liquid gold and would love to try the whole range

  101. Ella

    Lovely christmas giveawaaay! Thank you! Well, I do love It’s A Wondeful Life, but since that seems to be a big favourite here, I’ll also say The Nightmare Before Christmas!



  102. Mo

    It’s got to be Some Like It Hot… It’s not Christmas without it on the telly!
    ps: Yours is one of the best beauty blogs out there, Ruth. Loving your work!

  103. Irma

    i have to say the same as yours Ruth… Home alone is a inevitable classic… as much as i know every second of the movie, i still love to watch it.. brings back childhood memories

  104. Silvia

    A Nightmare Before Christmas, which I watch with my brother every year on Christmas Eve. It always makes me think of him and I love spending those 90 minutes with him (he lives in Spain), singing along to all the songs and eating candy.

  105. Bernadine

    mine is a bit of a sideways Christmas movie, Love Actually….but shhhhh don’t tell anyone cos I normally don’t like soppy movies ;)

  106. Louby99

    Currently using Liquid Gold on your recommendation … Works wonders :-). Would be over the moonface to win this prize!!

  107. Laura

    Hi Ruth! I have suffered from really bad acne for around 10 years and am now left with scarring, I’m only 18! Winning this would be a godsend literally, and I’ll be able to even out my skin tone and feel confident about my skin for the first time ever. My favourite Christmas movie is Love Actually….I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes, Christmas is all around me and so the feeling grows ;). Have a wonderful Christmas. My e-mail is


  108. Edith Darling

    Hi, Ruth -

    My favorite Christmas movie is Muppet’s Christmas Carol. Love this giveaway. Thanks!

  109. Harriet

    It’s got to be Scrooged! I LOVE Bill Murray and his heartwarming speech at the end always brings a tear to my eye!

  110. Laura

    Mine is Love Actually, I watch it every Christmas without fail, it always makes me feel good :) Really want to win, I love Alpha-H! xx

  111. katifrance

    Hey Ruth!
    Mine is “Weihnachten bei Hoppenstedts”. It isn’t really a movie but a scetch and it’s soooo adorable! I really watch this for years! It’s just too funny! As film I like “3 Nuts for Cinderella”.

    x Katrin

  112. Gypsy Alvarado

    My favorite christmas move is A Christmas Story. My poor brother was blonde and had the glasses when the movie came out and makes the family re-live his childhood. =) lol It’s funny and light hearted, hopefully this comment comes across that way!

  113. Christina

    Arthur christmas! Last weekend i was in London and i couldnt find where to buy alpha h! All i asked were staring! Except of online is there any store? Living in Zurich I will go for the online now if i do not win:)

  114. Tobiah Racicot

    How The Grinch Stole Christmas cartoon version :) Rare Who Roast Beast!

    Your blog is my lifeline! Merry Christmas!


  115. Erin

    Such a great giveaway… I’ve been meaning to try Alpha-H since you are so faithful to it! My favorite Christmas movie is Love Actually… partly for their hilarious portrayal of Wisconsin, my home state!

  116. Gillian

    How great! I ordered some Alpha-H gold and serum recently on your recommendation, I’d love to try some more of their line. Just watched A Christmas Story with my 3 kids today, made in 1983. 1950′s Americana, quite cheeky, really enjoyed it from our spot here in London.

  117. Taylorblu

    Wow what an amazing prize! my favorite would have to be a Christmas Story, everyone hates it, but been in my family forever!

  118. MissLuxe74

    Hi Ruth

    Even though my partner cringes and I’m old enough to know better…. I love Home Alone, there is definately something about the slapping aftershave on his face scene, keep the change you filthy animal to the pizza boy and the two burglars that has me in stitches.

  119. cabzcabze

    Oh wow oh wow Ruth!! You are really spoiling us!! My fav Christmas film is the original Dickens’ A Christmas Carol – I’ve watched it every year since childhood! I’m not sure if this comment has worked properly as I usually view your blog through Blog Lovin and not sure how to sign in on here, so my email is xxx Have a wonderful Christmas!

  120. Gabby

    The Grinch is THE christmas film.. nothing beats Jim Carey dressed in a fury green Dr. Seuss creation!

  121. Claire

    Mine is home alone as well. Thanks for the recommendation! I just got some Pai skincare via your recommendation and I love it! Thanks for always making such fantastic posts and youtube videos!

  122. Rachel White

    Hi Ruth, what a great giveaway! My favourite Christmas film has to be It’s a Wonderful Life – watched it last Saturday with a glass of mulled wine after decorating the tree :) Was all teary-eyed by the end but feeling very Christmassy!

  123. Aster

    So cheesy.. but mine’s Love actually :) Oh and by the way.. the 19th of December is my BIRTHDAY! Happy Holidays Ruth, x

  124. Yen Yee

    Recently watched the rise of the guardians and i think it is a great christmas film!! i got started on alpha h after watching your recommendations and i cant wait for my purchase to arrive from beauty bay!!! i would really want to win this hamper!!! thank you so much for the giveaway Ruth <3

  125. Laureen

    I think that Christmas isn’t Christmas without the Turkey exploding in ‘National Lampoons Christmas Vacation’ its hilarious. I also love both the Home Alone films too.

  126. Hanna Khan

    My favourite film is Miracle on 34th Street – the 1994 version! I always finish watching it wholeheartedly believing in Father Christmas…and that Richard Attenborough belongs in the North Pole.

  127. maria

    Such a good giveaway thanks so much! My favourite Xmas film is love actually. But I change my mind each year it seems!

  128. stef

    my favorite film for Xmas is fantasia with mickey cartoons during the holiday..alpha A it will be a wonderful gift..tnx for the opportunity

  129. Joanne

    My favourite holiday movie, though really cheesy, is Elf! My family used to love watching it together, and now my boyfriend has joined in with the family tradition. We know all the corny jokes by heart!

  130. Catherine Folan

    My favourite Christmas film is Miracle on 34th Street as it’s the ultimate feel good Christmas movie

  131. Eileencat

    All time Christmas movie, def. A Christmas Story! I dream of trying Alpha H. It’s not sold here & I’ve read your many glowing comments on it. Happy Holidays. Eileen

  132. Mesha Potton

    Loved watching the Grinch always and have made it a part of family tradition since…. Hillarious and puts me right in the mood for Christmas with a Grin :)

  133. Rada

    Oh wow Ruth! you got me hooked on Alpha H ages ago and this is THE perfect gift!!! Thank you for this opportunity. Regarding the movies – every Christmas we never get tired from Home alone (first 3 parts only) and How the Grinch Stole Christmas -we love them :)

  134. Joanna

    Definitely The Holiday! Kate Winslet was amazing in that movie!
    Awesome giveaway! *crosses fingers & toes*

  135. ELF

    Hi Ruth, my favourite Christmas movie is ‘Scrooged’ with Bill Murray – amazing and still so funny… “Put a little love in your heart!” sing a long! x

  136. Michele C

    I love A Christmas Story.. classicly funny! You can contact me at michele at michele loves makeup dot com! Thanks for the chance to win Ruth! xx Michele

  137. Ying

    Hi Ruth, I am not here for the lovely giveaway, but a question for you with the anti aging Alpha H kit I ve just bought for Xmas. Now, I know it is safe to use the balancing cleanser, liquid gold if I am planning to or already pregnant, but not sure with the others in the kit, which are absolutely eye complex, rejuvenating cream, daily essential moisturiser spf50, n last one age delay facial oil, are these ok to use for pregnancy? Thanks a lot Ruth, have a great Xmas! X

  138. Tammy

    Oh would be so, so nice and lucky to win! Never try this brand before!
    Anyway my favourite Christmas movie is same as yours, Home Alone!

  139. Emily

    Mine is definitely The Holiday – nothing better than some over the top cheesy romance and Jude Law to get you in the mood for Christmas!

  140. Tiffany

    I know this is a little old fashion but white Christmas with bing Crosby is my favorite Christmas movie of all time.

  141. Christy

    Amazing giveaway! My favorite Christmas movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. No matter how many times I see it I still crack up!

  142. Adrienne Angelos

    My favorite Christmas movie(s) are ANY of the old school clay-mation movies that come on this season. Something about them gets me so nostalgic and makes me feel all cozy.

  143. Nuraan Kariem

    o wow, the mother of all giveaways huh? this would be amazing to win! my skin needs it lol My fave Xmas film is Love Actually :P I can watch it over and over hehe.

  144. MVPrincess

    Good Day and Happy Holidays! Oh my, it is difficult to select just one – but if I must – Home Alone. It is always just a click away!

  145. kelley

    So generous Ruth. “Elf ” is my favourite funny Christmas movie-my daughter and I have seen it so many times! But “The Christmas Shoes” leaves me crying every time.

  146. Daniela

    I’m a sucker for cheesy Christmas movies…so my fav has to be “A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride,” with Luke Perry! (90′s swoon).

  147. Cat Graves

    Mine is and always has been “It’s A Wonderful Life”. I know it by heart and yet never feel lacking the joy and wonder of watching Geirge grow and discover life’s true riches and worth aren’t counted with $ signs.

  148. minicoop54

    Hi Ruth…first time commenting, I so have been wanting to try the Alpha H line …thought I would in the new year. My favorite Christmas movie is Scrooge with Albert Finney. A wonderful reminder to enjoy the season.

  149. beth harris

    hey :) my favourite christmas film has to be bridget jones, always trying to hold onto new resolutions and fail everytime, maybe theres hope for me yet :s

  150. kayveebee

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! Longtime reader, first-time commenter here, such is the power of possible free Alpha-H ;) Favourite Christmas movie is The Sound of Music – not particularly Christmassy, but I watch it with my sisters every year x

  151. melaniebrixton

    I’ve already signed up to the newsletter; the last one was fun. My favourite Xmas movie would be “The holidays”. (

    1. Foxie

      My first message didn’t appeared so I have to try again)) my christmas movie fave is Edward Scissorhands because of it’s amazing mood. And I really really really LOVE the short russian animation “The Nativity” by Michael Aldashin. The cartoon is only for 15 minutes and it’s silent so no need to understand Russian. I highly recommend to find these few minutes to watch it on YouTube.
      and my mail is

  152. Sihouette

    Dear Ruth,

    My favourite christmas movie is definitely one of the old Czech fairy tale films from 1973: “Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel” (Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella)

    During christmas time you can see it on many tv channels in Germany, it truly is a traditional christmas movie and really lovely made. Not sure if there has ever been a version in English, but if you can find it or understand German or Czech, it’s SO worth watching it, makes you feel like a little girl again that can’t wait for christmas to come! Just thinking about the film makes me feel festive, haha!
    I’d love to win, as Alpha H is really hard to get here, I only managed to get the Liquid Gold and I love it!


  153. Helen

    Oooh…I love a bit of Alpha H – you got me hooked Liquid Gold! lol
    Favourite Christmas film…has to be ‘The Snowman’

    Helen x

  154. Fabia

    Hy ruth, my favourite christmas movie is cindarella. I would love to win these products. For me that would be a bit of luxury and since the birth of my two sons i don’t have lots of luxury stuff. Anyways thank you for beeing such a lovely interessting person. My email:
    Love, Fabia

  155. Linda

    Mine is Home Alone too (only the first one though), but since you said that already, I’ll say Gremlins, which is my sencond favourite! x

  156. Jacqueline

    Fab!! My favorite is a tie between Home Alone and the original Nutcracker Prince with Kiefer Sutherland as the voice of the Nutcracker:) Happy Holidays Ruth!!

  157. Lily Reilly

    Mine is Planes, Trains and Automobiles! It’s just the perfect classic Christmas film for me and has the perfect balance of everything. I always watch it with my family- perfect :)

  158. Georgia

    Best giveaway ever!! I’m already signed up to the newsletter :D my favourite Christmas film is Mary Poppins… not EXACTLY as Christmas film, but I do have a lot of memories watching it with the family over the holidays! My twitter is @Georgia_Clancy if I’m the lucky winner! xx

  159. Maja

    Heey, already a subscriber (and a big fan:)) and my favourite xmas movie: Letters to St. Nicholas. I have never seen a cuter, funnier, more beuatiful xmas-y movie in my life! It’s polish but don’t let that put you off, you will love it soo so much!

  160. Dom Azavedo

    My favourite Christmas film is Wizard of Oz. I watch it every year and cry. Lions and Tigers and Bears (Oh my!)

  161. Despina

    1. I’ve already signed up for your newsletter ;)

    2. It has to be “Annie”, my favourite ginger girl of all time.
    Thanks and have a lovely weekend from Cyprus

  162. Katharina

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway! My favourite christmas movie is definately A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickinson. Actually it’s one of my all time favorite movies. I always watch it, whenever I have to brighten up my day =P

  163. thefirstgoldengirl

    Hey Ruth! Thank you for this lovely giveaway! My favourite christmas movie is Love Actually! xx

  164. Lukasz

    Oh, that’s a great giveaway! My favourite Christmas movie is “the Holiday”, with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jude Law! :)

  165. Clare

    Fabulous prize Ruth, thank you! My favourite is The Snowman – brings a tear to my eye every time. Sniff. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  166. Aoife Collins

    My favourite Christmas movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I’m quite the Tim Burton fangirl. LOVE Alpha-H and it’s all down to you.Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

  167. Kamila

    Hi Ruth, what a fantastic giveaway! My favourite would be ‘Love Actually’ – I absolutely, absolutely adore Bill Nighy as a spoiled rotten rockstar :)

  168. carly christensen

    Mine is Elf. So funny…but then Home Alone has been a fave since i was little so i can’t really pick! my twitter is @carlychrstensen

  169. konsti

    Hello Ruth! This giveaway is amazing….but my fav film at christmas is only in German title: Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel!!!!!,greatings from konsti

  170. Lisa Hannaway

    Hi Ruth,
    My favourite Christmas film is The Polar Express, brilliant animation, so life like., The story is so heart warming, and really pulls on your heart strings…..I BELIEVE! x

  171. Ina Steinman

    Definitely Home Alone, and I think I love 1 and 2 equally. What an exciting giveaway! I’d love to try Alpha-H after seeing you rave about it for ages.

  172. Kelly McElhinney

    “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”!!!

    It has to be Elf, so funny.

  173. Kerri

    Thanks for a wonderfuly competition Ruth. My fav christmas film is A Muppet’s Christmas Carol. Merry Christmas!

  174. Inga

    My favourite Christmas movie is still Pippi Longstocking! Here in Germany it´s on television every year :)

  175. Emma Bohlin

    My favourite Christmas movie has to be the grinch, me and my family watch it at least three times every Christmas xx

  176. ihavemostlybeen

    Wow thats a heck of a prize! My favourite Christmas film is It’s a Wonderful Life I love it! Contact is @ihavemostlybeen if via twitter is OK xx

  177. Lucia Zaib

    What an amazing prize! My fav christmas movie is also Home alone :) Good luck everybody x (

  178. Lipstick Sunshine

    This is amazing Ruth! My favourite films are Jack Frost for a teary one and Home Alone for a trip down memory lane! :D Merry Christmas!!

  179. kerry longmore

    This is an impressive giveaway!! My ultimate Christmas movie has to be ELF!! It allows me to have childlike humours again and forget about ‘real life’ for a while, its great side splitting humour! Kerry xx

  180. Mel Park

    OK, gonna a say a real oldie.. The wizard of Oz, it used to be on every christmas from when I was small. Dad would start watching fall asleep, and wake just as we got to the end.. Don’t think he’s ever seen the whole film, yet it was on year after year.. LOL Love Alpha H, a good no nonsense skin care brand, that works wonders.. I’d be over the moon if I won this.

  181. maria molina

    This movie maybe sounds dull, but it’s Love Actually. And it’s not just the film, but the memories than the film brings to me.

    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  182. Julia McAdam

    Elf is my all-time fave; silliness, sugar & the breathy tones of Zooey Deschanel! My email is juliamcadam at gmail dot com


  183. Daniela

    Oh wow, what an awesome prize. Since moving to London my skin has been terrible & nothing will fix it, fingers crossed!!
    Favourite movie is Miracle on 34th Street, either the original or the Richard Attenborough one x

  184. Denise Chow

    Definitely Love Actually! I think I’ve seen that film more than 50 times! An early Merry Christmas Ruth!

  185. Anna

    Hello Ruth thank you for having this giveaway! My favourite Christmas film would have to be the Grinch, of course! I would love my mum to be able to use this range, I was thinking of getting her the liquid gold in any case. My email is

  186. Anya

    What an amazing giveaway, just in time as I just finished my liquid gold! Though, they would make excellent gifts for the skincare novices in my family… Although not technically a “film” I love The Snowman, the lovely hand-drawn characters make me feel instantly Christmassy, even in the horrible wet weather we’re having.

  187. dutch

    We get a Sherlock marathon on christmas eve and christmas day. So looking forward to that. Don’t no why. But seeing Sherlock and Watson running through London gets me in a christmas spirit. Maybe its the Brit-thing. Love all things British. An old fashion Marple would do well also and any movie with Audrey Hepburn. (o dear, am I disqualified now… could not name one title). Merry Xmas!

  188. Jerusa Sousa

    That’s an amazing giveaway, thank you!! My favorite Christmas film is Miracle on 34th Street. (I love both versions but since I grew up watching the second one, that’s my favorite!)

  189. WY H.

    Yay, super exciting, thanks Ruth! Gotta say, love what they did to the packaging, looks still simple, but way more chic :-). I don’t want to be unoriginal, but my favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone. Just classic. xx

  190. Dilip Kejriwal

    Hi Ruth. Amazing giveaway! Favourite Christmas movie got to be Home Alone.
    Merry Christmas :) from Sonia

  191. Shell Berg

    Are we Aussie’s over the pond eligible? Alpha H is after all, one of our brands!My favourite would have to be Love Actually. It’s the only movie in the world that I will watch with ads, every year!

    Also, how much are you loving the new Alpha H packaging (I know you have a bit of a packaging love)! I adore it! So much more expensive looking!! Xx

  192. Renay

    Does your give away include Canadians? I’ve wanted to try Alpha-H for awhile. The Movie: Frosty The Snowman.

  193. Abby Hellon

    Gosh what I’d give to win this! I received a mini sample of liquid gold and I’m rationing it as its the only thing keeping the majority of my skin in check but I just can’t afford it!
    My favourite Christmas movie has to be Love Actually. If I manage to choke back the tears during Andrew Lincolns you are perfect to me then I’m set for Christmas :)

  194. Anthea Lee

    I used to loooooove Casper when I was little (still do now) so my favorite would have to be Casper’s Haunted Christmas. Haha! I’ve always wanted to try Alpha-H products cos you alwaaaaays talk about it but it’s hard to find their products in Hong Kong :’( Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    Anthea xoxoxo

  195. Erna

    Hi Ruth, I’ve been following your beautifull website daily for more then a year now but never put in a comment. But this I cannot resist!! I just love Alpha-H thanks to you!! Cannot live without it :) . My favourite xmas movie is Home Alone. Allways makes me laugh. Greetings from Holland

  196. Ayla

    Hi, Love Actually. Such a cute movie. Thank you for introducing
    me Alpha-H, I love the balancing cleanser. x

  197. Mimi MacCaw

    What a great giveaway! Fingers crossed! My favourite xmas film is a stupid one but i always seem to watch it every year – ELF! Although probably wont be watching it this year as i get married next Sat 22nd then off to Thailand for honeymoon on Xmas eve! My email is

  198. Alice

    What a fantastic giveaway. I am signed up to your email under you can contact me on that email as well. :) My favourite Christmas movie has to be Elf, makes me cry with laughter everytime.
    Thanks again and good luck everyone. x

  199. Sue

    Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale(2010) – this is so awesome, I love this Finnish film! It’s a must watch, clever, surprising, and funny – truly original, no schmaltz! xxx

  200. Fernanda

    Hey Ruth, can international readers can participate? In any case, my favorite Xmas movie is The Snowman, that super cute animation that David Bowie introduces. It’s an older one, but it’s a really special short movie, you all should watch! :)

  201. KatyG

    wow, awesome giveaway and my skin is crying out to win! My favourite xmas film, hmmm very tricky….Nightmare before christmas…and Muppets christmas Carol (couldn’t not mention both). Merry xmas!


  202. Harri

    Amazing giveaway! Great timing too-post Christmas and New Year I’ll need all the help I can get beauty-wise :) My favourite is a toss-up between Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street and Elf. All such brilliant, heartwarming films and they definitely get me in a Christmassy mood-I’ve watched two so far already! The email is xx

  203. Adina

    Hi Ruth! My favorite Christmas movie is one of the Disney Classics, usually 101 Dalmatians or Beauty and the Beast (that’s what me and my brothers watched when we were kids). Thanks for the GREAT giveaway and Happy Holidays!

  204. Robin

    The muppet christmas carrol has a special place in my heart.

    Ps. I squeeled when I saw this blog post. Very exciting!

  205. Stella

    Ooooh, winning this amazing gift would just make my Christmas!! Well it would have to be Swiss Family Robinson. It never fails to bring the Christmas magic to our home.
    Stella x (

  206. VerityW

    Hi Ruth,
    My favourite Christmas film is Muppet Christmas Carol (to the point that when I went to the panto this weekend which was A Christmas Carol, I was disappointed it didn’t have the songs…
    what an ace giveaway!

  207. Marcie Nolan-Meddings

    Nightmare before Christmas by Tim Burton! Just cracks me up, the songs are infectious and is so cute (in a dark way) :D Love Liquid Gold and thank you for doing a contest like this! So exciting! Seasons greetings! x

  208. Caitlin

    already subscribed to your newsletter! my favourite movie of ALL TIME is the Nightmare Before Christmas so I’m sure that counts, but being specific to the holiday season there’s no beating Will Ferrell in Elf :) thanks, Ruth! email:

  209. Ali_Cat

    What a lovely giveaway – you’re so very kind! Christmas film has got to be Lord of the Rings. Not exactly festive but we watch all 3 parts each year over the course of the Christmas period…xx

  210. K

    Hi Ruth! My absolute have film at this time of year has to be ‘It’s a wonderful life’! My son and I cuddle up on the couch with a blanket and Quality Street, a box of tissues between us and every year I cry my eyes out and he says ‘Oh not again mum?!’ Perfect! Merry Christmas!

  211. Evka

    My favourite is Morozko, which is a really old (1965) Russian fairy tale. And Alpha-H rocks. So far I’ve tried Liquid Gold Night Repair Serum and all vitamin serums and my skin has Merry Christmas all year long.

  212. Emily Jayne Schaefer

    Hi Ruth, my favorite Christmas movie is A Muppet Christmas Carol. My brother and I have watched it every year on Christmas Eve since it was released and it never fails to make me laugh xx

  213. Kitty

    Christmas just isn’t Christmas without The Sound of Music – it always makes me bawl my eyes out.

  214. Caroline Reynolds

    The Grinch is my all time favourite, closely followed by Home Alone and The Holiday (for Christmas cheesiness!)
    Love Alpha-H, bought the trial set a while back after reading one of your first Alpha-H posts but running low now, so would love to win this as a Christmas bonus!
    Caroline x

  215. today for jane

    Hi Ruth, what a great giveaway. I’ve been hooked on Liquid Gold since you first started talking about it so I would love to win the whole range!
    My favourite Christmas movie is definitely Home Alone. No contest.

  216. Jiajia Liu

    Thank you Ruth for such a wonderful giveaway! My favourate Christmas film is Bridget Jones’s Diary – funny film with a heart! xx My contact email is:… Many thanks again!

  217. Zoe 'AMR Addict' P

    Alpha h giveaway, eeeeekk!! My favourite Christmas film is…. Hmmm…choices choices, Gremlins!! Little critters! Xx

  218. Amy

    Fantastic prize! Mine is All I Want for Christmas. It’s completely naff but it’s set in New York (a Christmas film must for me) and it snows and Leslie Nielsen is Santa. Brilliant.

  219. Flo Glendenning

    Oh Ruth! I’m desperate for it! My favourite Christmas film has to be Love Actually.. Flo x

  220. JocastaCat

    Oh my absolute favourite skincare range! What a wonderful prize :-) My favourite film is The NIghtmare Before Christmas – I love it! Closely followed by Elf, Scrooged and the Santa Clause. Merry Christmas!

  221. Sarah Price

    The Snowman, I was about 3 when this was released and it felt really magical to watch great memories! Searching for reviews on Liquid Gold actually brought me to your blog a few months ago, definitely noticed a change to my skin, thank you :-)

  222. Nikki Nicholls

    I love Alpha-H… What a fantastic giveaway!

    My favourite Christmas movie has to be miracle on 34th street… Fab!

    Merry Christmas Ruth xxx

  223. Sabrina

    Hi Ruth – what a prize!

    My favourite Christmas movie is Waiting to Exhale – like how the women get it together at the end

    Sabrina x x

  224. Ann

    Oh, I have many Christmas favourite movies, ie the Czech version of Cinderella, The Snowman, Fanny & Alexander, but if I must pick only one it has to be ‘A Christmas Carol’ with George C. Scott. Merry Christmas !

  225. Stephanie Johnson

    The best Christmas film EVER is The Polar Express! I always watch this with my sister on the first evening when I am back from University for the Christmas holidays… Only one more week to go until I get to watch it and start feeling festive!!! I highly recomend this film to everbody xxx