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Sunday Tittle Tattle

There’s not a Sunday Tittle Tattle every week, but there must have been a fair few this year. I think that it’s definitely here to stay! It’s quite useful for me to be able to relay little chunks of info and ponderings that I wouldn’t otherwise find space to include – like a weekly purge of my brain onto the webpage. Is there anything you’d like to have more Tittle Tattle on next year? Let me know, I’m always open to suggestions. On with the show…

alpha-h liquid gold

1) This week I have mostly been rejoicing in my return to the wondrous Liquid Gold. Oh, the tingle! Oh, the glowy complexion! I was very worried that I had somehow just imagined the power of the LG and that, after quite a long break, it wouldn’t have any effect on my skin. Worries were unfounded, obviously, and I give Alpha-H’s hero product a humungous thumbs-up once again. I’m still on the Effaclar Duo in the mornings, just to be safe, but using the Liquid Gold every three nights and the serum in between. (Read more about Liquid Gold here and Cult Beauty will ship AMR readers any Alpha-H product for free, worldwide, with the code CULTAH)

cult beauty goody bag

2) If you’re still Christmas shopping (I am. Shameful) then bear this in mind: Cult Beauty have 30 of their brilliant goody bags to give away to A Model Recommends readers when they spend over £40. It includes a DJV Fibrewig Mascara, Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oil, a Papaya Enzyme Peel and a load of other little goodies! If you want me to sort all of your main presents in one swoop then attention, s’il vous plait:

For him; the bed of nails. Mr AMR swears by it to cure just about every ailment, and he has many imagined ailments. You can find it here.

For her, you can’t beat a NEOM candle. The little treatment ones are £15, last for ages and fill the room with gorgeous, gorgeous scent. There are a few types to choose from, I like the zingy Invigorating but others may appreciate the more relaxing versions… You can find them here.

For him or her, you can’t go wrong with Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 fragrance. It’s sex in a bottle. A very few people have said that they can’t smell it, but most report back on its wondrous ability to change according to each and every wearer. It’s £38 with a travel box, see here.

To claim your free goody bag just use the code “CULTXMAS” at Cult Beauty

3) ASOS have a flash sale on today until noon tomorrow – 60% off women’s gifts! I’m writing this in advance, but hope that this flash sale includes Paul & Joe Beauty. If it does, things could get very dangerous for my AMEX card! ASOS.com

model recipes

4) Thank you for your salad dressing suggestions in last week’s Sunday Tittle Tattle. Very much appreciated and I shall be trying them out over the holidays! That’s when I’m NOT IN MIAMI! Had I mentioned Miami? No? I won’t go on about it too much lest I make some of you jealous…


5) I’m going to Miami for New Year! Mr AMR and I, after years and years of promising to go away over the Christmas break, have finally gone and booked ourselves a (hopefully) sunny trip to the States. We both absolutely love going to America and have done a massive road-trip before (Mr AMR a number of times) but on this occasion we’ll just be pootling about the Keys and eating lots of food. Suggestions for places to eat and things to do may be submitted in the comments section below! I will heartily take them on board!

6) Have I mentioned that I’m off to Miami? I’m going to Miami! Please see below for the song that has been in my head for the last two weeks and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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  1. Any ideas as why cultbeauty won’t ship Escentric Molecules to Italy? :(

    Have a lovely sunday

  2. Much as it pains me to say it as obviously I love AMR, try not to work while you are on holiday in Miami. You post so loyally and so much great content all year, you deserve a proper break! Enjoy! I’m just back from Barbados- makes such a difference to get some sun. Sets you up for the long, dark winter ahead. Mxox

  3. Hi Ruth, I love America to and especially Miami and the Keys. It will be our fourth time next year but this one will be pretty special as its part of our honeymoon, YAY! If they still serve it you have to try the scallops at Blue Heaven in Key West, out of this world! And beer and wings at Kelly’s bar in KW, actually Kelly McGillis bar, really good atmosphere and the bar top is made from an aero plane wing. Sorry to rattle on but I did say I love the place.
    Have an amazing time!!!

  4. Hi Ruth,
    I do so love your site and I would look forward to more Sunday Tittle Tattle in 2013! Perhaps you could do a total look of the week each week, whether it be for a casual day, casting or date night. Also as you seem to travel a fair bit could you review your favourite hotel product finds? This year I discovered Penhalligon’s Quercus after staying at The Langham in London and my husband and I became totally obsessed with it (clearing out all the products before the room was made up!) Also I don’t think you have ever reviewed Aesop products and they are amazing! In particular the body moisturisers which smell divine and the exfoliants. Every store is designed differently to reflect the area they are in, so whever you are in the world it is worth checking them out. Happy travels (and shopping) in Miami!

  5. When in Miami – make sure to try the Café Con Leche, the Cuban coffee. It’s brilliant! And I recommend Maoz – a great vegetarian falafel place downtown.

  6. Oh god. You fiendish enabler you! Farewell £40, hello free gift!
    Money well spent though, as I have been dying to try out Kai perfume oil and haven’t found samples anywhere, and also that Bliss mask, and the bath oil…and lip venom…ok I’ve justified it to myself! And anyway, I desperately needed new concealer, bought one by RMS beauty plus some other bits I actually needed for myself! Like deodorant, and tea tree oil. Nothing too frivolous. I behaved. Phew.
    Love your Sunday tittle tattle, have a wonderful time in Miami! x

  7. Thanks for the free gift code, been wanting to try molecule 01 for a while and that just the little push i needed. I’m a sucker for a free gift. Whilst in Miami try the Front Porch Cafe for breakfast/brunch. Its on Ocean Drive in South Beach.

  8. oh gosh oh gosh…. just splurged on cult to get the goodie bag. my back account now has a frowny face.

  9. Havent’t finished reading your post yet and I already am on asos and culbeauty. Ruth, you should be on the wanted list of bankers. ;)
    Well, you’re on my favorite list though. Thank you for the info, as always. XX

  10. LOL! You want to go to Miami for Christmas and I want to go to London for Christmas…one of these days it WILL happen! Have fun!

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