Christmas Haircare Coffrets

Christmas Haircare Coffrets

I have to say: haircare does not make the ideal Christmas present. There’s something distinctly unglamorous about even the most lush and effective hair products – I suppose it’s just hard to package them up in a sexy way! I have, however, done a little rummaging through the coffrets on offer this year and found some little gems. Or BIG gems, in some cases. See what you think – and let me know, please, in the comments, whether or not you’d be happy with haircare in your Christmas stocking.

1) Joico K-Pak duo, chosen for its sheer brilliance and not for the packaging. Though the packaging isn’t bad, it’s just not that festive. I love that the copy on the box means business, though: The Ultimate in Hair Repair. Go Joico! I used K-Pak on my hair when it had been bleached five times in one week (don’t ask) and I have a feeling it helped some way in stopping me from going bald. Good stuff. This set is actually a nice saving, if you usually use K-Pak products – on FeelUnique it’s £18.65 and the value is around £30. Get it here with free delivery.

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2) Mammoth Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy shampoo. No, not glamorous, but it’s HUGE! I know, I know, quality not quantity and all that, but this actually happens to be one of the best and gentlest itchy scalp shampoos that I’ve tried and I repurchase on a regular basis. Won’t need to do that again for at least….ooooh….ten years?! It’s £42 for a litre and at that quantity, the price-per-ml is less than half of what it is bought in 100ml quantities. Again, good value if this is your usual shampoo – it’s £42.45 at

3) Not a shampoo, but they do huge shampoos in this size as well: Aveda’s Rosemary Mint body wash. £45 for one litre, or £16 for 250ml. Go figure! Looks great in the bathroom and I do find that regular usage of Aveda products builds up this kind of “ambient” Aveda smell – it’s like a very subtle bathroom fragrance! Find it at and your local Aveda stockist.

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4) If you’re looking for cool packaging then Giles Deacon’s designs for Label.M are brilliant! I particularly love the toiletries pouch on the left hand side of the picture above. It’s currently free with any two purchases on the Label.M website, but a site called Bellazo seem to have a better range of gifts and stocking fillers. (Please note: I haven’t ever ordered from them so can’t vouch for speed of delivery and so on!)

5) The Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume mini kit contains four travel-sized products for – well, you can probably guess. The shampoo and conditioner are very good, actually – I have these little travel sizes and sometimes take them with me if I’m on a shoot abroad, just to give my hair a little bit of extra oomph when I wash it. Hint, though: the full-sized products are a fiver each and they’re on 3-for-2 at the moment in Boots, so… If it’s not a gift, it’s a no-brainer, really – go for the big ones!

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi

6) Chic, glossy black packaging and four full-sized products inside, this Awapuhi set from Paul Mitchell is something of a winner! The Awapuhi shampoo (this version, not the one in the white bottle) is my favourite of the moment and I love the styling oil too. The conditioner in this set isn’t a rich, heavy treatment, it’s more along the lines of The Detangler from their classic range. A light rinse that can be used root to tip. I really like it, though it’s not heavy duty enough for the ends of my hair. Those with natural, un-treated, soft hair will find it a dream for simply detangling and leaving a bit of a sheen. This set is the deluxe set, but there are others at a lower price point – the “care” set has the shampoo, conditioner and keratin treatment and is £40. You can browse the Paul Mitchell sets on their website.


  1. i would be delighted with hair care in my stocking… long as it worked haha for me though, its all about the thought that goes into it

  2. I love the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi set!!! I had the keratine treatment in their salon coz my hair was dry and damage…and to keep looking good I bought this set and even a month and half later my hair still look like I just get out the salon!!! I absolutly love it!! And the best is you can buy travel size to try out their product….everything in the Awapuhi range is awesome!! Just love it!!

  3. I wouldn’t mind it at all, as long as the products worked for me. I like useful presents and I like beauty presents in general, so it wouldn’t annoy me. But it’s risky buying haircare for someone, especially in huge sizes. I have a gigantic bottle of S-Factor that I wouldn’t mind getting rid of….

  4. Haircare doesn’t really come to mind when it comes to gifts, even though it would be awesome to receive, because I wouldn’t think to splurge that much on myself. That Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger set looks so slick!

  5. I recently bought the Joico pack, thinking the same thing – sadly it’s not very good. Left my hair feeling really plasticy. I love love love their hair repairing super conditioner. No idea what that’s called! Defo a Redken girl with the regular shampoo and conditioner.

  6. I would definitely be happy with haircare products for Christmas. I spend a lot of money on my hair, and I would be thrilled if ANYONE chipped in to help sort it out!

  7. I would LOVE to receive Living Proof hair products as a Christmas gift, as they are too expensive to justify buying for myself, but absolutely brilliant….also much better than receiving another cat doorstop (I’m a dog person)…

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