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Christmas Makeup Palettes


Some beautiful little makeup treasures for you today; I’ve given all of these a good old test and they are all gorgeous! I often steer clear of palettes because there are always shades included that seem to have no logical purpose. Bright purple eyeshadows and magenta lipstick shades, for example. I know it’s boring, but, on the whole, neutral shades are just safer and more relevant to most women. If you’re spending on a palette then you want to be able to use everything and not just one eyeshadow and the blush, or one lip shade and the pressed powder. Am I on my own here, or do I sense some warm feelings of agreement?

First Christmas gem is the Laura Mercier baked powder trio in Golden Metallics. The pay-off on the gold shadow is so, so amazing and the two others complement it perfectly. Great quality, clever shade choices and all in a neat little palette. Not the most luxurious, packaging-wise, but forgivable when shadows behave as nicely as these! It’s £20 at SpaceNK


The Burberry quad. Not limited to Christmas, but suitably luxe if you’re looking for a posh makeup gift. The shadows are well-pigmented and lovers of neutrals (hello) will be spoilt for choice with the various combinations. My favourite? Pink Taupe. The shades online at Harrods.com are limited at the moment, but they had more in-store and the Christmas decorations are a joy! The palettes are £40 each.


One for collectors, the NARS Andy Warhol eye palette. If you don’t give a fig for saving pretty things and just want to delve right in then this would create a lovely smoky eye. In a way, I suppose, there’s little point in buying eyeshadow unless you’re going to use it – life’s just too short! – but whatever you decide to do, this is an unusual and pretty cool little makeup treasure! It’s £39.50 at HQHair.com

Christmas Makeup Palettes

Bobbi Brown’s Bellini palette is a total hit for me; a really comprehensive range of pretty neutrals and pastels for the eyes and four great lip shades. I’d wear them all in a flash! Half of them are quite shimmery, but in a grown-up way – no big lumps of glitter to be seen – and there are mix ‘n match satin shades to complement them. The shadows are good for a wintery, brightening wash of colour on the lids. Use a big fluffy brush and, if you want a little depth, use the darkest shade along the lash-line and blended into the crease of the eye. The Bellini palette is £59 at Selfridges.com


The Aerin Holiday palette is so stylish! I fear, however, I’m a little late to the party with this one…it seems to have sold out in many places! I spot it still at Harrods.com, though, if you’re seduced by its golden casing and beautiful shadow shades! The stand-out feature with this one, for me, is the long strip of highlighter that can be used along cheekbones to give a glamorous sheen. Nice touch. This is £45 at Harrods


Apologies; I’ve given no indication of scale with this White Hot palette from Bare Minerals. Four great shadows, a blush, a bronzer, two lipglosses and a mini brush – it’s quite sizeable! The gold casing (fingerprint heaven) and the gold carry bag makes this a substantial gift. Apparently the equivalent value is over £100, the palette costs £38.25 with free delivery at FeelUnique.com



  1. I took your advice and bought the Urban Decay Vice palette for my daughter for Christmas, and made her very happy. Further, you mentioned quite a while ago Lancome’s Advent calendar, and I knew immediately that was the perfect gift for her. Couldn’t track it down here in the States. Called Selfridge’s, who were very helpful but in the end they couldn’t ship it due to some obscure regulations regarding flammable perfume samples….I purchased the calendar anyway, because my daughter is currently in London doing a 2 week theatre course. She will go to Selfridge’s to pick it up. Thank you, Ruth, for your wonderful recommendations and for helping me with my Christmas shopping!

  2. For those in the states, the BM set is on sale at Sephora for $39, plus and additional 20% off sale items with code, extra20 ends Jan 2nd. Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow, these are all absolutely gorgeous! The Bobbi Brown Bellini palette looks especially lovely. You’ve photographed them so nicely! :)

    Merry Christmas, Ruth!

  4. Please do a tutorial of the Burberry quad~

  5. Lorna - Studs and Dreams

    so pretty!

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