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I’M OFFICIALLY ON HOLIDAY. Oh, sorry, was I shouting? I just want to make it perfectly clear, to myself, that I must now relax and try not to do anything until mid-January. Have no fear that all posts are scheduled – make sure you’re signed up to the Daily Fix if you want to receive the breakfast email. (It comes at breakfast time if you live in Europe – anywhere else and you might find it winging its way into your inbox at any random old time! Let me know, in fact – where do you live and what time do you receive your Daily Fix?)

This will be the first time I’ve had a proper holiday in a couple of years now – even when I go away in the summertime I lug about a million beauty products with me and spend half the time filming, dealing with website crises or replying to emails, so I cannot wait to sit about and watch TV, read books, do a bit of my MA work…. Oh God. My MA work. I had totally forgotten about that! OK, so maybe I won’t be entirely on holiday! Oh well. You can rest when you’re dead, or whatever the saying is. What a horrid saying!

I’m really looking forward to perusing my cookbooks and doing some baking and Christmassy cooking, and I still have quite a few presents to get (shame on me) but I love all of those little festivities, even standing in the ridiculously long queue at the supermarket. (By the way, I’m shunning Tesco this year, I think, due to their constant understaffing. Waitrose actually manage to have all of their tills open and fully staff their stores, whereas Tesco seem to have about 2% of their tills open at any given time at my local store. Greedy, greedy, greedy. I don’t know what’s worse; Waitrose prices or Tesco policy!)

Right-O, folks – I’ll be checking in every day for a few minutes just to say hi and answer comments, so let me know what you’re up to, please, and whether you’ve done all of your Christmas shopping. Also, to the vote: Tesco or Waitrose. (I find Sainsbury’s a happy medium.)

(Note the photograph above: that was taken in (I think) 2005. Obligatory can of Diet Coke in hand – that has really made me think that it’s time to give up the evil brown fizz once and for all!)

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  1. Happy holidays, Ruth! If it helps you give up the evil brown fizz I had a v scary experience with it recently. Was sitting at my desk at work and taking quite big gulps as I was very thirsty (yes, my body tells me it’s dehydrated so what do I give it? Bad!) and all of a sudden my throat started to go numb as did the inside of my neck (you know what I mean) and basically the pipe that goes down to the stomach. Numb, totally numb – just like when that stuff at the dentist accidentally goes down your throat! It MUST have been the diet coke as I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything else for quite a while. I was really quite freaked out that it would/ could do that and now have quite a natural version to the stuff. Hope that helps! Mxox P.S. waitrose as often as possible and otherwise sainsbury. :)

    • Wow! Did you research it? xx

      • Yes. I didn’t want to make any rash/scary statements as there are of course lots of crazy things on the net but it seems some people feel there is a connection between aspartame and the numbness. That seems to be only after prolonged, high levels of use though and I try quite hard to avoid artificial sweeteners (processed anything) as they scared me, even before this. The evil brown stuff was my treat really. In any case, perhaps another reason not to drink it. I will try green tea- although it does taste like grass. :)

  2. As I’m in Las Vegas, I receive my Daily Fix around 2330-ish, every night!

  3. Daily Fix finds itself in my inbox here in New Zealand at about 8:30pm (since we’re 12hrs ahead when it hits the breakfast time readers in Europe). We’re enjoying 22-26 degrees here in Auckland with a lot of sun so gorgeous summer Christmas weather. Anyway enjoy your holidays…well deserved!!

    • I concur! I’m also a subscriber from good old Downunder (New Zealand) and I received my Daily Fix at 8.17pm (to be exact!) It definitely is a polar opposite Christmas to the one you’re having in the UK – been at the beach all day. Summer bliss, ahhh. Love your posts Ruth, you are so genuine and lovely. Have a well deserved rest, Claire x

    • Oooh, lucky you! x

  4. Have a great copasetic Christmas Ruth and hope Santa brings you all (or nearly all) you wish for because I’m sure you have been more nice than naughty? Lol! I keep putting on my wishlist for Keanu Reeves or David Sylvian but that has yet to happen but I live in hope that Santa will bring them one Christmas I don’t mind if they don’t come partially wrapped with a bow on them either if that’s the problem Santa’s having! Lol! Have fun and eat,drink and be merry you deserve it xxx

  5. Definitely waitrose all the way. Staff are always lovely there and has some weird and wonderful ingredients that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. Merry Christmas.

  6. Definitely Sainsbury’s! I did some of the Christmass shopping (food from the market, to prepare on christmass day… cooking for 18!) today but I have many more gifts to buy. Enjoy your holidays Ruth! xxx

  7. Definitely waitrose for the fast service and they are well stocked, second would be sainsbury. and on many an occasion the marks and spencer food hall. oh by the way, thanks for doing your ‘gadget video’ so much more helpful and clearer than a when my guy talks techno babble, where often i’m left hypnotised into some kinda misty state of confusion and boredom! Ruth, you have helped my choice, ipad mini it shall be for me! Have a lovely Christmas and holiday too. xx

  8. Just signed up to Daily Fix! :) Happy Christmas from Ireland!

  9. The daily fix reaches me around 2:30-3:00 am I’m in Ontario Canada. Enjoy your holidays!

  10. Enjoy the holiday, Ruth! Well deserved :)

  11. Lorna - Studs and Dreams

    hope you have a lovely bit of time off ruth! :) know the feeling that there is always something to do. also have degree work to get done over christmas!

  12. Have a lovely Christmas Ruth!

  13. Can you make a nail polish collection video? For eyample your favourites??

  14. I’m definitely a waitrose kinda guy because they are always staffed well and have fast service. Oh, I also took the suggestion from your, might I say heavenly, candle video and bought the quite delicious Jo Malone roasted chestnut candle. It was meant as a gift but its burning as I type this message, lol. Have a great Christmas Ruth xo

  15. Merry Christmas, Ruth, to you and your family. xx

  16. Waitrose is my corner shop, lucky me, and I buy everything there – I love it. I can’t shop anywhere else now – officially addicted! It’s actually really good value, but awesome quality! Their own brand, even the Essential range, is better quality than big premium brands, there are great offers, and they price match with the other supermarkets. Foodie bliss.

    I can’t give up the evil fizz entirely either… lasted a month this time, then cracked yesterday, and bought two bottles! xxx

  17. sadly, no longer live in London but waitrose was definitely my choice when we lived there. great staff and great quality. Need them in Toronto!

  18. Happy Christmas, Ruth. Not too far from where you’re vacationing. If you care to “do lunch”…..there’s so much to do in Miami. Have fun w/ Mr AMR and enjoy the glorious weather. And if the mood strikes for a meet up….:-)

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