My Big Balls (and a L’Occitane Favourite)

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l'occitane big balls

L’Occitane sent me some big balls! Huge, big baubles to hang on the tree, and they’re filled with lavender and tiny dried flower buds. And this, my friends, is why I love l’Occitane. Not because of my big balls, but because they have great attention to detail. They might have about three million different ranges and another launching every other week, but they keep things fresh, they change things up, they think of little twists on the usual products – hair mists, icy body gels, pretty little lip gloss and perfume duos. Who ever would have thought of making scented glass baubles?

Tres bien.

You can’t buy these beauties, unfortunately, but if you’re looking for the most delicious body cream ever invented then do see here: Almond Milk Concentrate – and I expect that you can buy empty glass baubles and fill them with whatever you like. Nice idea, isn’t it? One for next year, perhaps.


6 Responses to "My Big Balls (and a L’Occitane Favourite)"
  1. beautiful balls, they look fragant and even though we can’t get them, they look fun for crafty ms & mr’s to recreate

  2. Madii says:

    Really cute, but why show us things we can’t buy? :(

  3. LilyM says:

    What a delightful touch- how quaint and pretty!

  4. JenniferMonforton says:

    These are absolutely beautiful! So unique, feminine, and festive :)


  5. Alison_H says:

    I think that’s lavender in one bauble and rose in the other? You lucky girl! I love L’Occitane. I wish they would bring the Sorbet Verbena range back as a regular item.

    Ali x

  6. Sianiek says:

    Next home also do scented glass baubles which are very similar, just in case anyone really has to have one! They don’t look too different to be honest.

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