Quick Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Linguine

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recipe for spaghetti with buffalo mozzarella and tomato

Just a little something that I often knock together when I’m starving but can’t be bothered to “properly cook”. This just requires a pan of boiling water and another with some gently heated olive oil. I usually have about 75g of linguine with half a ball of mozzarella (MUST be buffala and not that terrible, plasticky chewy stuff – believe me, you will taste the difference!) and then, to pad it out, a little rocket salad underneath or on the side. Here I had a whole ball of buffalo mozzarella (Tesco’s Finest, the best one from all of the supermarket chains) because I was utterly famished. I could eat the stuff all day long, I have to reign myself in sometimes!

recipe for spaghetti with buffalo mozzarella and tomato

In the olive oil (mild, not extra virgin, as we’re frying here and it’s not too good to overheat the E.V. stuff!) I softened a clove of crushed garlic and added some dried Oregano and a little dried red chilli. The linguine was in the pan of boiling water, it takes ten minutes to cook, so just enough time to make a fresh pasta sauce!

recipe for spaghetti with buffalo mozzarella and tomato

With about five minutes to go, I halved my cherry tomatoes and added them to the oil and garlic and chilli and mooshed them about a bit. I don’t like overcooking them because the skins come off and look weird, so I just soften them up for a few minutes and try not to move them about too much!

recipe for spaghetti with buffalo mozzarella and tomato

Pasta done, drained and into the oily pan for a good toss about with some salt and pepper added. The mozzarella is ripped into chunks over the top and a few basil leaves (these are wilted because I found them at the bottom of the fruit bowl! Ha!) scattered over the plate.

recipe for spaghetti with buffalo mozzarella and tomato

Mmmm. I ate this so fast I got indigestion!

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For me, this is a total comfort food. I’d prefer to eat this over a Chinese takeaway or Fish ‘n Chips any day of the week! Mr AMR doesn’t agree, he likes a bit of MSG and artificial flavouring, but I just don’t think that flavours can be nicer than the ones straight from nature’s larder. Is that the correct phrase? I have no idea. I’m going to go, now, before I start churning out clichés!

16 Responses to "Quick Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Linguine"
  1. Julia says:

    Thanks Ruth! I adore your receipe! Love it!

  2. Sam says:

    Hi Ruth!! I made this recipe tonight and it was seriously TO DIE FOR!! I’ve been trying to cook a lot of fresh feeling recipes, and I’ve been in a bit of a Thai curry rut. This was an amazing step away from that. I love these recipe posts of yours!

  3. lily Lester says:

    looks very nice – would love to know if you are on any kind of detox or diet for 2013! after indulging at Christmas/ new year? xx

  4. Amy says:

    I love your food related posts – more please! xx

  5. Hannah says:

    Nice. How big is your portion – finding it hard to tell from the photo…. Obvs I am on a new year diet along with most of the female population and for me my problem is not quality but quantity. I really need to get the portion size under control but have lost all sense of perspective and no longer remember what ‘normal’ is!



  7. Andrea says:

    Well, I did not know what to have for dinner: thank you for the tip, that was delicious indeed! More recipes, please!!

  8. Ada says:

    It looks so tasty! And yes, you’re absolutely right; nothing compares to fresh from nature goodness.

  9. kerry longmore says:

    Just made this for myself and hubbs and it was delic!! I added some smoked pancetta too, first time I have tried that particular mozzarella and I dont think I will go back to anything else now! Thanks Ruth, keep the recipes coming xoxo

  10. Gaya says:

    Made me hungry Ruth. I KNOW I’m gonna have pasta tonight. XX

  11. Kim says:

    I like simple and tasty recipes like this

  12. Jo says:

    Mmmm yummy! I’d go for this over Chinese or fish n’ chips, too. Seriously I want to run out and get some mozzarella now. And it’s 730am! Lol

  13. Upa says:

    Well I know what we’ll be eating in the next couple of days! And my Italian-Amer hubs is a snob about cheese like you and I are about books, I dare say. I appreciate the wonderful recipes you’re sharing with us. You’re building a nice collection in our house, the “Ruth-the-model Collection” (we have a lot of Ruths so they need to be distinguished y’all in some way!). Anyway, the recipes are so very appreciated, more than you can imagine! Thanks so much for the huge effort! xx

  14. Looks so good! I know what I am having for lunch today!

  15. Looks absolutely delicious Ruth! I agree with you about choosing this over a take away…as well as the part about enjoying cheese a little too much ;)

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