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Sh*tfit of the Day: The Christmas Eve Shop

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Who does their shopping on Christmas Eve? I’ll tell you who. Mr AMR. Me. Both of us, dashing in and out of the emptying shops, frantically calling one another for progress reports and irritable exchanges. I have no idea why we always end up shopping on Christmas Eve but have a suspicion that it might be down [...]

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Christmas Canapés with Feel Good Food!

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No Sunday Tittle Tattle today because I am totally Tittle Tattled out at the moment. There were some pretty random posts last week including a rant about the phrase “sleeps until Christmas”, so go and have a look at them if you want your fix of Ruth’s rambles! Today, though, we’re all about tasty Christmas food. I [...]

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I’M OFFICIALLY ON HOLIDAY. Oh, sorry, was I shouting? I just want to make it perfectly clear, to myself, that I must now relax and try not to do anything until mid-January. Have no fear that all posts are scheduled – make sure you’re signed up to the Daily Fix if you want to receive the breakfast [...]

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Fringe or No Fringe – You Decided.

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The title makes it sound as though I would have let you all decide for me, week before last, when I asked for a quick poll on the “fringe/no fringe” issue! In actual fact, if most of you had said “Fringe” then I probably would have gone for it, if only as a result of peer pressure. [...]

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Christmas Makeup Palettes

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Some beautiful little makeup treasures for you today; I’ve given all of these a good old test and they are all gorgeous! I often steer clear of palettes because there are always shades included that seem to have no logical purpose. Bright purple eyeshadows and magenta lipstick shades, for example. I know it’s boring, but, [...]


Sh*tfit of the Day: “Sleeps Until Christmas”

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What is this “sleeps” business? When did we, as adults, start saying “sleeps” instead of “days”? I can’t bear it! I’m banning it from my life and if I hear anyone say it I am going to put my fingers in my ears and go “NAHAHAHAHAHAHNAAAA” like a fire engine whilst stamping my feet. I’m [...]

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The Candle Video – Start Feeling Festive!

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Yes, the annual candle video is here again. Flame-flickering, wick-smouldering, wax-dripping pornography for those who want their home fragrances hot. (WHERE THE HELL DID THAT JUST COME FROM? You can tell it’s nearly the end of the year, can’t you?) I love making the candle videos. They’re more of a visual indulgence than a gift guide, [...]

Christmas Haircare Coffrets

Christmas Haircare Coffrets

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I have to say: haircare does not make the ideal Christmas present. There’s something distinctly unglamorous about even the most lush and effective hair products – I suppose it’s just hard to package them up in a sexy way! I have, however, done a little rummaging through the coffrets on offer this year and found [...]