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Stuffed, Yet?

Mr Bear the Cat Model Recommends


Oh, Mr Bear. We all know the feeling. Who’s stuffed yet? Who literally could not eat another thing? I want – no need – to know what the worst thing you’ve eaten has been this Christmas and New Year. Hit me with it – make me laugh. Once my best friend emailed me a list of every morsel of food that she’d eaten on Christmas Day and I couldn’t work out how she was even still alive. It was ridiculous – she’d polished off about a week’s worth of food before 11am! So. What have you indulged in? What odd combinations have entered into your tummies? Have you eaten anything strange or disgusting? Pray tell – use the comments below.

(Mr Bear, in case you were wondering, had eaten a tin of Encore tuna and shrimp food and then two flower-heads from my Christmas flowers. He later threw it all up on the cream carpet. I ate quite moderately over the holidays as I had a temperamental tummy, but I’m now in America and probably eating my own bodyweight of pancakes and bacon every morning.)

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  1. Awww Little Bear! My diet has been…junk junk junk junk junk! drinking coke and lemonade, eating gummy bears and Ferrero rocher’s and after eight mints and biscuit selections and Pringles and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and Baileys cake and Galaxy bars and M&S Chinese take away food selections and…Oh Lawdy the list goes on! I’m being so damn tubby this year! hahaha

  2. Aw! Poor cat! Make sure he doesn’t eat chocolate, will you? It’s apparently toxic to cats. When I told my mother in law she gleefully decided to test the information out on the stray cat outside that has been the bane of her life for 11 yrs (it hangs around the house meowing till she feeds it). She’s been trying to kill it all the while, putting various rat poisons and such in its meals! :(

  3. haha, my cat always hurled after a tin of tuna – this was a smart move, as he only got fresh fish and meat after a few nasty piles of ick! To be honest tho’, I think they are all a bit gippy – maybe it’s the only way to get rid of all that for they ingest as well xxx

  4. I was in total need of french fries yesterday to temper my hang-over but none of the fish and chips stands in our area where open, so I had to make them myself. Have been slaving in the kitchen for more than an hour!

  5. Not disgusting, per se, but lots of foods that gross out the West, like Kutya (wheatberries w/honey, poppyseeds, nuts, raisins, etc) made only for Christmas Eve, and a couple of other occasions, with Russian beet potato salad (vinagrette), herring, Olivier (another Russian potato salad, trad for NYE), New York cheesecake, lobster with beef tenderloin, shall I go on? And I won’t say how many helpings of everything. But yesterday, the 1st, I was absolutely virtuous. I better stay that way as the belly (and other parts) are doing the Jell-o dance and it would be embarrassing if anyone asked me if I were preggers (I am, let’s just say over 45 – hahahaha, she laughs!). OK. This probably DOES quality for gross and strange…pickles (from salads) w/ cheesecake. Come to think of it, I did that once while preggers, at a deli across from Lincoln Center in NYC, and grossed out my company. What’s wrong with good kosher dill pickles and cheesecake? OH! And it was all between 10PM and midnight….

  6. While on a Borgen bender (trying to cram in the first series on DVD before new series starts at weekend) I ate a box of Violet Cream’s, a whole large bag of bacon rashers (crisps not raw meat), two peanut butter sandwiches, half a box of Cadbury’s fingers, a packet of prawn toasts with sweet chilli sauce and 5 mini salted caramel profiteroles. Washed down with a bottle of Sauvignon and half a bottle of Prosecco. Fat and drunk…. I am now reading my collection of diet and fitness books ;)

  7. I thought I had done reasonably well (apart from managing to eat an 8 person luxury xmas pud over the festive season as no one else wanted any. That was,until today when neighbour popped over with a three foot long box of chocolates as a belated xmas gift. Gah, the universe is conspiring against my thighs!!

  8. Mr. Bear may have thrown up because of eating the flowers. Various types are harmful to cats, like poinsettias, and i think maybe lilies, also mistletoe (my dog ate some, long night in the ER). The strangest thing I ate was too much homemade honey comb, (or honey pokey?). It kind of felt like the mentos and diet soda trick going on in my stomach.

  9. Even thinkink about it is making me wonder how we manage it. The best thing I’ve eaten is my brother’s macaron à la crème de framboise. It was delicious! For the rest it’s a bit blurry, a mix of everything sweet and salty. I think that the worst is when you can’t tell what it is you’re eating because your palate has gone numb. Anyway, I’m gonna do it all over again the 6th cause being of armenian decent and living in France my family celebrate TWO christmases: the 25th and the 6th! :D

  10. I bulk-baked chocolate brownies to give to friends as presents over Christmas… I ended up eating one whole tray myself spread over the festive period, including for several breakfasts; the labrador ate another whole tray and somehow didn’t die from chocolate/sugar/rum poisoning, he wasn’t even remotely sick, just very hyper; friends only got one tray spilt among them in the end!

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