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Stuffed, Yet?

Mr Bear the Cat Model Recommends


Oh, Mr Bear. We all know the feeling. Who’s stuffed yet? Who literally could not eat another thing? I want – no need – to know what the worst thing you’ve eaten has been this Christmas and New Year. Hit me with it – make me laugh. Once my best friend emailed me a list of every morsel of food that she’d eaten on Christmas Day and I couldn’t work out how she was even still alive. It was ridiculous – she’d polished off about a week’s worth of food before 11am! So. What have you indulged in? What odd combinations have entered into your tummies? Have you eaten anything strange or disgusting? Pray tell – use the comments below.

(Mr Bear, in case you were wondering, had eaten a tin of Encore tuna and shrimp food and then two flower-heads from my Christmas flowers. He later threw it all up on the cream carpet. I ate quite moderately over the holidays as I had a temperamental tummy, but I’m now in America and probably eating my own bodyweight of pancakes and bacon every morning.)


  1. MASSIVE quantities of champagne, vodka, and coffee with Baileys, cheesy potatoes, countless cookies, and then an entire tray of leftover cranberry-goat cheese croquettes (while in pain after our holiday party.) Then I got on a plane to Hawaii. Not the happiest flight, I have to admit.

  2. I’m pretty sure this is a Yorkshire tradition (or maybe just my other half’s family tradition) but Christmas cake with Stilton cheese!! Sounds awful – tastes amazing!

  3. Note to all cat owners – lily pollen is incredibly toxic to cats, so de-anther them, or better still, don’t buy/grow them! xxx

  4. Just wayyyy too much sugar

  5. Christmas Eve: not too bad. One lobster tail with a smidge of butter and lemon served with scallops in basil pesto and a salad with home made vinaigrette. Christmas Day, another story entirely: standing rib roast with horseradish sauce, Yorkshire pudding, and Brussels sprouts sauteed in butter, shallots and bacon then baked. The worst sin however was the home made (heavy on the bourbon and heavy cream) eggnog. New Years Eve and day: baked ham, homemade truffle mac and cheese and some veggie or other. Of course for new years ever there was an appetizer platter: home made pate on baguette slices (still chowing down, sadly, but truly delish) manchego cheese and grapes. The kids also had brie en croute. I used resraint and refrained. Dessert/pudding: gingerbread w/ homemade whipped cream. Um, after we kill the pate, I am **so** done. Feel as if I will never fit into my jeans (actually they are really tight today) and since I live fairly close to where you are spending your holiday I feel as if a bikini may be months away if I keep eating like this. I won’t though, Tomorrow am making your recipe for pasta. Will go easy on the buffalo mozzarella. And after that, very few complex carbs until my jeans are comfortable.

    Hope you are having a fab time on our sunny shores, Ruth. Isn’t SoBe fun?

    p.s. I bought another Liquid Gold and am trying the Alpha H serum you recommend as Beauty Bay is having a sale w/ free worldwide shipping. Thanks! You rock!

    • I forgot to note the massive quantities of champage w/ Chambord indulged in at midnight and beyond. Am very aware that if I cut out my nightly glass of red wine with dinner that’s about 5# right there in and of itself!

      There now, gluttony fully confessed and accounted for!

  6. Given the comments, maybe you should rename this post binge eaters anonymous. Sticking with the theme, I ate a little bit of mushroom soup, a humble piece of salmon and some awfull asparagus. And a complete Ice cream pie. xoxo Robin

  7. Ruth, this has nothing to do with this post directly, but seeing a picture of cuddly Mr Bear got me wondering: how do you feel about animal testing and purchasing from companies that conduct tests on animals? I’ve been thinking about it lately and I’m starting to feel like it’s bad of me to justify buying from these companies :(

  8. Sure Ruth once you balance the protein with the cards you should be fine. Very jealous of you being in the states. I went back to work last friday and felt very blue today.

    I was good enough except for the 10 bags of hola hoops ate over 2 nights. While I like the new hola hoops I do miss the old ones.

    I didn’t eat that much choc as I’m a savory girl but I did eat 2 snickers bars one day before the xmas break up. The girls in the office marked it on the planner as they said it was the first time in 2012 that they saw me eat chocolate.

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