Charbonnel Pink Champagne Truffles

charbonnel and walker pink truffles

I challenge you to just eat one of these truffles and then put the lid back on. They are the girliest, cutest chocolates the world has ever seen and they taste like sweets, perfume and champagne all rolled into one. (Perfume? I know. Mr AMR can’t stand these truffles, he thinks that they’re vile, but all the more for me.)

Everyone’s probably completely chocced-out by now, but if you’re not, have a browse of these beauties: Liberty Charbonnel et WalkerNot great for the old waistline, I grant you, but we all need our treats, don’t we?


  1. p.s. what do you use to make your photos look like that? Since you can no longer use the instagram filters without actually publishing them on instagram my photos look rubbish :’)

  2. Me and the boyfriend get these to share every valentines day :) I kept the first box he ever bought me and have little keepsakes in them from our evenings; champagne corks, tickets, rose petals.. mushy aren’t I ;) He works in John Lewis so gets them discounted.. takes the romance off it a little but they taste even better knowing we didn’t pay full price hehe!

  3. Kind of really considering ordering these now!

  4. They look good! I should try them!

  5. aww I had these as wedding favours! John Lewis used to do the mini version in a heart shape, they were so cute! Except at the time, I was in my no-chocolate phase, so never actually ate them!

  6. These are my favourite! I even named my online blogger magazing after them! Haha




  7. I love these, my absolute favourite!

  8. Hi!
    I’m here to complain :-)
    You just made me become a candle addict! It’s my third candles in four months, wich is a lot for me, who usually never thought a lot about buying candles…
    Here is my new treasure, the “Bougies la Française”. I came across these today in a new shop in my town. There was little candles with bizarre scent that evoke childhood memories and I fell in love with it. I bought the “school paper glue” one, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll go back to this magic shop to take the others (fresh laundry – saddlers balm – antiquaire’s wax). I’ll tell you about it when I light mine this evening (cannot wait).

    • (sorry for the grammatical mistakes, as usual, I try to avoid them but my English is not always perfect)

  9. Lornalouise beautyandkittens

    I get these every year from my mother-in-law. Love them :D

  10. Never got the hang of having just one of any kind of truffle – love them! Ate more than one over Xmas, New Year, and er, this week too … damn! – might have to stop, it’s reaching addiction level … xxx

  11. Ahh I love these. I kept the box as a little storage box for jewellery. Too beautiful. x

  12. i`ve never tried them, but always wanted though…everytime i go to waitrose i just stop at the chocolate section and look at this box for a couple minutes haha it`s just so pretty :-) i bet tastes even better x

  13. Always a good deal to get decadent food the BF doesn’t really like in case it suddenly ‘dissapears’

  14. I’m with Mr AMR. I really don’t like them at all… but I don’t like any liqueur chocolates either. I like my Champagne straight from the glass :)

  15. How absolutley decadent!!! Yum….ah…..

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