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Having Your Skincare Cake and Eating It.

Balance Me Intensive Wrinkle Repair Cream Review

One of these pots is (was) a cake. Isn’t that an ingenious way of getting someone to take notice of a product launch? With about seventy trillion new face creams bursting onto the market every week, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up! Nothing like a face cream pot-shaped cake to grab your attention! Before I made an annoying dent in the side, I even had Mr AMR wondering which one was the real deal – I only wish that I had stopped, halfway through cramming it into my mouth, and taken a photograph with a piece bitten out.

So what of the actual cream? The non-cake one? Well. Balance Me’s Intensive Wrinkle Repair Cream has been formulated for mature and very dry skin, which many of you will know isn’t really my “thing” – I’ve got thirty-something skin that’s combination and, this year at least, prone to breakouts. A rich cream is probably not the best thing to be putting on at the moment, despite the appearance of some dry patches, so I shall be setting my Mum (My Mum Says…) the task of testing this out properly over the Christmas holidays. I’ve had a naughty dip into the pot, though, and treated the backs of my hands (parched, prune-like) to a little coating. Nice, very nice. It makes me wish that I had very dry skin so that I could slather this on!

Texture; non-greasy, lighter in the pot than I would have expected, but heavy-duty on the skin. The finish isn’t at all shiny or oily, the fragrance is pleasant but not overpowering. There’s a good bit of our old friend Shea Butter in the formula and also the “purest grade” of hyaluronic, so it should satisfy the thirstiest skins!

Who’s tried this? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll get my Mum to update once she’s had a proper try. You can get Balance Me at Waitrose (dangerous!) and this cream is priced at £30 for 50ml.


  1. LOL, sounds perfect for my wrinkled dry skin deosn’t it? Wrong! Some things that you’d think would be prefect just feel so wrong on my skin. Shea butter and any kind of oil just feel awful and stay on the surface so shan’t be trying this one :-(

  2. Lipstick Fridays

    Wow xx amazing Cake, haven’t really tried a lot of the balance me products but annotate a huge fans of the ones I have tried unfortunately xx this does sound like it would be great for dry skin though :) xx

  3. I passed this one onto my mum too. She’s got olive-ish skin so it hasn’t really become dry as she’s *ahem* matured but she said it doesn’t feel greasy and made me skin feel nicely plumped out. Might be a winner :)

  4. Those little “cream” cakes were such a clever idea by Balance Me. I tried this Intensive Wrinkle Repair Cream before Xmas and was surprised at how non-greasy it was, thought the texture was good and the label reads well, too.

    Could be a good one for those of us with drier/more mature skins who don’t do well with ultra-rich products (or facial oils which I love but some people find cloying) and you’re right Ruth about the barely-there fragrance – all in all a clean, hydrating, intelligently formulated, not-exorbitantly-priced anti-ageing moisturiser well worth a look at. No residue/film on skin, it absorbs right in, pretty much instantly so it feels fresh.

    (Happy New Year by the way! Can’t wait to see what’ll be on AMR this year…it’s looking like another stellar year for beauty already.) x

  5. having been stuck in the snow all day I think I am going to have to get me some of this – I love shea butter (have been known to use handcream on my face!) and hyaluronic anything.

  6. Been using this for two weeks and I absolutely love it!

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