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My Holiday Makeup and Tiny Shorts!

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I pretty much stuck to the same makeup look every night that I was away on holiday – boring, I know, but I just couldn’t be bothered to play around. I had only taken a few key items away with me, anyway, and had done on purpose so that I couldn’t be tempted to do any work. I still ended up filming this style and makeup video though…I was feeling the effects of work-withdrawal by this stage!

I haven’t any lipstick left on in the above photograph – it was taken post-dinner and post-red-wine so my lips are also a bit stained. Bad model! Oh well. You can see the lovely Aerin lipstick going on if you watch the video, and also see the By Terry Cover Expert foundation in action. Still one of my absolute hero products of all time, forever and ever Amen.

I have a sickening feeling that my Hollister shorts in this video are just a little too short. You know when you’re on hols and you wear things that are a bit…how can I put it? Out of the ordinary? That’s how I feel about my shorts. I’d be more comfortable if they had some more fabric around the gusset area and about two more inches length, but there we go. What happens in Miami stays in Miami, unless you make a video and broadcast it to the world.

All of the product information is beneath the video pane, if the video pane decides to even make an appearance. If it doesn’t, you can watch it by clicking here.

Products Used:

Skinceuticals B5 Serum

Alpha-H Essential Moisturiser – free worldwide shipping with code CULTAH: http://goo.gl/jcKGp

ByTerry Cover Expert Foundation in shade 9: http://goo.gl/Ct9Gk

Urban Decay Concealer in FBI: http://tidd.ly/65df3252

Givenchy Powder in Peach Plumetis: http://tidd.ly/a36eec33

Dior Nude Tan in Sunlight: http://tidd.ly/59793f9b

Naked Basics Palette: http://tidd.ly/5d42e82b

Laura Mercier Travel Brushes (Christmas Collection)

Dior Polish in Grege: http://tidd.ly/4c718925

DJV Fibrewig mascara: http://goo.gl/ZK1pL

Aerin Lipstick: http://www.aerin.com/The-Mini-Lipstick/11220001,default,pd.html

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  1. Hello Ruth! I’m off to Sri-lanka at the end of Feb to begin my four months of gap year travels. Was wondering if there are any beauty essentials you would recommend? For spot prone skin…. makeup which won’t be too obvious incase i’m desperate to do a bit of covering? Suncream…. etc. (Bearing in mind I will be carrying 4 months-worth of things on my poor poor back) Thank you!

  2. Hey Ruth. Love the video. Do you know where I could find By Terry in New York?

  3. you can get it at space NK in NYC!

  4. Loved your look, would be trying on something similar next week when I am in Florida for my first wedding anniversary yay. Please please do a post on what you packed for your trip. I always end up taking more stuff than I need and this time the hubby has stated that he will not carry my bags for me. And We will be doing a road trip as well so really need to pack sensibly. Thanks a ton Ruth for taking time to make this vid during your hols

  5. Hope you had fun visiting our sunny shores. The ambulance blaring in the background is typical. :-) And I never go to Hollister because despite the perpetual sunshine, the store itself is so dark you can’t see the clothing!

    BTW*****I finally***** received my Beauty Bay order, but cannot recall if you use moisturizer on top of the Alpha H serum. on serum nights. And do you alternate the serum with the Liquid Gold? Thanks for recommending Alpha H. Next time, hopefully, it won’t take a fortnight to receive delivery, and I expect to order the cleanser. Currently using Dr Haushka’s rose cleanser but I never feel as if my face is “clean enough”, and usually end up using Witch Hazel for a thorough cleanse– Many thanks, in advance. , SuziQ

    • A bit of search engine research and I found your answer. Yes, you wrote, you do use moisturizer over the serum. Ah, search engines. :-)

  6. you are so elegant through and through.

  7. Ohh, come on, your shorts are ok, you can definitely pull them off! When I see your videos and I think youre 32 in my mind I make somehow this face –> O.O
    I’d give one kidney to make sure I will look this goos as well

  8. Hey Ruth, as you are a presumed Givenchy lover and I got so many fantastic tips from you, e.g. NUBO’s diamond peel and reveal (love), here’s one from me: Le Prismissime Visage. Think you’ll be crazy about it cause it works as eye shadow and highlighter and the palettes are amazing.
    x x x

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