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Pale and Perfect Winter Tan

How to get a perfect winter tan

I wanted to do a bit of a perky-skin tan video this week, what with all the snow here in the UK. It’s easy to feel pasty and pale and sometimes nice to look a little sunkissed even if summer is ridiculously far away.

I have a little colour on my face to begin with as I’ve been in Florida, but I don’t really ever put my face into the sun for very long so there’s not too much natural bronze going on! I usually wear a large hat when I’m on holidays and then just warm my makeup tones up to even things out once I get home. I also use Sisley’s face tanner which is one of the best I’ve ever found, but I haven’t got that on here. Just my own natural face that’s been moisturised with some Institut Estherderm Aqua Diffusion Care Moisturiser. (Nice.)

This is a really very quick and easy makeup look – it just relies on everything being buffed together nicely and a good cream bronzer. Mine is the Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base – details below. Due to the bad behaviour of my website at the moment, the video has to be embedded at the bottom of the page. If you can’t see it, it’s probably because you’re reading this via email subscription, so use the link here to see the video!

Products Shown in the Video:

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in “Deeply Ivory”:http://tidd.ly/d98ecbc9

Louise Young LY34 Brush: http://tidd.ly/9f33605b

Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base: http://tidd.ly/43f4c2b6

Dermablend, Shade 13: http://tidd.ly/5825c14a

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose Gold: this is a Travel Retail exclusive so you can get it in Duty Free at airports. If you want to have a look at the standard range then they are here; http://tidd.ly/801880f5

Daniel Sandler Bronzer Brush: http://tidd.ly/c49153be

Estee Lauder Shadow Paint in “Chained”: http://tidd.ly/c5c0fb6a

Guerlain Maxi-Lash Mascara: http://tidd.ly/57466948

Brush from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

NEW C-Id Gloss in Pina Colada: http://tidd.ly/cfa4cb56

Nail Polish is Chanel Emprise from the Spring Collection:http://tidd.ly/42c8bca0

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  1. Lovely video as always thanks, Ruth. I meant to comment on this when you were asking for suggestions in your first newsletter and you were talking about work on your house etc. it reminded me; I would really love to hear your thoughts about interior decoration. Your interiors are very distinctive and it would be great to hear your tips about planning the scheme, any hints and tips etc. Many thanks. Mxox

  2. Beautiful video Ruth, you look stunning. A question, I will be attempting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro later this year and am a bit worried regarding my skin – do you have any suggestions to putting your skin through freezing temperatures combined with extreme sun during the day and probably dry air and humidity along the way?

    • Yikes! Well done, that will be amazing! That’s pretty much EVERY weather condition in the world, though! Do they have any advice online about it? Not sure about products that will suit ALL, you’d need different things for day/night humid/dry…. I’ll have a little search too! x

  3. hi, which brush do you use to put liner underneath eyes in this videos.

  4. Hi Ruth,beautiful make-up as always! I was wondering if you could recommend a face cream for younger skin( I’m 18) with sufficient SPF for daily use. I have normal skin,only sometimes oily and not very prone to blemishes except for the occasional one or two. xx

  5. Sisley facial fake tan is amazing!!! pricey but it leaves no orangey hue, put some on on Friday and I still have a hint of a glow today

  6. This is the first time I’ve tried replicating a look tutorial and I’m really pleased with how it came out. Super easy too. I don’t have all the same products, but the finished result was great. I do however, need to invest in a cream highlighter of some sort.

    Thanks Ruth!

    Ali x

  7. Love this look! Gives a nice amount of warmth without trying to look too summery. The Estee Lauder Shadow Paint looks lovely both as an eye shadow and an under-eye liner. You’ve piqued my interest! And I’m glad Mr. Bear had a nice time out in the snow! :)

  8. bloody gorgeous!

  9. This didn’t pop up on my Subscriptions on Youtube :-(
    So glad I’ve spotted it on here
    Great Video Ruth!

  10. Catchword beauty room. I’m sure you are very close to lighting conditions. Can you give us a few insider tips about good light for a makeup room?

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