Clarins Jolie Rouge Brilliant Lipstick Review

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 My current lip-love is the beautiful Jolie Rouge Brilliant lipstick from Clarins. Actually: that, and the Chanel La Favorite from the Spring collection, but the Chanel is a little drying at the moment whereas the Clarins is ultra-moisturising. It has a really juicy texture and a sparkling finish that makes my lips look plumper and smoother.

I’ve been using shade 17, Watermelon (smells incredible, but I know that shouldn’t sway my opinion!) which is a bright pinky-coral from the spring makeup range, but there’s quite a large range of permanent shades. If you’re looking for something sheer and moisturising that still imparts a nice amount of colour then this is a perfect happy medium – Escentual have some good swatches on their blog page if you want to see just how bright Watermelon is!

Escentual also have this on special offer at £13.60 instead of £17, with free delivery.


  1. Off topic I know but I keep meaning to ask which dior glow powder you use because I cant decide on a shade and im a very similar skin tone to you. X

  2. love this lipstick. would love to hear what you favourite blushers (cream and powder) and lipsticks are?

  3. That looks fab, and suits your skin tone so well! x

  4. When I clicked on your home page and saw the two pictures side by side, my first thought was that you’d matched your new lippie to your new AH handbag! Maybe subconsciously? Or maybe we’re all a bit desperate for colour in our lives at the moment. Will January never end?!

  5. Clarins wasn’t one of my go to brands, so I’d missed out on the gorgeous textures/finishes till I tried a friend’s quad-I loved it so much I had an immediate e-bay hunt for the same one- I still have serious love for this quad…looks nude, then flashes pastels at you, yum xxx

  6. I never quite know what to do when it comes to pink lipsticks. The same way people struggle with red….I struggle with pink! I buy sight unseen and end up with most unflattering of shades repeatedly (seriously). I’m cursed (or get distracted by the reds and camps at a counter!).

  7. Kelli / Fog and Forest

    These remind me a bit of one of my favorite lipsticks- Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. I think I’d like to try the Brick Red and Grenadine.

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